2024 Lucid Gravity Unveiled as Electric SUV for the Space Age

Photo: Lucid Motors Before all the attention turns to the Los Angeles Auto Show later this week, and on the same day it announced the launch of two entry-level Air models, upstart EV maker Lucid has released the first ...

The Lucid Gravity Arrives With Room For Seven

Expect impressive range figures backed by performance figures normally relegated to supercars.

Lucid Gravity SUV Launching In 2024 With Seven Seats, Supercar Speed

Reservations for Lucid's first electric SUV open in early 2023. Details on range and power are coming soon.

Lucid Reveals Tantalizing Details of the 2024 Gravity EV

The Lucid Gravity SUV will be a spacious two- or three-row SUV that is intended to represent a second flagship for the company, alongside the Air sedan. Lucid claims the Gravity will offer “supercar levels of performance” and more ...

EV startup Lucid undercuts Tesla Model S with a car that can go 5 miles farther for $12,000 cheaper

The Lucid Air Pure. Lucid Motors Lucid Motors released new details about the Air Pure, its cheapest model to date.  It’ll offer more range than Tesla’s flagship Model S for $12,000 less.  The all-wheel-drive Air Pure gets a range ...

Lucid reveals its next electric vehicle, the Gravity SUV

Lucid is the latest automaker to show off an electric three-row SUV.

Lucid Gravity reservations to open by early 2023

Lucid Group provided more details about the launch of its luxury electric SUV, Gravity. Lucid Gravity announcements followed the launch of the Air Pure and Air Touring variants. Lucid Group CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson describes the Gravity as a luxury ...

Lucid Debuts 410-Mile Range Air Pure And 425-Mile Air Touring In LA

The Lucid Air Touring is the most efficient Air model to date; plus, all Air models now have a class-leading drag coefficient of 0.197.

Lucid introduces entry-level Air Pure and mid-tier Touring trims

In August Lucid surprised us with the Air Sapphire, a 1200-horsepower, $249,000 electric luxury sedan. Now, the California-based EV company has launched two trim levels on the more attainable end of the price spectrum. Of course, attainable is a relative ...

2023 Lucid Air Pure is a more affordable, 660-km-range luxury EV

Lucid’s latest Airs, the Pure and the Touring, are finally breaking cover, and they’re as ground-breaking as the original Grand Touring. The first bit of news is that the entry-level Pure model will eventually be available in two guises. ...

Lucid Air Pure, Air Touring debut with landmark drag coefficient for production cars

The Lucid Air Pure and Air Touring just debuted. Along with their launches, Lucid also announced a landmark drag coefficient for all Air models. “Performance. Range. Luxury. Technology. Design. It’s all here in the newly expanded Lucid Air model lineup ...

El lujosísimo regalo que Kate ha lucido por primera vez

Revista ¡HOLA! Por primera vez desde la partida de la Reina Isabel, la Familia Real británica se enfrentó a uno de los compromisos públicos más sentido en su calendario, el Remembrance Day, cuando se rinde honor a los soldados ...

Lucid owners are reporting glitches like bricking and cars driving the wrong way — just as the EV startup gets production under control

Lucid may be improving its software and production processes, but new troubles have trickled in for the electric-vehicle startup. Lucid Motors; Rachel Mendelson/Insider Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson has long emphasized software’s importance to the startup. But even after fixes ...

ARA San Juan: a cinco años del hundimiento siguen sin dilucidarse las responsabilidades políticas

Oscar Aguad, Mauricio Macri y Marcelo Srur en una conferencia de prensa por el submarino. En su última comunicación, el comandante Pedro Martín Fernández avisó que había entrado agua de mar en uno de los tanques de baterías, lo ...

Lucid's fighting to sell cars in Texas without dealerships

The Lucid Air electric sedan from Lucid Motors. Lucid Motors Electric-vehicle startups are selling their flagship products using direct-to-consumer models. That has long rubbed states and legacy dealer associations the wrong way. The resulting legal battles could slow crucial ...

Going Forward In Reverse Or Bricking? It Must Be a Lucid Air EV

The much anticipated Lucid Air EV is finally out, and owners that paid as much as $150,000 or more are finding EV bliss. They’re also finding that their new sedans are bricking. And that’s not all. There are other problems ...

Why Tesla Stock Was Underperforming Lucid and Rivian Friday

What happened The rally in fast-growing technology stocks continued Friday after economic news released yesterday charged up stocks in sectors like electric vehicles (EVs). But EV leader Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) was underperforming start-ups like Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID) and Rivian ...

Stora problem med Lucid Air: Bilen kör åt fel håll

Den tidigare Tesla-ingenjören och Lucid-chefen Peter Rawlinson har tryck hårt på hur bra det egna företagets mjukvara är. Nu larmar flera amerikanska ägare om just mjukvarustrul. Precis som Tesla för några år sedan har uppstickaren Lucid just nu stora problem med ...

