CSR Racing 2 is bringing the Pagani Utopia hypercar

In the highly competitive gaming market, developers need to think out of the box to stay relevant. One of the critical strategies that developers tend to use is collaborating. This allows them to appear in the news and provide new ...

Pagani Utopia με V12 και χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο

Pagani Utopia με V12 και χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο Ο μεγάλος ήρωας και ίνδαλμα του Horacio Pagani, ο Leonardo da Vinci, παρατήρησε κάποτε ότι “το νερό είναι η κινητήρια δύναμη όλης της φύσης”. Με όλο το σεβασμό προς τον μεγαλοφυή Leonardo, έκανε ...

First look at the brand new Pagani Utopia

Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani Image: Pagani The new Pagani Utopia was recently revealed at the Natural Science and Technology Museum in Milan, with countless special ...

Pagani Utopia με V12 και χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο γιατί ακόμα υπάρχει ελπίδα

Pagani Utopia με V12 και χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο γιατί ακόμα υπάρχει ελπίδα Ο μεγάλος ήρωας και ίνδαλμα του Horacio Pagani, ο Leonardo da Vinci, παρατήρησε κάποτε ότι “το νερό είναι η κινητήρια δύναμη όλης της φύσης”. Με όλο το σεβασμό προς ...

The Pagani Utopia - More Powerful & Lighter Than Huayra

Pagani is not a supercar manufacturer, Pagani is a hypercar manufacturer, and whenever they launch a new car, it is bound to make automotive journalists and enthusiasts drool about it. Now, Mr Horacio Pagani has revealed his third-ever hypercar, the ...

Pagani Utopia breaks cover with just 99 units set to be manufactured

The road-going version of the C10 Concept, which is the newest product from Pagani, has been made public. The third Pagani, dubbed Utopia, came after the Huayra and Zonda and is miles ahead of both in terms of performance and ...

Utopia, el nuevo súper auto de Pagani

Utopia es el nombre de nuevo súper auto presentado por el diseñador argentino Horacio Pagani. Es el tercer modelo fabricado por el gran desarrollador radicado desde hace décadas en Italia y, como sucede con cada uno de esos vehículos, no ...

Pagani Utopia. Tak wygląda następca Huayry

Pagani Utopia. Tak wygląda następca Huayry Zwracając uwagę chociażby na potężny wydech czy przednie reflektory, nie pomylimy tego pojazdu z modelem innej marki. Za napęd odpowiada sześciolitrowa jednostka benzynowa w układzie V12 wspomagana przez dwie turbosprężarki. Umieszczony centralnie z ...

Pagani Utopia: A manual-wielding hypercar with mental powers

No heavy batteries, no hybrid power, just a Mercedes-AMG Biturbo V12…

Pagani Utopia – hypersportbil med manuell låda

Efter Zonda och Huayra kommer nu Utopia. En hyperbil för den som ratar hybridteknik och vill växla manuellt. Pagani siktar inte på att ge flest hästkrafter eller högst toppfart, i stället är det körupplevelsen som står i fokus. Receptet är ...

$2.5 Million Pagani Utopia is the Ultimate V12-Engined Analogue Hypercar

In the hypercar world, Pagani has always stood out for its outlandish design layered with a dollop of classic Italian extravagance along with gorgeous craftsmanship. Pagani cars are more like a piece of art and are not dictated by technology ...

Pagani Utopia jak najbardziej rzeczywiste. Następczyni Huayry to motoryzacyjny majstersztyk

Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia Pagani ...

Opinión: "Un encuentro cercano con el nuevo Pagani Utopia"

PAGANI-UTOPIA-DOMMLEE-1 Beppe Viola y DommLee fueron los acreditados de Motor1 Argentina en la presentación del nuevo auto de Horacio Pagani. Experiencia desde Milán. Texto de Beppe Viola Fotos de DommLee Acreditados de Motor1 Argentina en la presentación del Pagani ...

Pagani Utopia, la nuova hypercar nella Sala del Cenacolo

Pagani Utopia, la nuova hypercar nella Sala del Cenacolo (ANSA) – MILANO, 13 SET – Racconta un’idea automobilistica visionaria e in controtendenza, utopica, romanticamente lontana dal significato attuale di automobile la nuova Hypercar Pagani Utopia. All’esterno una scocca dalle ...

