Apple announces the winning apps and games in the App Store Awards

Article Hero Image AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site. The winners of this year’s App Store Awards for apps and games have been announced, with 16 titles singled out for their excellence ...

Elon Musk vihjailee lähtevänsä Twitterin puikoissa sotaan Applen kanssa

Elon Musk vihjailee lähtevänsä Twitterin puikoissa sotaan Applen kanssa Twitterin omistaja miljardööri Elon Musk on vihjaillut lähtevänsä sotaan teknologiayhtiö Applen kanssa. Musk muun muassa väittää Applen uhanneen vetää sovelluskaupastaan miljardöörin hiljan hankkiman Twitter-viestipalvelun. – Apple on myös uhannut pidättää Twitterin ...

Elon Musk lashes Apple after it 'threatened' to pull Twitter off App Store

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has hit out at tech company Apple after it allegedly “threatened” to pull the social media service from its App Store without giving an explanation. Elon Musk lashes Apple after it ‘threatened’ to pull Twitter off ...

Musk greift Apple mit Tweet-Serie an

Musk hatte Twitter Ende Oktober für rund 44 Milliarden Dollar gekauft und setzt bei dem Online-Dienst seitdem seine Vorstellungen durch. / Bild: Reuters/Archivfoto Der neue Twitter-Besitzer Elon Musk hat am Montag den iPhone-Konzern Apple in einer Serie von Tweets ...

Elon Musk hits out at Apple - and claims tech giant threatened to block Twitter from App Store

Apple was Twitter's biggest advertiser in the first quarter of this year, spending $48m (£40m) on ads on the social network, which accounted for 4% of the company's revenue in that period, according to a report.

Apple Threatens To Withhold Twitter From The App Store, Elon Musk Claims

Twitter chief Elon Musk has accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from its App Store without warning on Monday. In a series of tweets posted on the CEO’s account, he claimed that the tech giant halted their advertising ...

'Not a baby': Hailey Bieber nixes pregnancy speculation as she reveals she has cyst 'the size of an apple' on her ovaries following a string of other health issues 

Hailey Bieber nixed pregnancy speculation as she revealed she has an cyst ‘the size of an apple’ on her ovaries. The model, 26, shared a photo of her bare belly as she detailed the ‘painful and achey’ feelings associated with ...


イーロン・マスク、Appleに「Twitterをストアから消す」と脅されたと主張。広告削減にも反発 Twitterの現CEOイーロン・マスク氏が、自身が所有するSNSでアップルに「App StoreからTwitterアプリを削除すると脅されたが、その理由を教えてくれない」と主張し、アップルを非難するツイートを連発しています。 NASA「アルテミス I」、有人飛行用宇宙船として最も地球から遠くに到達 アポロ13号を抜く アップルがTwitterへの広告を絞ったこともマスク氏の発言に影響しているようです。アップルに脅されたとツイートする前に、マスク氏はアップルが「広告をほとんど停止した」と述べ、さらに「アップルがユーザーに影響力を行使するために行ったあらゆる検閲を公表」すべきかをTwitterのアンケートでフォロワーに質問しています。 The Vergeの編集者Jake Kastrenakes氏からの「App StoreからTwitter を消すか、さもなくばモデレーションを要求されたのか?」との問いには、ひと言「イエス」とだけ返答しました。 Apple Insiderは11月28日に、Appleを代表する広告代理店のOmicron Media Groupが、クライアントに対してこれ以上Twitterへの広告にお金を費やさないよう勧めていると報じました。Omicronは、マスク氏によるここ最近のTwitter変更、すなわち従業員の大量解雇や認証プロセスの混乱によるなりすましの急増、その他の要因について懸念していると伝えられています。アップルのティム・クックCEOは11月15日、アップルとしてはTwitterが「従来のモデレーションを継続してくれることを期待している」とCBSニュースに語っていました。 しかし、アップルからの広告の削減についてマスク氏は「彼らはアメリカの言論の自由を嫌っているのか?」と非難し「何がどうなっているんだ?」とクックCEOにメンションを放っています。 マスク氏は以前、アップル(とGoogle)がアプリ内購入の金額から30%を徴収していることについて「隠された30%の税金」と表現して非難していました。アップルがTwitterへの広告を大きく削減したことに対する苛立ちも、一連のアップルへのツイートの背景にはあるかもしれません。 記事執筆時点でのマスク氏の最新のツイートのひとつは、ハイウェイを走行するクルマが直進方向の「Pay30%」からランプを降りる「Go to War」に急激に進路変更する画像でした。 ポストTwitterの「Post.」をGoogle関連企業の元CEOが立ち上げた背景と勝算(Google特別対策室) Twitterアカウント540万件の漏洩情報をハッカーが配布。電話番号やメールから匿名アカウント特定のおそれ

Flipkart is selling the Apple iPhone 12 Mini for just 18,499

India, Nov. 28 — The Apple iPhone 12 Mini was the first of the brand’s smartphones to carry the ‘mini’ monicker and was designed for those who wanted a compact smartphone without compromising on the experience. This monicker was dropped ...