Lucid's fight to sell cars in Texas could give it a leg up in the ultracompetitive electric-vehicle market

The Lucid Air electric sedan from Lucid Motors. Lucid Motors Electric-vehicle startups are selling their flagship products using direct-to-consumer models. That has long rubbed states and legacy dealer associations the wrong way. The resulting legal battles could slow crucial ...

Auto experts share takeaways on Q3 woes at Rivian, Lucid, Canoo

Rivian manufacturing Rivian The electric-vehicle startups Rivian, Lucid, and Canoo released third-quarter results this week. Startups are still scrambling to get cars to customers as production increases. Industry experts remain optimistic after the results. Rivian, Lucid, and Canoo all ...

Lucid doubles turnover in Q3 of 2022

The US electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors achieved a turnover of $195.5 million in the third quarter of this year. That is about twice as much as in the second quarter. There is also news about the timetable for ...

Why Lucid Stock Crashed Today

Why Lucid Stock Crashed Today What happened Shares of Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID) fell 17% on Wednesday after the electric-vehicle (EV) company reported a downturn in reservations and a need to raise more funds from investors. So what  Lucid produced ...

Stocks Making the Biggest Moves Midday: Disney, Meta Platforms, Lucid Motors, Roblox and More

Check out the companies making headlines in midday trading. Disney — Shares of the media giant slid more than 11% after the company’s quarterly results missed Wall Street expectations on revenue and profit, as both its parks and media ...

Lucid reports third quarter loss; says its on track to meet 2022 production goals

Lucid Group reported losing $530 million during the third quarter of 2022 on Tuesday but says it’s still on track to meet its production goals. The automaker aims to produce between 6,000 and 7,000 of its Lucid Air sedans this ...

Lucid Motors Q3 2022 results: $195.5M in revenue, 1,400 Air deliveries, and Gravity SUV reservations

Lucid Motors ($LCID) has posted its financial results for Q3 of 2022 ahead of its earnings call with investors later this afternoon. EV production and Air deliveries continue to grow while cash on hand continues to shrink. Still, Lucid ...

Electric Vehicle Maker Lucid Reports Third-Quarter Loss, Confirms It's on Track to Meet Production Guidance

Electric vehicle maker Lucid Group on Tuesday reported a loss for the third quarter but confirmed that it’s still on track to make between 6,000 and 7,000 of its Air luxury sedans in 2022. Here’s what the company reported: ...

Here's Why ChargePoint, Rivian, and Lucid Stocks Moved Today

What happened It’s a busy week for some high-profile quarterly reports in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Ahead of those business and operational updates, stocks in the sector have been mixed today. ChargePoint Holdings (NYSE: CHPT), Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ: RIVN), ...

Lucid Dying yang Membuat Orang Diambang Kematian, Seperti Apa Rasanya?

Pengalaman unik ‘lucid dying’ berbeda dari halusinasi dan delusi. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Sebanyak satu dari lima orang berhasil mengingat pengalaman unik yang mereka rasakan ketika berada di ambang koma dan kematian. Pengalaman unik yang disebut sebagai lucid dying ini berbeda dari ...

1 in 5 people recall ‘lucid dying’ after being revived by CPR

1 in 5 people who had CPR performed on them experienced lucid dying. Getty Images A clearer picture of life after death — albeit short-lived — is coming into focus A new study has shown that 20% of people ...

Lucid Motors Sues Texas Over Dealership Rights

Could this case set a precedent for direct manufacturer-to-customer dealerships?

Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken Promises to Make Lucid Dreaming a Nightmare

Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken, arriving next year, will continue the eerie Deep Sleep dreamworld series. The original Deep Sleep games were, while the original made our Free Game Friday series, at risk of disappearing when Flash was ...

Lucid files lawsuit against Texas over dealership rules

Electric vehicle company Lucid Group Inc. is fighting back against the Lone Star State’s rules on auto dealerships. The state’s car dealership regulations, according to a federal complaint filed by the EV maker, are akin to “economic protectionism,” which ...

Reportedly Lucid Is Ramping Production to 40-50 Cars per Day to Meet Demand

Lucid is one of the newcomers on the electric vehicle block, but it’s already impressed critics and car enthusiasts alike. However, the brand has had its fair share of struggles, including a recent bout with supply chain issues that many ...

Lucid Dying: Patients Recall Death Experiences During CPR

Summary: 1 in 5 people who receive CPR report lucid experiences of death while they are seemingly unconscious and on the brink of death. The lucid experiences appear to be different from hallucinations, dreams, illusions, and delusions. Researchers found during ...

Lucid Dying: Patients Recall Near-Death Experiences During CPR While They Were Seemingly Unconscious

A new study shows that around one in five people who survive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) after cardiac arrest describe lucid experiences of death that occurred while they were seemingly unconscious and on the brink of death Detection of rhythmic brain ...

Lucid Sues Texas in Attempt to Overturn Rules on Dealerships

The interior of a Lucid Motors Air Grand Touring electric vehicle (EV) at the company’s showroom in New York, US, on Monday, Aug. 8, 2022. Lucid Group Inc. Chairman Andrew Liveris said electric vehicles will become the “primary mode ...

