Ultium Cells starts making batteries for Hummer EV in Ohio

Ultium Cells, General Motors’ battery joint venture with LG Energy Solution, has kicked-off production at its first facility in Ohio, USA. They are now manufacturing battery cells for the GMC Hummer EV and SUV, both to be built at ...

China muestra su respuesta al GMC Hummer EV

Mengshi M-Terrain La nueva submarca de Dongfeng ha desarrollado este brutal SUV eléctrico. Dongfeng Corporation China ha creado una nueva submarca llamada Mengshi, que se traduce al castellano como ‘guerrero’. Bajo ella, Dongfeng planea fabricar llamativos vehículos todoterreno, imbuidos en ...

Προβλήματα… στεγανότητας για το GMC Hummer

Προβλήματα… στεγανότητας για το GMC Hummer Η General Motors, προσπαθεί να διορθώσει κάποια ηλεκτρικά προβλήματα, που έχουν επηρεάσει τo GMC Hummer και to Brightdrop EV600. Το GMC Hummer δεν είναι τόσο αδιάβροχο όσο αναμενόταν και μπορεί να οδηγήσει σε ...

Second-coming of Hummer: Why the new GMC Hummer can succeed where the original failed

Would Hummer work in Australia this time around? Should General Motors offer the new GMC Hummer in Australia? It’s probably a question that has already been asked many times inside the offices of GM Specialty Vehicles, with the brand ...

GM begins US Ultium battery production for Hummer EV in Ohio amidst union pushback

GM has officially begun Ultium EV battery production in the US as part of its $2.3 billion joint venture with LG Energy Solution. The JV’s 2.8-million square foot facility in Ohio is now assembling battery packs for the GMC ...

Munro Mark 1: así es el Hummer europeo, un todoterreno eléctrico con 375 CV

En 2021, la compañía Munro Vehicles, con sede en Escocia, mostró un prototipo de todoterreno eléctrico de manera digital, bajo el nombre Atae Munro. Ahora, la marca escocesa ha desvelado un segundo prototipo, pero mucho más cercano al modelo de ...

New Hummer EV 2022 review

We get a taste of the new Hummer EV as the heavyweight pick-up hits the road

Can’t Afford Hummer EV? Buy This 1000 HP Chinese Copy Instead

From 1,000 hp to the ability to crab walk, the Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain has everything that a GMC Hummer EV has, except the price. And, maybe anything that it didn’t copy from GMC’s flagship. Will the Warrior, which is what ...

Bad News For GMC Hummer EV Owners Wanting To Go Off-Road

Should we assume nobody told GM that mixing electricity with water is a bad idea? We’re kidding, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration isn’t. It just issues a Technical Service Bulletin about water getting into parts of the GMC ...

Αυτό είναι το Hummer της Κίνας

Αυτό είναι το Hummer της Κίνας Ο κινεζικός όμιλος Dongfeng παρουσιάζει τη νέα μάρκα Mengshi, της οποίας η γκάμα θα αποτελείται από αυτοκίνητα με… άρωμα στρατιωτικό. Η κινεζική κρατική εταιρεία αυτοκινήτων Dongfeng Motor Corporation ίδρυσε την Mengshi, που σημαίνει ...

Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain, la copia china del Hummer eléctrico

Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain, la copia china del Hummer eléctrico Ver al Hummer convertido en un modelo de cero emisiones resultó chocante al principio, pero lo cierto es que su alta demanda ha dejado claro que el movimiento ha sido ...

A kínaiak megmutatták válaszukat a GMC Hummer EV-re

Mengshi M-Terrain S A Dongfeng új almárkája brutális elektromos hajtású SUV-kat fejlesztett ki. A kínai Dongfeng Corporation új almárkát hozott létre, a Mengshi-t, amely a “harcos” kifejezéssel fordítható. Ezen almárka alatt a Dongfeng brutális terepjárók gyártását tervezi az amerikai Hummer ...

Neuer GMC Hummer SUV kommt noch dieses Jahr: Goliaths kleiner Bruder

Eben wurde der neue GMC Hummer als Elektro-Pick-up vorgestellt, da kündigt sich schon Familienzuwachs an. Noch in der zweiten Jahreshälfte folgt dem mächtigen Pick-up ein kompakterer SUV – ebenfalls rein elektrisch. Goliaths kleiner Bruder Auch als SUV ohne Ladefläche ist ...

