Modern Delage to offer open-top version of D12 hypercar

A modern incarnation of historic French brand Delage made waves in 2020 with the reveal of the D12, a hypercar resembling a Formula-style race car and packing a V-12 hybrid powertrain. While the D12 was originally shown as a ...

Modern Delage delivers open-top version of D12 hypercar

A modern incarnation of historic French brand Delage made waves in 2020 with the reveal of the D12, a hypercar resembling a Formula-style race car and packing a V-12 hybrid powertrain. While the D12 was originally shown as a ...

GAC Aion Unveils Rimac Nevera-Rivalling Electric Hypercar

2023 GAC Aion Hyper SSR With 1,225 horsepower, it sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a claimed 1.9 seconds. China’s GAC Aion Hyper SSR is a brand new electric hypercar that promises performance on par with the quickest ...

Esta listo el Vanwall Vandervell 1000, el nuevo Le Mans Hypercar

Esta listo el Vanwall Vandervell 1000, el nuevo Le Mans Hypercar Para competir con el Aston Martin Valkyrie, el Vanwall Vandervell 1000, un nuevo Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) construido por el equipo de carreras alemán ByKolles, obtendrá una versión ...

Voici la supercar chinoise qui veut faire de l'ombre à Rimac

GAC Aion Hyper SSR Avec 1 241 ch, un 0 à 100 km/h annoncé en 1,9 seconde et un prix de base de 182 000 euros, la GAC Aion Hyper SSR affiche de belles promesses. Un nouveau constructeur vient ...

Pagani Utopia, la supercar bella e impossibile

Pagani Utopia, la supercar bella e impossibile Come il “non luogo” inarrivabile, lʼisola che non cʼè o qualsiasi altro desiderio di evasione, Pagani Utopia è un sogno che i più potranno soltanto immaginare. I 99 esemplari del primo lotto ...

POLL: Which Mustang Supercar do you prefer?

A render of the S650 Ford Mustang Supercar In this week’s Pirtek Poll, wants to know what you think of the new Gen3 Ford Mustang that will race in Supercars next year. The highly anticipated seventh generation Mustang ...

Take your supercar camping! Porsche unveils rooftop tent for 911, Taycan, Macan, Cayenne, and Panamera

A roof tent is quite attention-grabbing, especially on top of a Porsche 911. If you thought owning a sports car, say a Porsche 911, meant limiting your outdoor adventures, Porsche wants to try and prove you wrong. The latest ...

An assortment of emblematic supercars is headed to auction

1974 Jaguar E-Type Image Credit: RM Sotheby’s Auction house RM Sotheby’s is giving enthusiasts the chance to bid on the supercars that they had posters of when they were kids. It’s organizing a live sale in Miami, Florida, in ...

Le ferry le plus précieux du monde, il embarque pour 150M$ de supercars à son bord

Attention aux rayures ! Il y a quelques jours de cela, le Supercars Owners Circle s’est réuni pour un road-trip en Croatie. Une virée exceptionnelle qui nous a offert un moment incroyable sur un ferry. À l’occasion d’un voyage ...

Supercar Sunday: SSC Tuatara 2020 Jadi Mobil Tercepat di Dunia

2020 SSC Tuatara Proses produksi yang memakan waktu lama tapi rasanya seimbang dengan hasil yang didapatkannya. Nama: SSC Tuatara Debut: Agustus 2018, Monterey Car Week Spesifikasi: 5.9-Liter V8 Twin-Turbocharged, 1.350 Hp SSC adalah singkatan dari Shelby Super Cars, tetapi ...

Sustainability and supercars at Revival 2022's Earls Court Motor Show

The Earl’s Court motor show at this year’s Goodwood Revival is a place where motoring timelines meet. Marques old and new gather cars of the past, present and future in a selection quite unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else. Between ...

GAC-Aion reveals hypercar brand and first model

GAC Aion, the electric car subsidiary of the Chinese GAC Group, has presented its new premium brand Hyper and its first representative Hyper SSR. The model is an all-electric super sports car with gullwing doors and a maximum output ...

