Fisker Teases New Ronin Electric GT Car With 550 Miles of Range

Famed car designer Henrik Fisker has his sights set on another niche for his reborn company, and one in which he has some experience.

Fisker’s Ronin aims at ‘longest range for a production EV’

The upcoming Fisker Ronin electric sports car plans to deliver the longest range of any EV on sale. The US-based firm has developed the Ronin – named after the film of the same title that is renowned for its ...

885 km hatótávolságú elektromos sportkocsin dolgozik a Fisker

1./2 DIA © Copyright Fisker ugratja az elektromos szuperautó CFD képét 2./2 DIA © Copyright Fisker Ugratja Elektromos Szuperautó Tweet © Copyright Fisker ugratja az elektromos szuperautó CFD képét A Ronin 2024-ben érkezhet meg. Henrik Fisker ...

Fisker’s Third Vehicle, Codename: “Project Ronin”

Fisker has shared limited details on their upcoming vehicle, dubbed “Project Ronin.” Ronin will be the third vehicle to be produced by the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, following the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR electric SUVs; however, the Ronin ...

Fisker anuncia lo que espera que se convierta en su tercer modelo, el “Ronin”

© Proporcionado por Puros Autos La producción del primer vehículo eléctrico nuevo de Fisker, el crossover Ocean, comenzará en noviembre, pero antes de que Ocean llegue oficialmente, Fisker ya ha anunciado lo que espera que se convierta en su ...

New Fisker Ronin is four-door, four-seat high performance EV convertible

Ambitious American brand reveals bold drop-top flagship that promises 660 miles on a charge and 2 second 0-62mph time.

Fisker Claims Ronin Will Be a Convertible with a 600-Mile Range

Fisker has shown a teaser image for what will be its third model, after the Ocean and the Pear, called Project Ronin. The slinky sports car is aiming to have the longest range for a production EV and will ...

Henrik Fisker teases firm’s new EV sports car, the Fisker Ronin

If we’re talking about price then the Ronin is directly competing against the Porsche Taycan GTS The Fisker Ocean. An all-electric SUV Fisker is a small electric vehicle manufacturer based in California. The marque was founded in 2016 by ...

Fisker Unveils Project Ronin Electric GT With The Longest Range Of Any EV

The Ronin will be a GT unlike the SUVs Fisker has already announced After teasing the development of an EV in the form of CFD renders, Henrik Fisker’s electric car company has unveiled the Ronin, its first electric GT. ...

Fisker's 2024 Electric Sports Car Claimed To Have Over 550 Miles Of Range

When the Fisker Ronin GT arrives, it will be the brand's third EV, so long as everything goes as planned.

Fisker's Project Ronin Will Be Its Third EV and a Long-Range Sporty Grand Tourer

Following the Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV and upcoming compact Fisker Pear EV will be a sporty grand tourer called Project Ronin, the company has announced. Henrik Fisker, the designer behind the new EV brand who once sketched car designs for ...

Project Ronin is Fisker’s new four-door electric convertible

Electric And yes, it’s named after *that* film with *that* world-class car chase scene Ronin is essentially an extended, world-class car chase scene with some hokum about special ops personnel and a briefcase tacked on to qualify it as a film. ...

Fisker Announces Electric GT Sports Car

Fisker has announced that its third car will be a new GT sports car. Named “Project Ronin,” the new grand tourer promises to be “innovative, high-tech,” and electric. Project Ronin follows the Ocean SUV and PEAR hatchback.  “The aim ...

Fisker Ronin Wants to Beat Lucid’s 520-Mile Range

Henrik Fisker's EV startup plans a sequel to the Karma in 2024, as the four-door luxury segment fills up.

2024 Fisker Ronin EV will revive the four-door convertible, offer 1000km+ range

UPDATE, May 5, 6pm: New details and a new top-down teaser In an email direct to Wheels Media contributor Georg Kacher, Henrik Fisker has confirmed the Fisker Ronin will form one of recent history’s rarest body styles: a four-door convertible. ...

Fisker building electric grand tourer with record range claim

Fisker’s first vehicle hasn’t been delivered to customers, but the electric startup is already making ambitious plans for its third. According to Fisker, Project Ronin will be the world’s longest-range production electric vehicle. That would mean it’d have to beat ...