Here's How Long A GMC Hummer EV Battery Will Probably Last

Hummer EV GMC’s new electric Hummer pickup is a beefy crab-walking tank of an EV. It’s huge, fast, and has a price tag in the low-six figures to boot. At 9,640 lbs, the Hummer weighs as much as roughly six ...

Buy a GMC Hummer EV; Get a Gift From GMC

How can an automaker entice you and create a bit more satisfaction in the vehicle you drive? Maybe they can give you a commemorative gift if you’re buying a new high-priced electric truck like the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1. ...

Charging the New GMC Hummer EV Can Cost More Than Gasing Up Most Cars

Gas prices are always a topic in the news. However, this past year, we have seen gas prices fluctuate and then climb to historic levels of inflation. Oil companies’ crazy prices are driving more drivers away from ICE engines and ...

GMC Hummer EV Shows That Electric Cars Can Have $100 Fillups Too

EV of the Year logo animation • It could cost more than $100 to fill the GMC Hummer EV’s big battery pack at a fast-charging station. • We performed our charging test at an Electrify America station, which costs ...

Tested: EV Pickups in a Trailer-Towing Test — Hummer, Rivian, F-150 Lightning

Towing a trailer with an EV is now possible but still far from practical due to drastically reduced range.

Pasang Surut Hummer, Kendaraan Perang yang Sudah Disuntik Mati

Jakarta, IDN TIMES – Belum lama ini, General Motors (GM) telah mengumumkan Hummer EV, kendaraan ramah lingkungan yang menyandang nama besar Hummer. Ada beberapa perubahan yang dilakukan, seperti penggantian sistem pembakaran internal. GM menganggap ini merupakan cara menyelamatkan Hummer dari kematian ...

Hummer EV test drive: leave the road behind

If you’ve ever had a shopping trolley that enjoys travelling at 45 degrees instead of in a straight line, you’ll know how it feels to drive the new Hummer EV in Crab Mode. This mode is one of many new ...

Forget Egyptians; Crab Walk With the GMC Hummer EV

If you were around in 1986, you might have enjoyed the craze that started with the Bangles telling us to “Walk Like an Egyptian.” As much fun as that song and craze was, today, you can find a lot more ...

Are electric utes dumb? Or are we missing the point of the GMC Hummer, Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck and others | Opinion

The GMC Hummer is big and heavy, meaning its electric drivetrain is not as efficient as it could be. Earlier this year I wrote a piece questioning the logic behind the modern obsession with building big, powerful and opulent ...

Todoterreno Hummer regresa en versión eléctrica

General Motors relanza la producción del icónico Hummer, ahora en versión eléctrica. Una década después de que se interrumpiera la producción del descomunal Hummer, la estadounidense General Motors (GM) lanza ahora una nueva edición del todoterreno en versión eléctrica. ...

2023 GMC Hummer paint choices are out of this world

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 came in one color: Interstellar White. Despite production issues potentially pushing Edition 1 builds into the 2023 model year, the Edition 1 will stick to being bathed in that single brilliant shade. ...

Πότε επιστρέφουν το Hummer και η GM στην Ευρώπη;

Πότε επιστρέφουν το Hummer και η GM στην Ευρώπη; Περίπου πέντε χρόνια έπειτα από την αποχώρησή της από τη Γηραιά Ήπειρο, η General Motors θα αρχίσει να εκπροσωπείται ξανά σε αυτή. Η ηλεκτροκίνηση και τα αμιγώς ηλεκτρικά οχήματα είναι ...

GMC Hummer EV sits lifeless in dealer service garage with no answers in sight

A GMC Hummer EV is sitting lifeless in a dealership garage with relatively no answers in sight, according to a TikTok posted to the platform. The video posted by @KaylaKolben on TikTok has since been deleted. Luckily, it was ...

GMC Issues the First Hummer EV Hardware “Recall”

GMC General Motors has announced a “Customer Satisfaction Program” to repair its Hummer EVs battery high-voltage connector over potential issues. Earlier this year, GM released a software update to fix a taillight recall, but this is the first notable physical ...

GM Voluntarily Recalls GMC Hummer EV For Battery Connector Concern

Hummer EV front 3/4 The National Highway Traffic Administration is not involved. Sometimes, dealers recall a vehicle without any involvement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to a recent report by GM Authority, that seems to be the ...