Apple is short of 6 million iPhone 14 Pro units due to the ongoing protests in China

As if the chip shortage wasn’t bad enough, the iPhone 14 Pro series production scale seems to be slowed down even more in China. According to Bloomberg, there is a “production shortfall” as factory workers protest due to COVID ...

Musk Threatens War With Apple, Jeopardizing Vital Relationship

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., speaks during a discussion at the Satellite 2020 Conference in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, March 9, 2020. The event comprises important topics facing both satellite industry ...

Musk ataca Apple por reduzir anúncios no Twitter

Elon Musk, Tesla A Apple terá reduzido a sua publicidade no Twitter, de acordo com o CEO desta rede social. Numa publicação no Twitter, Elon Musk reclama que a gigante tecnológica “na sua maioria parou” os seus anúncios na ...

Musk attacks Apple over Twitter ads, store

Elon Musk has accused Apple of threatening to block Twitter from its app store without saying why in a series of tweets that also say the iPhone maker has stopped advertising on the social media platform. The billionaire CEO ...

Elon Musk: Apple threatened to yank Twitter from App Store

FILE PHOTO: Illustration shows Elon Musk photo and Twitter logo By Tiyashi Datta and Sheila Dang (Reuters) -Elon Musk accused Apple Inc of threatening to block Twitter Inc from its app store without saying why in a series of ...

Elon Musk amenaza a Google y Apple si se interponen en sus planes con Twitter

Críticos y expertos afirman que aparecerán de nuevo promotores de odio y discriminación Sin importar las consecuencias, Musk seguirá con una amnistía general.¿Qué sería capaz de hacer? Elon Musk, el magnate más mediático y polémico de los últimos años, ...

Elon Musk takes on Apple in a series of tweets, asks ‘Do they hate free speech...’

Elon Musk takes on Apple in a series of tweets, asks ‘Do they hate free speech…’ New Twitter boss Elon Musk aimed guns at iPhone maker Apple on Sunday, shooting off a series of tweets. Musk said that “Apple ...

Elon Musk: Apple ‘Threatened to Withhold Twitter’ From App Store

Elon Musk reveals that Apple has “threatened to withhold” the Twitter app from the App Store, the official app marketplace of iPhone and iPad users. His recent claim comes as there have been rumors and suggestions that there is a ...

Apple iPhone 15: New Camera System with Sony Sensor to Bring Better Dynamic Range, No Overexposed Shots

The next year’s device from Apple, the iPhone 15, will feature a better camera sensor on its system to further improve its shots and bring an upgraded dynamic range to each image with technology from Sony. Reports claim that Apple ...

Apple iPhone 15 said to use Sony's new image sensor

Apple is believed to be using Sony's new image sensor on the iPhone 15 series. According to Nikkei Asia, the new Sony image sensor is able to double the saturation signal level in each pixel and capture more light. ...

한화자산운용, 'ARIRANG Apple채권혼합Fn ETF' 코스피 상장

[서울=뉴스핌] 유명환 기자 = 한화자산운용은 ‘애플(Apple)’ 단일 주식종목에 투자하는 ‘ARIRANG Apple채권혼합Fn’ 상장지수펀드(ETF)를 유가증권시장에 상장했다고 29일 밝혔다. [서울=뉴스핌] 유명환 기자 = 2022.11.29 [email protected] ARIRANG Apple채권혼합Fn은 미국 대표 성장주 애플에 30%, 중단기 국고채에 70%를 투자하는 ETF이다. FnGuide 애플채권혼합 지수를 추종하며, 국채는 국고채 3년, ...

Elon Musk s'en va-t-en guerre contre le tout-puissant Apple

Elon Musk, propriétaire de Twitter depuis un mois, a déclaré la “guerre” à Apple lundi, après avoir déjà mis le réseau social dans une position périlleuse en s’aliénant annonceurs, (ex) employés et régulateurs. Le tempétueux milliardaire a assuré qu’Apple ...

Elon Musk joins the war against Apple and its App Store rules

Elon Musk has chosen the next target for his fans to go after: Apple. Over the course of the last week, Musk has already threatened to build his own phone company if Apple were to continue to impose its ...

Whill Model F Travel Chair review: What Apple would make, if it wanted to

Whill Model F wheelchair, in the field AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site. We’ve driven the Whill’s Model F power wheelchair nearly daily, over six months. We can say, without a single ...