Pagani Unveils Utopia, The Long Anticipated Huayra Successor

The Pagani Utopia is the long awaited successor to the outgoing Huayra, and bucks the trend of electrification that so many manufacturers are embarking on right now. Staying true to the authentic Pagani formula, the Italian automaker opted to ...

Pagani Utopia: scheda tecnica, caratteristiche e prezzo

Pagani Utopia Pagani Utopia è una nuova supercar meglio conosciuta come Pagani C10. Si tratta di un modello molto atteso e che viene considerato come l’erede della Pagani Huayra. Per il suo sviluppo Pagani ha lavorato oltre 6 anni ...

Pagani Utopia: Pagani Understood the Assignment

Pagani has tenure in over-the-top hypercars that capture the imagination and push boundaries. The marque’s latest car, the Utopia, is no different. In a market where automakers are making electronically-assisted, hybridized, split-second-shifting feats of engineering, Pagani went back to the ...

Utopia, il nuovo sogno su quattro ruote di Pagani. 864 cv, 1280 kg, 350 km/h: ecco la terza hypercar firmata da Horacio

MILANO – 864 cv per 1280 kg di peso, linee estreme scolpite dal vento, l’Utopia di Horacio Pagani è un sogno possibile per il momento solo per le 99 persone al mondo che hanno già staccato un assegno di almeno ...

CSR Racing 2 is hosting a special event to unveil the Pagani Utopia hypercar

Zynga has just announced that it will be hosting an event in its mobile racing game CSR Racing 2, which features the popular automobile company Pagani. This special event will reveal the company’s latest high-performance hypercar – the highly ...

Simples, leve e a elevar o prazer ao volante. Pagani apresenta a sua Utopia

Batizado de Utopia, é a mais recente criação da Pagani Automobili , tendo como ponto de partida o hiperdesportivo C10 e desenvolvida segundo os inputs recolhidos junto dos clientes da marca. Os quais terão, de resto, de esforçar-se para assegurar ...

Paganis Utopia

Den tredje hyperbilen fra Pagani heter like godt Utopia, og det er kanskje ikke så rart. Ingen vil hevde at Horacio Paganis bilmerke banker ut nye modeller i et heseblesende tempo, for her snakker vi om svært så eksklusive biler. ...

Pagani apresenta o Utopia um superdesportivo com 863 cv

A Pagani Automobili revelou esta segunda-feira, 12 de setembro, o novo Utopia, um desportivo com 863 cv, que a marca italiana desenvolveu ao longo de seis anos e após. O novo superdesportivo da Pagani está equipado com um motor V12 ...

Pagani's Utopia is a V12-engined supercar that refuses to go electric

Pagani, arguably the sexiest supercar brand in the world, has this week taken the covers off its third model, the Utopia. Unveiled on Monday evening by the flamboyant Italian marque, the follow-up to the jaw-dropping Zonda and Huayra is an ...

¡Casi se van a las manos Horacio Pagani y Nicolás Distasio!: "Hice el papelón del año"

¡Casi se van a las manos Horacio Pagani y Nicolás Distasio!: “Hice el papelón del año” En nuevo cruce entre nuestro panelista Horacio Pagani y su colega Nicolás Distasio, esta vez tras el Superclásico, donde Boca derrotó a River por 1 a 0, los ...

Insane new Pagani Utopia is the brand’s first all-new car in over a decade

By: Double Apex It’s not often that Automobili Pagani debuts an all-new car. The company has made a good business from producing derivatives of existing models. However, the Pagani Utopia is the first all-new model since the Huayra broke cover. ...

Pagani Utopia (2022) : cette nouvelle supercar italienne à moteur V12 est une oeuvre d’art sur roues

Horacio Pagani frappe fort avec sa nouvelle création. Appelée Utopia, le nouveau modèle de Pagani est une supercar à moteur V12, qui arbore un design élégant tout en reposant sur des soubassements très pointus. Voici les caractéristiques de cette Pagani ...

Pagani Utopia, NE Mazda MX-5 Miata, Alpine concept car: Today's Car News

Pagani has revealed its successor to the Huayra, and the design is sure to be polarizing. What’s hard not to love though is the car’s powertrain, a twin-turbocharged V-12 that generates 852 hp and can be paired with a ...