Lucid Motors to Detail Its Electric Gravity SUV on November 15th

Lucid Motors This week Lucid Motors announced a global launch event on November 15th, where the company will showcase its entire range of Lucid Air electric vehicle sedans. However, we’ll finally get an update on the highly anticipated Lucid ...

Lucid to reveal base Air Pure and mid-grade Air Touring in L.A.

Lucid just revealed a few details about its base Air Pure model and the mid-grade Air Touring models. It plans to fully unveil both of these new trims in Los Angeles a couple of weeks from now, but vital ...

Lucid To Launch $87,400 Air Pure And $107,400 Air Touring On Nov 15

Lucid Air lineup complete The entire Lucid Air lineup will be on public display for the first time at Lucid Studio Beverly Hills on November 15. The Lucid Air lineup will soon be complete as the EV startup will ...

Lucid Motors is Set to Introduce New EVs This November

Lucid Motors is set to introduce its new EV lineup this November, including the all-new Air Pure. The electric vehicle (EV) maker confirms that it plans to unveil its complete lineup of electric cars in mid-November. (Photo : PATRICK T. ...


Lucid Motors (LCID) will unveil its full EV lineup this month including Air Pure, here’s what to expect

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New Lucid accessories designed to be as slick as the Air

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Lucid Releases Pricey At-Home Wall Charger

Elucidation of proteins controlling the sleep and awake transition

Lucid Opens Its First Middle East Store In Saudi Arabia

Lucid’s $1,200 at-home EV charger can add up to 80 miles per hour

Lucid Motors Debuts Fast Home Charger, New Accessories for Air EV

Lucid officially launches at-home charging station for EVs

Lucid Debuts First At-Home Charger, Plus a Whole Line of Accessories

Lucid Debuts Air Accessories, Including First Home Charging Station

Conduite autonome : Elon Musk est enfin lucide, avec une annonce décevante pour Tesla

Claude Lelouch, 85 ans, lucide par rapport à la mort : “Je vois la ligne d’arrivée”

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Lucid Air a Monstrous Lightweight

En ceremonia deslucida, entregan Medalla Belisario Domínguez a sector salud

Charles 3º apoia teste de DNA para elucidar morte de príncipes há 539 anos

Tesla Tops Auto Stocks For Short Sellers: How Do Ford, Nio, Lucid And Rivian Rank?

Lucid Motors (LCID) launches UX 2.0, its largest software update across an entire EV to date

Broad Arrow Can Make This Lucid Dream A Reality In Your Garage

Lucid, 2022 yılının 3. çeyreğine ilişkin raporlarını yayınladı

Lucid Air EV Learns New Tricks via Over-the-Air Software Update

Lucid UX 2.0 Major Update Brings Many New Features And Tweaks

Lucid launches its biggest OTA update yet with ‘hundreds’ of new features

António Costa elogia "conhecimento e lucidez" de Angela Merkel após reunião em Lisboa

Lucid Air gets new interface with UX 2.0

Lucid software update adds more functionality, including highway assist

Lucid Air EV Sales Reaches Peak This 2022 in Q3 — How Many Cars Were Delivered?

Lucid has produced 2,282 Air so far this quarter

“Iván Márquez está vivo y lucido”: Danilo Rueda, alto comisionado de Paz

Lucid Air Production And Deliveries Reached New Records In Q3 2022

Lucid Motors (LCID) tripled EV production in Q3 as it stays on track for 2022 output goal

Lucid bounces back with impressive Q3 production of 2,282

Luxury EV Maker Lucid Confirms It's on Track to Meet Conservative 2022 Production Targets

Study elucidates molecular mechanism that controls a critical step in the meiotic division of egg cells

LUCID Interview – Art Style, World Design, Abilities, and More

Noé Jitrik: la lucidez siempre joven

2022 Lucid Air

Why Shares of Nio, Lucid Group, and Lordstown Motors Fell Hard Today

VIDÉO - Catherine Laborde changée par la maladie : “Elle a des moments où elle redevient lucide”

Edmunds compares: 2022 Lucid Air vs. Tesla Model S

Lucid Software announces two major integrations with CloudApp and ServiceNow

Why Ford, Tesla, and Lucid All Soared Today

Read the text messages Brittany Higgins sent to a friend about the staffer accused of raping her after she was found in Parliament House 'barely lucid' - as trial hears there are 'massive holes' in her version of events

Dynamics in one-dimensional spin chains: A new toolbox for elucidating future quantum materials

Morale 'sucks' at EV startups like Lucid and Rivian. That could be a death blow for the Tesla wannabes.

“Non élucidé”: le meurtre de Marie-Claire Bégo, retrouvée au bord d'un fleuve

Val-d'Oise : Le meurtre d’un gynécologue enfin élucidé 12 ans après les faits ?

Why Auto Stocks Ford, Lucid, and GM Are Falling Today

2022 Tesla Model 3, Lucid Air, Model Y lead DOE’s highest MPGe list

Elucidata raises $16 million in series A led by Eight Roads Ventures

Twitter, JetBlue, Lucid Group Rise Premarket; Avidity, Ferguson Fall