Whether you believe it or not, driving a manual transmission vehicle gives you every shifting capability you might require. Although most manufacturers aren’t developing manual transmissions anymore, this doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable on the car market.

CVT, DCT, or any other conventional automatic transmission can be efficient and easy-going. However, nothing feels remarkably authentic and practical as a manual transmission which is significantly reliable. Compared to automatic transmission vehicles, where the torque converter controls gear shifts, manual transmission vehicles are equipped with a separate clutch that enables free rowing of gears. That being said, let’s dig deep into five benefits of owning a stick shift vehicle. 

1. You are in control and less distracted

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A manual transmission in a 2004 Peugeot 407 | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Having control over the behavior of your car’s gearbox is one of the best experiences you can have as a driver because of the control and responsiveness it gives you. You must learn to listen to the engine whenever you drive a manual transmission vehicle since upshifts and downshifts are up to you. Shifting automatic transmissions can be reasonably unpredictable because they rely on the computer and torque converter to shift gears.

Notably, most newer car models come with paddle shifters that create the simulated ratio for selecting gears. However, you can’t control the clutch. With a stick shift, it offers you more than just transmission. A manual transmission increases control majorly when it comes to braking as you can control the clutch, which proportionately rations the amount of torque needed.

2. Better gas mileage

According to Erie Insurance, owning a manual transmission car comes with better gas mileage, with a possible boost of about 5 to 10% fuel efficiency. While most automatic vehicles produced today are becoming more fuel efficient, a manual gives you more authority over how much you want to save without compromising power or the driving experience. 

Automatic vehicles are equipped with a hydraulic pump and a torque converter which likely increases fuel consumption. Conversely, manual transmission vehicles give better gas mileage since the driver can efficiently control the engine RPMs by keeping them low while still being able to upshift. Achieving better gas mileage is primarily based on your driving style.

3. Manual transmission vehicles are cheaper to maintain

Whether brand-new or used, manual transmission vehicles are typically cheaper than automatics in maintenance and repairs. In an automatic, many things can go wrong just because of a transmission failure. Yes, automatics are efficient. However, consider the different issues that could result from the additional technology, machinery, sensors, and everything electrical. That equals more potential repair costs. 

On the other hand, manual transmissions are simple. The most common issue or repair you will have with a manual is the clutch. Clutches can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. This simplicity in stick shift cars comes with minimal maintenance and repair costs.

4. Manual transmission cars are less likely to get stolen

Since automatic vehicles surfaced, people have overlooked how to drive manual transmission vehicles. There are more automatics on the roads than you can imagine and a generation that has no idea about how to drive them. A manual transmission could deter any car thief intending to steal a car due to lack of familiarity. Although it might not be a problem for them, chances are they’ll rethink driving it. This simple perception can easily stop someone from borrowing or stealing your car.

5. Stick shift is fun to drive

Most sports vehicles are manufactured with a stick shift particularly because of the control, response, and thrill that comes with manual transmissions. When you press the gas pedal, you expect an instant response from your car’s transmission. Although you have to begin from a lower gear, manuals are extremely fun since you accelerate the vehicle according to how much power you need. As the transmission is not tethered to the ECU, this makes them fun to drive since the stick shift allows one to row through upshifts and downshifts. Many drivers find this fun and fulfilling. 

Despite stick shifts diminishing off the car market at a high rate, according to the NY Times, they still hold their value. Owning a manual transmission vehicle is satisfying with each roar you feel from your car’s engine as you change gears. This ability to listen and control your transmission is a thrilling driving experience you might not find in an automatic transmission vehicle.


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