Elon Musk prepared to ‘go to war’ with Apple over moderation demands

Elon Musk said Apple was pressuring Twitter over content moderation demands. AFP via Getty Images Elon Musk accused Apple of threatening to block Twitter from its app store without saying why in a series of tweets on Monday that ...

Elon Musk attacks Apple for allegedly threatening App Store removal

Elon Musk attacks Apple for allegedly threatening App Store removal “What's going on here?” Musk asked in a tweet directed at Apple CEO Tim Cook. Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur who owns Twitter, attacked Apple on Monday in a series ...

Apple, Hess fall; Wynn Resorts, Shopify rise

Apple, Hess fall; Wynn Resorts, Shopify rise Stocks that traded heavily or had substantial price changes Monday: Apple, Hess fall; Wynn Resorts, Shopify rise NEW YORK — Stocks that traded heavily or had substantial price changes Monday: Wynn Resorts ...

Elon Musk signals Twitter going to ‘war’ with Apple

Twitter owner Elon Musk on Monday opened fire against Apple over its tight control of what is allowed on the App Store, saying the iPhone maker has threatened to oust his recently acquired social media platform. Musk also joined ...

Έλον Μασκ-Twitter: Μας εγκατέλειψε και η Apple

Έλον Μασκ-Twitter: Μας εγκατέλειψε και η Apple Η Apple έχει περικόψει τις διαφημίσεις της στο Twitter, είπε ο Έλον Μασκ, υποδηλώνοντας ότι η κατασκευάστρια των iPhone έχει συνταχθεί με άλλες μεγάλες φίρμες που επανεξετάζουν τη σχέση τους με το κοινωνικό δίκτυο. ...

Elon Musk se lanza contra Apple por supuestos “actos de censura”

Dos de los gigantes del mundo digital se encuentran envueltos en una disputa: Elon Musk se lanza contra Apple por supuestos “actos de censura”. Elon Musk continúa causando polémica. Semanas después de que el magnate de Tesla concretara la ...

Chef wütet, weil Twitter angeblich aus dem App Store fliegt: Elon Musk «zieht in den Krieg» gegen Apple

Das Drama um Elon Musk als neuen Besitzer von Twitter geht weiter. Nun will er gegen Apple «in den Krieg ziehen.» Musk wütet, weil man Twitter angeblich aus dem App Store schmeissen will. Elon Musk «zieht in den Krieg» gegen ...

Wall Street Merosot di Tengah Kekhawatiran Produksi Apple dan Demonstrasi di China

Wall Street Merosot di Tengah Kekhawatiran Produksi Apple dan Demonstrasi di China KONTAN.CO.ID – NEW YORK. Wall Street ditutup melemah tajam di awal pekan setelah protes di kota-kota besar China terhadap kebijakan ketat COVID-19 memicu kekhawatiran tentang pertumbuhan ekonomi. ...

Musks anklagelse: Apple har hotat att porta Twitter-appen

Musks anklagelse: Apple har hotat att porta Twitter-appen Apple har hotat med att ta bort Twitter från App Store. Det hävdar Twitters nya ägare Elon Musk i ett inlägg på sociala medier-jätten. ”Men de vill inte berätta varför”, tillägger ...

Apple beperkt functionaliteiten van deeldienst AirDrop in China - hiermee snijdt de techreus demonstranten af van belangrijk onderling communicatiemiddel

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan Terwijl in China demonstraties tegen de overheid aanzwellen, heeft Apple de functionaliteiten van AirDrop – een deeldienst van onder meer foto’s en documenten voor iPhone-gebruikers en eigenaren van Mac-computers – beperkt. De beperkingen zijn al ...

Apple TV+ offering Ryan Reynolds for Cyber Monday

Who needs a discount on the streaming service when we can get Reynolds himself?

Apple Stock Loses Ground As China Covid Protests Threaten IPhone Output And Elon Musk Rips Tech Giant For “Censorship” In Its Treatment Of Twitter

GI Apple stock fell 3% today as it was hit by two headwinds — protests in China threatening iPhone production and claims of “censorship” lodged by new Twitter owner Elon Musk. The more material challenge, at least in the ...

Apple Watch vs. Oura Ring: Which Is the Better Sleep Tracker?

I wore both devices to sleep over the course of several nights to put them to the test.

Elon Musk is going to war with Apple, taking aim at its App Store fees and claiming it's against free speech

Elon Musk is going to war with Apple, taking aim at its App Store fees and claiming it’s against free speech Elon Musk has officially declared war on the world’s largest tech company. Musk alleged that Apple threatened Twitter’s ...

Apple's App store has become an ad-infested imitation of its former self, which is not good for iPhone users or developers

“No ads. We build products that we want for ourselves, too, and we just don’t want ads,” Steve Jobs said back in 2011. David Paul Morris/Stringer/Getty Images Apple used to carefully curate its App store, helping developers gain visibility ...


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