Here's the Very First Production 2023 Corvette Z06

Here’s the Very First Production 2023 Corvette Z06 A true future collectible. VIN 001 2023 Corvette Z06 deliveries are well underway at this point, though not a ton of cars have actually been built and delivered, in all fairness. Regardless, ...

Quality Concerns: Early C8 Z06 Breaks Within First 1,000 Miles

C8 Z06 quality is already called into question as this example dumped its transmission fluid all over the ground.   Come on GM. We JUST warned you about this. We said that a new Corvette brand would be ruined ...

C4 Corvette Crash and Fire Leaves Poor Car Nearly Unrecognizable

This C4 Corvette crash left little more than a molten pile of goo that’s barely recognizable at this point. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of Corvette-related crashes over the years, most of them resulting from dangerous, distracted, or ...

5 Mistakes That Would RUIN a ‘Corvette’ Spin-off Brand Before It Even Gets Started

Adding an EV SUV and sedan to the Corvette brand could weaken the Corvette name if GM does not avoid these mistakes. The Corvette brand spinoff is obviously big news. And, naturally, not everyone’s happy about it. But if ...

5 Things GM Needs to Get Right if they Make ‘Corvette’ its Own Brand

Expanding the Corvette brand to include SUVs and sedans is risky and GM must get these things right to make it a success.  Well, it has been rumored for a while, and we even joked about it but now ...

Corvette Z06 Z07: ‘The Best Sports Car I Have Ever Owned or Driven’

After breaking in his 2023 Corvette Z06 Z07, an owner describes GM’s supercar as “freakishly fast, responsive, planted, and head-turning.” On November 22 of this year, CorvetteForum member Steve McCarthy took delivery of a stunning Red Mist Metallic 2023 ...

2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition Is Quite Stunning

This 2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition was acquired via museum delivery, which makes us rather jealous. Following a bit of a delay, the 70th Anniversary package is now available for the 2023 Corvette, adding a host of niceties ...

VIDEO: Can the C8 Corvette Z06 Slay the Mighty Porsche 911 GT3 in a Race???

The C8 Z06 is here, and it promptly punches two legendary sportscars in the mouth in a drag race battle of naturally aspirated performance. Let’s go back to about a year ago. You are on some automotive related social ...

The Man Who Blew Four C8 Transmissions in 10K Miles

We’ve seen some blown C8 transmissions out there, but four in one car certainly has to be a record. While the C8 Corvette has thus far proven to be a mostly reliable vehicle – with some exceptions – there ...

Daughter Surprises Father With 1973 Corvette He Regrettably Sold

The father sold this 1973 Corvette in 1976 as he married into a family and adopted two more kids. We’ve all had cars that we once owned and sold, only to regret it years later. Oftentimes, we’re simply forced ...

How To Flush Corvette Clutch Fluid (C5, C6, & C7 Corvettes)

Dirty clutch fluid can lead to gear slippage, sluggish shifts, and other issues. This DIY hack will help you learn how to flush Corvette clutch fluid on all C5, C6, and C7 Corvettes! The mighty C8 Corvette may have ...

GM to Spin off Corvette Brand and Add Sedan, SUV to Lineup (NOT April Fools)

The rumors from the past few years are true, as the Corvette brand will soon expand to include a whole family of models. For years, rumors have swirled that General Motors intended to not only spin off the Corvette ...

Corvette of the Year 2022: Vote for Your Favorite C7 NOW (& Congrats C6 Winners!)

CorvetteForum’s Corvette of the Year 2022 contest continues. Vote for your favorite C7 now, and checkout the C6 winners.  CorvetteForum’s Corvette of the Year contest is starting to wind down and it is now up to you to select ...

1963 Corvette Z06 Big Tank Was Once Test Driven by A.J. Foyt

A truly rare and special machine as-is, this 1963 Corvette Z06 big tank has a very cool history to boot. There have been many rare and desirable Corvettes built over the model’s seven decades of existence, as most fans ...