Dead GMC Hummer: Dealership Says It Can’t Fix

A Tik Tok video that has since been deleted shows a lone GMC Hummer EV sitting off to the side of a dealership garage. Another Tik Tok user has reposted the video. The video describes that there was a problem ...

GM initiates “Customer Satisfaction Program” for Hummer EV over battery connector issue

General Motors has initiated a voluntary recall of sorts for its Hummer EV over a potential battery connector issue on the vehicle. Considering that GM is essentially recalling the vehicle without getting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV voluntarily recalled for battery connector issue

2022 GMC Hummer EV voluntarily recalled for battery connector issue When vehicles from certain automakers need to return to dealers for fixes but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration isn’t involved, these situations might be called “Customer Satisfaction Programs.” ...

GMC Hummer EV, drag yarışında önüne çıkana meydan okuyor

GMC Hummer EV ve Mercedes-AMG G63 ile Dodge Durango Hellcat drag yarışında Çok güçlü. Çok profesyonel. Hummer EV’nin oldukça hızlı bir pick-up olduğunu hepimiz biliyoruz. YouTube’daki içeriklerini daha önce paylaştığımız Throttle House kanalı, bu kez piyasadaki en güçlü iki ...

Did the US Army Just Buy a GMC Hummer EV?

What could the US Army want with a GMC Hummer EV? This electric truck doesn’t seem like it would make sense in a combat situation, especially if charging capabilities are scarce. Even so, the US Army purchased an Edition 1 ...

Η απίστευτη τιμή που πουλήθηκε μεταχειρισμένο Hummer

Η απίστευτη τιμή που πουλήθηκε μεταχειρισμένο Hummer Η κρίση στην παραγωγή των αυτοκινήτων έχει κάνει δυνατές κάποιες περιπτώσεις «παράδοξης» μεταπώλησης όπως στην προκειμένη περίπτωση με το ηλεκτρικό Hummer.   Η πλειοψηφία των ενδιαφερόμενων που ψάχνουν το επόμενό τους αυτοκίνητο ...

¡Probamos el Hummer EV! Así es la camioneta eléctrica con 1.000 caballos de fuerza

Cuando General Motors nos comunicó la decisión de invitarnos a Detroit, Estados Unidos, para conocer en profundidad el proceso de electrificación en el que está inmersa la compañía norteamericana, una de las principales actividades contempladas era manejar el nuevo GMC ...

GMC Hummer EV (2022) review: electric monster truck driven

Mammoth electric Hummer tested Thrashed off-road in the USA Is this the world’s wildest EV? ‘I’ll be back.’ Turns out Arnie’s most iconic line even applies to one of his favourite cars. Yes, Hummer has returned for the electric ...

Hummer EV, AMG G63, Durango Hellcat Face Off In Drag Race Battle

Hummer EV, Durango Hellcat, AMG G63 Drag Race It’s shockingly close. High-powered trucks and SUVs are normal today, and a new Throttle House YouTube video pits three against each other in a pair of drag races. The Mercedes-AMG G63 ...

Watch Colossal Hummer EV Race Durango Hellcat & Mercedes-AMG G63

Zso7Fn98m0g It’s an epic race of the highly powerful, highly practical, and “highly” pricey. The GMC Hummer EV is clearly a niche vehicle, but so what? Even if GM doesn’t produce many, and few people round up the money ...

GM cracks down on Corvette and Hummer flippers through warranty threats

Photos / Supplied The last few years have been the perfect storm for high-end car flippers as chip shortages and pandemic delays have basically meant that vehicle allocations are worth their weight in gold. Among the brands trying to ...

Would You Pay $300,000 For A Used GMC Hummer EV?

2022-gmc-hummer-ev-driver-side- Us neither. Yet several Hummer EVs are asking almost three times MSRP. Thanks to ongoing supply chain issues, used car prices are reaching extortionate levels. Particularly in the US, where the “I want it and I want it ...


Is The GMC Hummer EV The Quickest Pickup In The World?