WEC-Rookie-Test mit deutschem Talent und Dame im Hypercar

Finn Gehrsitz wird in Bahrain ein GTE-Auto von Aston Martin testen Die Serienorganisatoren der Langstrecken-Weltmeisterschaft (WEC) haben die Teilnehmer für den diesjährigen Rookie-Test nominiert, der am 13. November in Anschluss an das Saisonfinale auf dem Bahrain International Circuit stattfinden ...

0 à 100 km/h en 1,9 seconde pour cette supercar électrique chinoise

Par Arnaud Peytier Vendredi 16 septembre 2022 La GAC Aion Hyper SSR sera une supercar électrique capable d’abattre le 0 à 100 km/h en 1,9 seconde. Après avoir fait des propositions intéressantes sur le marché des SUV via MG ...

A holiday romance with a supercar: We go behind the scenes at Lamborghini's pop-up showroom in an exclusive summer hotspot to target the super-rich

We have taken an exclusive look behind the scenes of Lamborghini's pop-up lounge in Porto Cervo, SardiniaThe 600-square-metre temporary site is located on the promenade in the shadow of huge private yachtsSole aim of the showroom is to attract existing and new customers visiting the ultra-exclusive holiday resortIt is the latest tactic used by the luxury supercar brand to boost its record sales and add to its VIP client list

L’hypercar cinese che insidia Rimac e Tesla

GAC Aion Hyper SSR In vendita solo in Cina, l’Aion ha (almeno) 1.241 CV, va da 0 a 100 km/h in 1,9 secondi e ha prezzi da 182.000 euro Al sempre più ricco panorama delle hypercar elettriche bisogna aggiungere ...

Le Mans Hypercar-derived Vanwall Vandervell 1000 starts testing

German racing team ByKolles has provided a first look at its new hypercar derived from its Le Mans Hypercar race car expected to be entered in the 2023 World Endurance Championship. This week the hypercar started testing near ByKolles’ ...

Inside the car graveyard where crashed supercars worth millions are forgotten by their owners

FORGOTTEN Ferraris worth millions have been filmed in a supercar graveyard. Footage show the abandoned luxury vehicles sitting among other high-end motors in a gravel parking lot gathering rust. This is the supercar graveyard where luxury vehicles await their ...

Wadoux handed Hypercar outing in Bahrain WEC rookie test

Wadoux will get behind the wheel of whichever car ends up winning the Hypercar title in the Bahrain season finale on 12 November, either the Toyota GR010 HYBRID or Alpine A480-Gibson, with the test taking place the following day. The ...

Lilou Wadoux testera une Hypercar à Bahreïn

Lilou Wadoux a été sélectionnée dans la catégorie Hypercar pour le Rookie Test de Bahreïn, auquel participera également Doriane Pin en LMP2. Devenu un rendez-vous traditionnel de la fin de saison du WEC, le Rookie Test aura une nouvelle fois ...

Gen3 Mustang Supercar to debut at Bathurst 1000

Ford Mustang GT Gen3 Ford Performance pulled the covers off the road-going version of the seventh-generation Mustang yesterday, as well as unveiling renders of a number of the racing products that will be based on it. That included the ...

Does Supercars need Ford v GM? Ford doesn't think so!

This is the first look at the new-gen Ford Mustang that will compete in the Australian Supercars championship. Ford revealed its new Mustang Supercars entry for 2023 alongside the striking new road car and it has underlined its commitment ...

Amanda Toh-Steckler and her collection of McLaren Ultimate Series supercars : Garage Queen

Amanda Toh-Steckler talks to David Khoo about the McLaren ‘Ultimate Series’ super-sportscars in her collection of exotica Singapore – The Top Trumps brigade may beg to differ, but super-sportscars are a lot more than just a litany of technical specifications, ...

Muller joins Peugeot's Le Mans Hypercar programme

The 30-year-old Swiss was announced by Peugeot on Thursday for its WEC programme with the 9X8 LMH in the wake of the confirmation of his departure from Audi after nine seasons on Wednesday. The Swiss has effectively filled the berth ...

The hidden benefit of Ford's new Mustang Supercar

The 2023 introduction of the Gen3 rules next season means Ford Performance and Ford’s Supercars homologation team Dick Johnson Racing has effectively had to develop two aerodynamic packages. The first was based on the S550, or the sixth-generation Mustang, which ...