2024 Fisker Ronin vows to be world’s longest-range EV

The 2024 Fisker Ronin has been previewed as the third model from the American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, and it’s already setting the bar high. Founder and CEO Henrik Fisker says ‘Project Ronin’ – as it’s internally referred to – ...

New Fisker Ronin teased as four-door sports coupe

American EV firm Fisker has provided a glimpse of its Project Ronin sports car – a high-performance four-door GT to rival the Porsche Taycan, which aims to provide the longest range of any electric car on sale. The brand ...

Henrik Fisker reinvents his Karma with new Ronin grand tourer

It looks as if a large part of Henrik Fisker’s future is based in his past. For those that don’t remember, Fisker — and his eponymous company — were competitors with Tesla, back when the Models 3 and Y ...

Fisker confirms electric GT as third production model

The electric car manufacturer Fisker has announced its third model after the Ocean and Pear under the project name Ronin. The all-electric GT sports car, for which Fisker has now published a first teaser image and initial information, is ...

Fisker teases electric sports car with 550-mile range

Fisker on Wednesday provided a new look at an electric sports car currently being developed. CEO and Chairman Henrik Fisker took to Instagram to post a teaser image showing the car along with the name Ronin, believed to be ...

Fisker unveils its third EV model, an electric GT sports car with “world’s longest range”

American EV maker Fisker has unveiled the first details of its third vehicle, an all-electric sport Grand Tourer being developed under the moniker Project Ronin. “The aim is to achieve the world’s longest range for a production EV, combined ...

New Fisker Project Ronin teased as four-door sports coupe

Fisker is gearing up to reveal the third model in its line-up - a four-door super GT that’s set to offer the longest range of any production EV

Fisker Project Ronin previews new four-door electric GT

Next-gen American EV targeting world production-car range record – plus high performance and comfort for four

Fisker to triple production of the ‘Ocean’

Fisker is aiming to triple production of its Ocean all-electric SUV model from 2024 through contract manufacturer Magna. This is to be prepared for the expected increase in demand as soon as the first examples are on the road. ...

Fisker CEO hopes partner Magna triples SUV output in 2023 to meet demand

Fisker Inc. hopes to boost production capacity at partner Magna International Inc.’s plant in Austria to 150,000 vehicles from 2024 as reservations for its first electric car surge. jQuery(function(){ if (typeof jwplayer_load == typeof indefined) { var jwplayer_load = 1; ...

Can Fisker Beat Tesla In Bringing An EV To India First?

Fisker.Inc is making its move to enter the Indian market and Tesla is nowhere in sight American electric car company – Fisker is opening its India headquarters in Hyderabad. Fisker is yet to sell a single car in the market ...

Fisker’s Ocean Versus What We Know of the Upcoming PEAR

As we enter the age of electric vehicles, cars from new automakers are entering the market. These new vehicles offer consumers more choices. One of these automakers, Fisker Inc., isn’t strictly new. However, they have two exciting new EVs coming ...

Fisker expands to India

Budding electric car manufacturer Fisker is expanding into India. Hyderabad in the state of Telangana has been chosen as the headquarters for Fisker’s operations in India. Recruitment of local staff is already underway to pave the way for the ...

Fisker Inc. sets up India headquarters in Hyderabad

Fisker plans to introduce its ‘Ocean’ and ‘PEAR’ models in the country by 2024. US-based EV maker Fisker has announced the setting up of its India headquarters in Hyderabad. Fisker Vigyan, the company’s local subsidiary, has started building its ...

Fisker India Launch Confirmed: American EV Maker Starts Hiring At Its Indian Headquarters In Hyderabad

Fisker Inc is all set to open its headquarters in India. The American electric vehicle manufacturer has chosen Hyderabad as the location for its Indian headquarters. Its Indian arm has been named Fisker Vigyan India Pvt Ltd. Employees at the ...

Fisker INC to setup Indian headquarters in Hyderabad

Fisker, an electric car manufacturer located in California, United States, has committed to establishing a presence in India. The electric vehicle manufacturer has stated that its India headquarters would be established in Hyderabad, Telangana’s capital city. The company’s operational entity ...