World's sexiest supercar maker's trilogy model: Pagani's £2million Utopia is an old school V12-engined stunner that refuses to go electric

Eccentric boss, Horacio Pagani, says the brand is developing electric models for the future - but says the tech is currently too heavy and lacking emotion for its cars Utopia's drivetrain is not in any way electrified, instead opting for a 6.0-litre, 864bhp, V12 petrol engineIt also has a gated manual transmission so drivers can enjoy the 'mastery of the gearchanges', the brand saysJust 99 are to be produced and are said to cost in excess of £2million each - and they're already sold out

New Pagani Utopia hypercar launched with 852bhp twin-turbo V12 engine

Pagani Utopia front three quarter static Pagani Utopia rear light Pagani Utopia exhaust tips Pagani Utopia rear badge Pagani Utopia side mirror Pagani Utopia rear spoiler Pagani Utopia alloy wheel Pagani Utopia gear shifter Pagani Utopia centre console Pagani ...

Pagani 863PS Huayra replacement: Utopia

We’ve all been waiting for it and now here it is, the third major chapter in the history of Pagani Automobili. The Modena marque’s third model in as many decades, following the Zonda and the Huayra, is called the Utopia. ...

Pagani Utopia revealed as Huayra successor, 635kW twin-turbo V12

Pagani has taken the wraps off its highly-anticipated follow-up to its Huayra supercar with the unveiling of the Pagani Utopia. It comes packing all the trademark eccentricities we’ve come to expect. Pagani says that the design brief for the Utopia ...

2023 Pagani Utopia debuts with 7-speed manual, 6.0L V12, and no big screens

In the era of electrified supercars, massive infotainment screens, and quick-shifting automatic transmissions, Pagani is rebelling with the debut of the Pagani Utopia. Looking rather unassuming on the outside with minimal aero bits, this latest Pagani houses an AMG-sourced ...

The brand new Pagani Utopia is a V12-engined throwback

The brand new Pagani Utopia is a V12-engined throwback Horacio Pagani’s great hero and idol, Leonardo da Vinci, once remarked how “water is the driving force of all nature”. With all due respect to the celebrated polymath, he was wrong. ...

This is the new Pagani Utopia, the Huayra's V12-engined successor

After Zonda and Huayra comes Utopia, Pagani’s third brand-new model line Horacio Pagani’s great hero and idol, Leonardo da Vinci, once remarked how “water is the driving force of all nature”. With all due respect to the celebrated polymath, he ...

All-New Pagani Utopia Revealed With 852 Horsepower, Stick Shift

Photo: Pagani The third chapter of the Pagani story starts today with the reveal of the Utopia, codenamed C10. Following the Zonda (C8) and Huayra (C9), this all-new Italian hypercar adds power, increased performance, a better structure and cutting-edge ...

Sleek Pagani Utopia unveiled as Huayra successor with 852-hp twin-turbo V-12

The successor to the Pagani Huayra, codenamed C10, has finally been revealed. it’s called the Pagani Utopia, and it aims to live up to that lofty name by emphasizing driving purity. The result of a six-year design process, the ...

Polémica en TV Argentina: Pagani intenta agredir en vivo a periodista tras Boca-River

Horacio Pagani vuelve a vivir tenso momento en la TV Argentina. Un tenso momento se vivió en la televisión argentina, específicamente, en Pasión por el Fútbol, Canal 13 , tras un fuerte cruce de palabras entre dos panelistas en ...

Superclásico: después del partido, un fuertísimo cruce entre Pagani y Distasio llegó hasta los insultos

Distasio y Pagani, a los insultos. Luego de que Boca le ganara por 1 a 0 a River en la Bombonera después de siete años, el Superclásico se mudó a los canales deportivos, en los que siguieron con el ...