Stewards looking into Supercars pit fracas

293839715_661537918641758_7589272570734932431_n Winterbottom drew the ire of the Erebus garage during last Sunday’s Supercars race at Pukekohe when contact with Will Brown resulted in Brown’s car being badly damaged. Brown himself was winded by the impact and required medical attention ...

Ford teases new-look Mustang Supercar

A render of the new Ford Mustang labelled ‘Supercar’ Ford has offered a glimpse of its new-spec Mustang that will race in categories such as Supercars, NASCAR, and GT3. The S650 Mustang shape will replace the current S550 body, ...

Ford shows off the new Gen3 Supercars Mustang race car in Detroit!

Ford has debuted a new Supercars entrant based around the seventh-gen Mustang body that will meet the race series’ Gen3 regulations

Aston Martin faces a lawsuit over the development of Valkyrie hypercar

Aston Martin faces a lawsuit over the development of the troubled Valkyrie hypercar. In the latest setback for James Bond’s favourite car manufacturer, two former dealers have filed a complaint in London claiming they are owed £150million. Details of the ...

Murphy: Final Pukekohe Supercars event ‘like a funeral’

Greg Murphy and Shane van Gisbergen Kiwi legend Greg Murphy says the last ever Supercars event at Pukekohe Park Raceway felt “like a funeral”. Auckland Thoroughbred Racing, which owns the precinct, announced earlier this year that Pukekohe would close ...

The new Pagani Utopia is a 635kW manual hypercar

Pagani’s new Utopia 635kW hypercar is available with a gated seven-speed manual transmission that’s hooked up to a twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 from Mercedes-AMG. The car is the successor to the Huayra, and it’s yours for just €2.17m ($3.61m NZD). The ...

Aston Martin faces £150m lawsuit over the development of its troubled Valkyrie hypercar

Aston Martin faces a lawsuit over the development of the troubled Valkyrie hypercar. In the latest setback for James Bond’s favourite car manufacturer, two former dealers have filed a complaint in London claiming they are owed £150million. Details of the ...

Ποιός κατασκευαστής hypercars δεν προγραμματίζει SUV;

Ποιός κατασκευαστής hypercars δεν προγραμματίζει SUV; Είναι δεδομένη η πρόθεση των περισσότερων εταιρειών που κατασκευάζουν supercars, να βάλουν στη γκάμα τους και ένα SUV μια και κάτι τέτοιο «υποστηρίζεται» από την τάση της αγοράς παγκοσμίως αλλά μια από αυτές, ...

CSR Racing 2 is bringing the Pagani Utopia hypercar

In the highly competitive gaming market, developers need to think out of the box to stay relevant. One of the critical strategies that developers tend to use is collaborating. This allows them to appear in the news and provide new ...

Αυτό είναι το χειροκίνητο hypercar 864 ίππων!

Αυτό είναι το χειροκίνητο hypercar 864 ίππων! Κάθε Pagani ξεκινά την επαφή της με τον οδηγό με ένα αισθητικό σοκ. Η Pagani Utopia εκπέμπει απλότητα. Επιβάλλει τις γραμμές της, που είναι τόσο χαρακτηριστικές, αλλά ταυτόχρονα είναι τόσο διαφορετικές από ...

2019 Ultima Evolution RS Is A Raw Supercar

This LS-Powered racer is a true supercar. There are a lot of supercars out there these days that wear the moniker of some of the fastest vehicles on the planet. Some of those automobiles include Mclaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari which ...

Pagani Utopia: A manual-wielding hypercar with mental powers

No heavy batteries, no hybrid power, just a Mercedes-AMG Biturbo V12…

$2.5 Million Pagani Utopia is the Ultimate V12-Engined Analogue Hypercar

In the hypercar world, Pagani has always stood out for its outlandish design layered with a dollop of classic Italian extravagance along with gorgeous craftsmanship. Pagani cars are more like a piece of art and are not dictated by technology ...