C8 Corvette Variant With ‘Incredible Performance’ Teased by GM Exec

GM President Mark Reuss says TWO new incredible sports cars are on the way. The next C8 Corvette variant and something else C8-based. Even before the C8 Corvette debuted in 2019 for the 2020 model year, rumors of more ...

eBay Quietly Bans Non EPA Compliant Emissions Defeat Devices

With fines and jail time being levied on those that sell emissions defeat devices, eBay is taking action to protect itself. Most automotive enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency has been cracking down ...

1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette Has Just 28K Original Miles

One of just 184 built, this 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette is arguably the nicest one of that lot. Callaway has long been synonymous with the Corvette – more specifically, as a company that has been building faster and ...

Famous Half Corvette on Route 66 Is Getting a Much Deserved Restoration

This famous half Corvette has been around for nearly a decade, and now, it’s getting a makeover. Back in 2013, a truly interesting and unique display was installed on a wall near the intersection of 7th and Main in Joplin, ...

2013 Corvette 427 Is One of 97 Built and Has Just 781 Original Miles

This rare and notable 2013 Corvette 427 is an amazing car that’s listed for sale in a very unusual place. Sometimes you see something and wonder – ‘how did it get there?’ Heck, there are entire internet threads and ...

Will the C8 Corvette ZR1 Kill Demand for the Z06 When It Debuts?

The C8 Corvette ZR1 will offer more in the way of performance, but that isn’t necessarily what a lot of folks are looking for. The 2023 Corvette Z06 is easily one of the most hotly-anticipated new vehicle releases in ...

Rotary-Powered C6 Corvette Is a Tire-Smoking Drift Machine

This rotary-powered C6 Corvette isn’t your average build, and in this case, that’s a good thing. We’ve seen our fair share of wild and crazy Corvette builds over the years, many of them involving unusual powerplants. Most of the ...

Old School C1 Corvette Gasser Lights Up SEMA Show

Old School C1 Corvette Gasser Lights Up SEMA Show Not the kind of thing you usually see at SEMA. Old Fashioned Build Every year, the SEMA Show brings some pretty amazing and oftentimes over-the-top builds to Las Vegas. It’s an ...

C4 Corvette Can Still Beat a BMW M6 In a Straight Line

C4 Corvette Can Still Beat a BMW M6 In a Straight Line A fascinating classic drag race worth watching. Still the King When it launched in the early 1980s, the C4 Corvette was one of the sportier machines on the ...

Corvette Z06 GT3.R Isn't Much Different Than Production Version

Corvette Z06 GT3.R Isn’t Much Different Than Production Version The gap between the road car and race car isn’t as big as one might think. Same, but Different The fact that the new Corvette Z06 GT3.R is in development hasn’t ...

Check Out These Cool Vintage Corvette Hot Wheels Cars

Check Out These Cool Vintage Corvette Hot Wheels Cars The perfect compliment for our full-size rides. Conjuring Up Memories It goes without saying that most of us grew up collecting with or just playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, ...

Chevrolet Utility Colours and Price Guide

One of the last dependable half-tonner bakkies with some personality and utility to it. The Chevrolet Utility was one of the icons of the half-tonner bakkie segment. Nowadays, more or less the only half-tonner bakkie available new in the South ...

Chevrolet inicia la producción del nuevo Seeker, ¿llega a la Argentina?

Una de las novedades de este año por parte de Chevrolet fue la presentación del Seeker, un SUV mediano con líneas coupé que se espera que llegue a diferentes mercados del mundo. Presentado en Corea del Sur, también hizo su ...

C6 Corvette Grand Sport Callaway SC606 Is Immaculate With Just 10K Miles

This well-kept C6 Corvette Grand Sport Callaway SC606 is a value proposition for a special machine that can do it all. Callaway has been associated with the Corvette for decades at this point, earning such a strong reputation along ...