Fisker Announces India HQ In Hyderabad

Fisker will be partnering with Foxconn in India Henrik Fisker’s much-hyped EV startup Fisker has revealed that it will have its Indian headquarters in Hyderabad, the capital of the Telangana state in Southern India. Fisker had already announced that ...

Fisker Selects Hyderabad as Headquarters for Initial Operations in India

California-based Fisker Inc. has established its India headquarters in the southern city of Hyderabad, Telangana State. Fisker Vigyan India Pvt Ltd, the company’s operating entity in Telangana, will focus on software development and embedded electronics, virtual vehicle development support functions, ...

Fisker Is Reportedly Making an Electric Vehicle Under $30,000

While we’re waiting for the all-new Fisker Ocean SUV to arrive at the end of this year, the new startup electric automaker opened reservations for its second EV. The PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) is tentatively set to arrive in ...

Fisker Pear to be volume seller in line-up

Fisker’s all-new compact entry-level Pear is tipped to be the best-selling Fisker when it arrives by 2023. The Fisker Ocean will soon stand at the head of a four-model Fisker line-up, all due to be revealed by 2025. Designer ...

Rule-breaking Fisker Pear to anchor four-model line-up

Compact entry-level model should be the best-selling Fisker when it arrives by 2023

Interview: Henrik Fisker on the plan to tackle Tesla

After a brave foray into electrification ended in glorious failure, the designer is back with his Ocean SUV. Henrik Fisker’s idea of a decent hotel breakfast is three fried eggs on a large plate, sunny side up. This much ...

Fisker Claims To Have 40,000 Reservations For Ocean Electric SUV

Despite inflationary and supply pressures, Fisker pledges not to raise prices through 2023 thanks to its "asset-light business model."

Fisker Inc. Passes 40,000 Reservations for All-Electric Fisker Ocean SUV

Fisker Inc. has exceeded 40,000 initial reservations for the Fisker Ocean SUV. The company has indications that many reservation holders intend to purchase the Fisker Ocean One launch edition or Fisker Ocean Extreme models, both priced at $68,999 in the ...


Fisker Ocean comes with 10-year warranty for battery, powertrain

Platform, specs & design of Fisker Pear finalized [Update]

We get a first look at the Fisker Ocean, the EV with solar panels and a rotating display

New Fisker Ocean electric SUV: prices and specifications revealed

Fisker is taking reservations for $29,900 Ohio-constructed Pear urban EV it hasn’t shown yet

Fisker Ocean EV gets Intelligent Pilot driver-assist system utilizing digital radar

Henrik Fisker on his hardest moments, MWC and learning from Tesla's mistakes

Fisker Ocean: 8 things I learnt getting up close with the innovative electric vehicle

Fisker Ocean getting close to official launch

Fisker Ocean to Challenge Premium EV Automakers with Sub-$40,000 SUV

Project PEAR: US-built Fisker EV promised in 2024 with $29,900 price tag

New entry-level Fisker Pear electric car opens for order in the US

2022 Audi A8, 2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Fisker PEAR: Today's Car News

Fisker Opens Reservations For New $29,900 EV

Fisker Taking $250 Deposits For $29,900 Pear EV Due In 2024

Affordable Fisker PEAR EV teased

Fisker Opens Reservations for Its Affordable PEAR

Fisker Pear announced, reservations open

Fisker is accepting reservations for its unseen Pear EV

Fisker Pear to be a Sub-$30,000 EV Crossover — BMW iX1 Competitor?

Fisker Ocean SUV Reservations Have Topped 30,000

Fisker starts taking reservations for urban EV developed with Foxconn

VIDEO: Check Out the Fisker Ocean EV — A Very Interesting Competitor

Fisker And Electrify America Announce EV Charging Partnership

Fisker Inc. Opens Reservations for Its Second Product, the All-Electric Fisker PEAR

Fisker Ocean All-Electric SUV Makes European Debut at Mobile World Congress

Fisker’s Ocean EV makes European debut

Can Fisker Become A Global EV Force With The Ocean SUV?

Fisker Ocean makes European debut, prices swell

Fisker Ocean Arrives In Europe With Up To 550 HP And 391 Miles Of Range