GM will limit warranty transfers and ban buyers from flipping Hummer EVs

GM To Penalize Flippers Of Corvette Z06, Hummer EV SUV, Escalade-V

The GMC Hummer EV Has 3x the Battery Capacity of Most Electric Cars

GM imposes strict measures on those flipping Z06, Hummer EVs for profit

GM to “Limit” Warranties and Ban Buyers to Combat Z06 and Hummer EV Flipping

Mit 1000 PS und einer XXL-Batterie für 520 Kilometer Reichweite: Das kann der neue Elektro-Hummer

Ce Hummer H1 vous emmènera en vacances au bout du monde

Hummer H1 Offroad Camper bietet Komfort wie Zuhause

Hummer H1 Overlanding RV Has All The Creature Comforts Of Home

Hummer Electric SUV Purchased By US Military – For Testing

USA Army buys Hummer EV for testing

Elektromos Hummerre ruházott be az amerikai hadsereg

Pourquoi l'armée américaine teste-t-elle le nouveau Hummer électrique ?

GMC Would Need Over a Decade to Clear Hummer EV Waitlist at Current Production Rate

GM Chosen To Provide Hummer EV To US Army For Demo And Testing

Uncle Sam Put the 2022 GMC Hummer EV to Work

GMC Hummer EV May Get Drafted For Duty In US Army

US Army to sample GMC Hummer EV in quest to reduce reliance on fossil fuels

Off-Roading Corvair Wagon Tows Broken Hummer H1 Through Rocky Desert

U.S. Army Goes Full Circle and Buys a GMC Hummer for Experiments

The U.S. Army Just Bought a Hummer EV

Tested: 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup Breaks Barriers

4 Reasons to Wait for the new 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV

GM responds to study about Hummer EV's high emissions

General Motors Replies Regarding Why GMC Hummer EV Emissions Are So High

Study: The Hummer EV is still worse for the environment than a smaller gas-powered car

Le tout nouveau Hummer EV ne polluerait en fait pas beaucoup moins que les anciens à moteur V8

Le nouveau Hummer EV produit plus d'émissions qu'une berline à essence

Is the GMC Hummer EV Actually Environmentally Friendly?

VIDEO – Regardez un Suzuki Jimny battre un Hummer H2 en tout-terrain

De elektrische Hummer zorgt voor meer uitstoot dan een benzineauto

El nuevo Hummer eléctrico emite más que un coche de gasolina

Study Claims GMC Hummer EV Pollutes More Than Chevrolet Malibu

Ile CO2 emituje elektryczny GMC Hummer? Wychodzi na to, że więcej niż benzynowy sedan

Mit kezd a gyári Suzuki Jimny a terepen egy tuningolt Hummer H2-vel?

Több káros anyagot bocsát ki az elektromos Hummer, mint egy benzines szedán

The Worst Dealership Markups on Markups.org Include a $339,999 GMC Hummer EV

New Hummer EV Produces More Emissions Than A Gas Powered Sedan

Hummer EVs Sold Higher than MSRP at an Auction | Here's Why

Four Hummer EVs Were Sold In Auction For a FORTUNE - How Much Did Each Cost?

GM Wants to Sell the Hummer EV in Europe, but a CDL Will Be Needed to Drive It

Stock Suzuki Jimny Challenges Modded Hummer H2 In Off-Road Battle

Nya GMC Hummer har galet lång väntetid

GMC Hummer EV stał się klasykiem za życia. Używany kosztuje trzy razy tyle, co nowy

Cheerleader, 8, dies after she was tragically hit by a Hummer while participating in a Fourth of July parade with her cheer team

Video: Cheerleader, 8, dies after she was hit by a Hummer while participating in a Fourth of July parade with her cheer team

GMC Hummer EV : 17 ans de liste d’attente au rythme de production actuel

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 sells for three times its MSRP at Las Vegas auction

GM struggles with Hummer production ramp-up

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Sells For $324,500 At Auction, A New Record

GM is ramping up Hummer EV production to address huge order backlog

GMC Hummer EV Production Ramp-Up Slow, Currently At 12 Per Day

Current Hummer Production Rate Means You’ll Never Get One

This GMC Hummer EV Problem Should Have Buyers Worried

GMC Hummer EV Production Lingers Around 12 per Day: Quality Over Quantity

GM is “ramping” Hummer EV production by building 12 units a day

GM Hummer Production: 12 Trucks a Day, Price Increase Coming for EV Pickup

GM’s Hummer EV Production is Reportedly at a Very Slow Pace — Only 12 Vehicles a Day?

GM’s reportedly only making about 12 Hummer EVs a day

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