2023 Corvette Z06 LT6 Vibration Test Ends With Impressive Results

Even GM admitted that the 2023 Corvette Z06 LT6 engine vibrated badly during development, but it appears to have smoothed things out. By now, we’ve all heard the praises of flat-plane crank engines, which sound amazing, rev to the ...

Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept, un sedán eléctrico desvelado en China

Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept Sedan El modelo de producción podría debutar localmente el próximo año. El gigante americano General Motors acaba de presentar en China un nuevo prototipo de sedán totalmente eléctrico, denominado Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept, y que como ves tiene ...

Elon Musk reveals Apple is the latest company to desert Twitter - with at least 50 of its top advertisers including Chevrolet, Chipotle, Ford and Jeep pausing ads or abandoning the platform entirely since his $44B takeover

According to nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters, 50 of the platform's top 100 advertisers, which accounted for about $2 billion in spending since 2020High-profile companies that have halted advertising on the site in the wake of Musk's buyout include Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Ford and JeepOther noticeable names to apparently nix their relationship with the company consist of Kraft, Coca Cola, Nestle, Chanel, AT&T, CNN, Heineken, and Kellogg's Per a flippant tweet from Musk , it appears that Apple has joined that list - with the mogul writing Monday that Apple has 'mostly stopped' their advertising

Good car, great bargain: The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

The roomier version of GM's electric hatchback starts at just $27,200.

Corvette-based Chevrolet with 'incredible performance' coming in 2025

GM President Mark Reuss’ Investor Day presentation has been a font of information. Most of it’s been pretty straightforward, like the info about GM service centers working on Teslas and the GMC Acadia getting larger for its third generation. ...

Chevrolet anunció la fecha de presentación de la nueva Montana

El segmento de las pick-up compactas se pone cada vez más interesante. A partir del 1 de diciembre se sumará un nuevo producto, la Chevrolet Montana, presentación que la marca americana realizará a través de su canal oficial en YouTube. ...

Chevrolet revela prévia de sedã elétrico inédito que estreará em 2023

Chevrolet FNR-XE Concept Sedan FNR-XE Electric Sedan Concept é baseado na plataforma Ultium e terá uma versão de produção no próximo ano A GM se prepara para ampliar sua linha de veículos elétricos com um sedã inédito que está ...

Päivän kolarikuva: Helsinkiläinen Chevrolet Delray katollaan

Kuvissa Helsingin kilvissä ollut 4-ovinen Chevrolet Delray oli ajanut ulos Imatralla ja jäi katolleen. Ulosajo tapahtui talvikelissä maaliskuussa 1964. Kuva: Lappeenrannan museot, Kosken kuvaamo. Kuvat on kuvannut Kosken kuvaamo ja kuvat kuuluvat Lappeenrannan museoiden kokoelmaan.  

Teste: Chevrolet Bolt 2023 impressiona nas ruas e cobra preço de premium

Chevrolet Bolt EV (teste) Um dos 1º elétricos vendidos no Brasil, hatch recebe uma boa atualização visual, porém é caro dentro do segmento A General Motors está de olho nos carros elétricos há muito tempo e até criou um ...

Missing in action: The must-have models from Australia's biggest brands including the Toyota Sequoia, Mazda CX-50 and Chevrolet Tahoe

Sharing the same platform as the Tundra, the Sequoia could join Toyota Australia’s model line up. Australians are spoiled for choice in the new car market with literally hundreds of models to choose from. But we could always do ...

Chevrolet: Nova Montana terá motor 1.2 turbo de série

A Nova Montana conta com a caçamba inteligente para múltiplas organizações da carga General Motors A General Motors (GM) anunciou nesta quinta-feira (24) que a Nova Montana será equipada com motor 1.2 turbo de série em todas as versões. ...

Woman Heading To Classic Car Festival Dies In Crash Involving Antique Chevrolet

WLOX reports the collision happened at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday on Highway 49 outside of Wiggins, Mississippi, when a Ford F-150 crossed travel lanes and collided with a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. The Harrison County coroner said 67-year-old Sherry ...


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