All-new Pagani Utopia revealed with 852bhp twin-turbocharged V12

After six years in development, Pagani has unveiled its third all-new model, the Utopia


Pagani Utopia takes things back to basics: V12, manual

Pagani Utopia unveiled as supercar brand’s third car

Pagani muestra el “Utopia”, un super auto con un V12 de 852 caballos y muy distintivo en todo sentido

Horacio Pagani llenó de insultos a periodista en debate por el clásico argentino

Επίσημο: Αυτή είναι η εντυπωσιακή Pagani Utopia (+video)

Pagani Utopia 2023: un nuevo superdeportivo V12

Pagani, C10 kod adlı Utopia'yı işte böyle duyurdu

First Look: 2023 Pagani Utopia

Pagani Utopia: se presentó el nuevo deportivo del argentino Horacio Pagani

Megérkezett a Pagani Utopia és hétsebességes manuális váltója

2023 Pagani Utopia Is an 852-HP V-12–Powered Work of Art

Pagani Utopia (2022) - Fidèle au V12 et avec pas moins de 864 ch

The Pagani Utopia Is a Wild 864-HP Manual Hypercar

Pagani Utopia debütiert mit 864-PS-V12 und Handschaltung

This is the brand new Pagani Utopia: a V12-engined throwback

Pagani Utopia Debuts With 852 HP And Is Available With 7-Speed Manual

VIDEO | Escandaloso cruce al aire entre Pagani y Distasio: casi se agarran a piñas tras el Boca-River

Vídeo. Só há três destes Pagani Zonda no mundo e um ficou acidentado

Tuvieron que mandar al corte: Horacio Pagani intentó agredir a Nicolás Distasio tras insultos

Superclásico picante: Horacio Pagani intentó agredir a Nicolás Distasio en vivo

Mια Porsche 911 ή την… φωτογραφική της Pagani;

The Pagani Huayra’s Breathtaking Interior Is An Absolute Work Of Art

Pagani gör lyxkamera som kostar en miljon

Pagani C10 teased before September 12 debut

El Pagani C10 deja ver muchos detalles antes de su presentación

El video de Horacio Pagani que anticipa el nuevo C10

Pagani unveils large-format analog camera with stunning details

Újabb teaser erősíti meg, milyen hajtáslánca lesz a Pagani C10-nek

Pagani C10 : un teaser confirme le combo V12 + boîte manuelle

Ludovica Pagani Is a Scene In Green Gown & Barely-There Strappy Sandals at 79th Venice Film Festival

VIDEO – Cette Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta à 17 millions de dollars ne va pas rouler de sitôt

Pagani C10. Novo teaser revela caixa de velocidades manual “fechada”

Pagani C10 zeigt Schaltgetriebe mit Gassen in neuem Teaser

Pagani C10 Shows Gated Manual Gearbox, Design Details In New Teaser

Le conducteur plante une Pagani Zonda Barchetta, 17M$ à la poubelle

$25 million Pagani supercar wrecked

​​​Pagani C10 prototype spied – new Zonda-inspired supercar to pack a manual gearbox

Un Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta acaba estrellado en Croacia

F1 icon Lewis Hamilton has an incredible £13MILLION car collection, including £4m Shelby and £1.6m Pagani Zonda 760 LH

Un Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta de 17 millones tiene un accidente en una concentración

Pagani C10 prototype spotted in the streets of Italy

Πως να καταστρέψετε μια Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta (+video)

Hatmilliárd forintos baleset történt egy Pagani Zonda HP Barchettával Horvátországban

Pagani C10, nuevas fotos espía del deportivo antes de su debut

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta : Un accident à 15 millions d'euros

$17M Pagani Zonda Barchetta Wrecked in Stupid Supercar Rally Crash

Someone Crashed Their 1-of-3 Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Τώρα μπορείς κι εσύ να οδηγήσεις μια Pagani Huayra με κάτι λιγότερο από 2.000€

Kecelakaan, Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Harga Rp253 Miliar Ringsek

Del Pagani Huayra R a los amantes de los simuladores

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Worth $17M Crashes During Supercar Event

Porsche e Ferrari si ammutoliscono: la Pagani Zonda che le precede è KO [video crashed]

Pagani C10 : elle sera présentée à Milan dans deux semaines

Pagani C10: la nueva bestia italiana anuncia su llegada

Τι ετοιμάζουν Ford και Pagani;

Pagani C10 prototype (Huayra successor) spotted, debuts September 12

Pagani, yeni C10 için teaser videosu yayınladı!

Pagani C10 - Nouvelle vidéo teaser qui laisse place à l'imagination

A képzelőerőnkre bízza a dolgokat a Pagani C10 legújabb ízelítő videója

You Can Now Buy $2000 Pagani Pedals For Sim Racing