Pagani Utopia, la nuova hypercar nella Sala del Cenacolo

Glamorous mum-of-three who has driven some of the fastest and priciest supercars in the world reveals HOW she got her unique job

Maserati MC20 Novitec (2022) : revue et corrigée, la supercar à moteur V6 gagne en puissance

Ferrari Purosangue (2022) : le premier SUV du cheval cabré est enfin là, il revendique un ADN de supercar

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Utopia, il nuovo sogno su quattro ruote di Pagani. 864 cv, 1280 kg, 350 km/h: ecco la terza hypercar firmata da Horacio

Ferrari Purosangue, la supercar che va oltre il SUV

CSR Racing 2 is hosting a special event to unveil the Pagani Utopia hypercar

Ferrari estimates 5000km covered by new Hypercar in testing

UAE Famous: In talks with Supercar Blondie, Alex Hirschi

Pagani's Utopia is a V12-engined supercar that refuses to go electric

Pagani Utopia (2022) : cette nouvelle supercar italienne à moteur V12 est une oeuvre d’art sur roues

Video: World's sexiest supercar maker's trilogy model: Pagani's £2million Utopia is an old school V12-engined stunner that refuses to go electric

World's sexiest supercar maker's trilogy model: Pagani's £2million Utopia is an old school V12-engined stunner that refuses to go electric

New Pagani Utopia hypercar launched with 852bhp twin-turbo V12 engine

Next-Gen Audi R8 Will Be An Electric Supercar: Electric Powertain To Produce Over 800Bhp

Audi is working on the electric supercar that will take the reins from the R8: Report

Supercars yet to commit as new NZ option touted

5 Worst Supercars Of All Time

Pagani Utopia unveiled as supercar brand’s third car

The Pagani Utopia Is a Wild 864-HP Manual Hypercar

Want to build your own EV hypercar? We’d suggest starting here

Supercars: Van Gisbergen wins Pukekohe epic, JR Trophy

Supercar Sunday: KTM X-Bow GT-XR, Mobil Balap GT2 Versi Jalanan

Supercars: ‘You deliberately did that’: Crash sparks heated scenes, accusation

Elias Niskanen jatkaa voittoputkessa SuperCars Iberia GT-ratasarjassa

Supercars Auckland: Van Gisbergen doubles up in final Pukekohe thriller

Van Gisbergen delivers Supercars stunner

Auckland Supercars: SVG wins final Pukekohe thriller

Van Gisbergen claims home Supercars win

Auckland Supercars: Van Gisbergen wins crash-marred race

The Supercar Destroyer – 1967 LT1 C2 Corvette

Van Gisbergen, Davison on Supercars poles

Winterbottom stays in Supercars to 2024

10 Sports Sedans That Can Easily Be Modified Into Supercar Slayers

“It’s not just supercars that run up expensive repair bills”

VIDEO – Battle de hypercar : quelle est la plus désirable ?

Salon Prive 2022: Hypercar highlights and classic charm at annual showcase of motoring exotica

Supercars Pukekohe: Davison wins despite late caution

Auckland Supercars: Davison wins despite late caution

Will Davison claims Supercars Pukekohe win

Waters scores Supercars Pukekohe pole

Auckland Supercars: Davison keeps DJR on top

Davison tops Supercars practice in NZ

Canada's New Luxury Tax Means Supercars Will Get More Expensive

British-born businessman who appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey before ending up on the FBI's Most Wanted list is jailed for two years over £480,000 supercar scam - after going on the run for five years

Inside luxury life of 9-year-old rapper Super Siah worth £4million as he poses with supercars and loads of bling

Williams Advanced Engineering reveals EVR electric hypercar platform

Awalnya Tampil Menawan di Kroasia, Supercar Seharga Rp 253 Miliar Hancur Berantakan Akibat Ingin Mendahului

KTM lança supercarro de estrada com 493 cv de potência

BMW M1: The History Behind BMW’s First-Ever Mid-Engine Supercar

The Good Oil: The story of V8 Supercars and the Castrol Cougars

Hampton Downs firming for Supercars NZ round

Inside the incredible £2million motorhome that weighs 18 tonnes and has space for a £3million hypercar onboard

Williams presents electric hypercar platform

Los Hypercar "millonarios" que sólo se pueden manejar en un autódromo

Peugeot "confident" of 9X8 hypercar reliability fixes after WEC debut

Supercar KTM X-Bow GT-XR Resmi Meluncur, Diproduksi Cuma 100 Unit

Best-selling supercars in South Africa

Supercars ready for Pukekohe show

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