Tesla partners with EV charging reliability platform for Destination network

Tesla is partnering with electric vehicle charging reliability platform ChargerHelp! to survey the status of various chargers in the company’s Destination Charger Network. ChargerHelp! is an app-based dispatch and deployment system that helps to resolve issues with downed or ...

SpaceX filing shows plans to bring Starlink to U.S. school buses

SpaceX plans to bring Starlink internet to students on school buses in the U.S., according to a new filing with the Federal Communications Commission. The space exploration company is collaborating with several school districts for pilot projects in rural ...

Tesla adds 500k square feet to Gigafactory Texas in revised site plan

Tesla has revised its application for Giga Texas to reveal a potential 500,000 square foot expansion of the automaker’s electric vehicle production factory located outside of Austin. Tesla added 12 acres to the site’s limits of construction, while adding 522,720 ...

Tesla Cybertruck gets more competition: Ram Revolution EV pickup concept set for November unveiling

The market that the Tesla Cybertruck would be competing in is bound to get more crowded this November, with Ram Trucks CEO Mike Koval Jr. noting that the company is looking to unveil its Ram Revolution Concept truck the ...

SpaceX conducts Starlink demo with JSX 30,000 ft in the air — and gets 100 Mbps

SpaceX has tested the capabilities of Starlink on a JSX regional flight from Burbank to San Jose, California to see just how well the satellite internet system performs in a moving vehicle 30,000 feet in the air. As it ...

Tesla Autopark and Smart Summon improvements are coming soon

Tesla’s advanced features like Autopark and Smart Summon are great and eye-catching, but for the most part, their real-world use has been pretty limited. Smart Summon, for one, is a neat party trick, but in a crowded parking lot ...

Months after Elon Musk meeting, Twitter loses hundreds of employees: report

Twitter’s troubles with Elon Musk appear to have adversely affected the company’s workforce. Since Musk spoke to the social media company’s employees in June, hundreds have reportedly left Twitter in what appears to be a Musk-fueled exodus. Twitter employees ...

Tesla’s new legal head revealed as Twitter prepares to depose Elon Musk

Tesla has a new head for its legal department, according to recent filings for the Elon Musk versus Twitter case. The new head comes just as Twitter prepares to depose the Tesla CEO. The new head of Tesla legal ...

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket wins three new geostationary satellite launches

SpaceX’s workhorse Falcon 9 rocket has secured three new geostationary satellite launch contracts from South Korea and the Middle East. All three contracts – two from Arabsat and one from KT SAT – build off of successful relationships SpaceX ...

Biden Administration announces $100M grand program addressing automation, connectivity & more

The Biden-Harris Administration plans to support vehicle automation, connectivity, and more through $100 million in grants.  The Administration recently announced that $160 million worth of funds are available to develop smart transportation technology and improve infrastructure in the United ...

What do skeptics want to see Tesla Optimus Bot do on AI Day?

Ten days from now, a working prototype of the Tesla Optimus Bot is expected to take center stage on AI Day which will be held in Palo Alto, California. Although Dojo updates and other Full Self-Driving news are expected to ...

Mercedes-Benz unveils concept electric semi-truck

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a concept all-electric semi-truck. While much of the world is looking to electrify transport, electric semi-trucks lag behind consumer options. Most semi-trucks in every major market remain gas-powered, likely due to a lack of good options. Long ...

Tesla Model Y has the best resale value out of all BEVs in China

The Tesla Model Y has the best resale value out of any other battery electric vehicle in China according to data from the China Automobile Dealers Association. The Model Y is the best-selling SUV in China and has a ...

Ford continues to battle parts shortage, reassures investors

Ford (NYSE: F) continues to battle parts shortages that have plagued the global automotive industry for two and a half years. Shares of the automaker were down over 11 percent in midday trading after Ford assured investors of its ...

College students driving used cars dream of owning a Tesla

College students driving used cars dream of owning a Tesla, according to a new survey by ValuePenguin. Over 1,000 undergraduate students participated in the survey which polled them on all things related to vehicles. Questions included how they paid ...

Tesla’s Elkhorn Battery Storage Facility catches fire, no injuries or outages

Tesla’s Elkhorn Battery Storage Facility, located in Monterey County, California caught fire last night around 1:30 AM after one Tesla Megapack was reported ablaze. PG&E told Teslarati that it became aware of the fire at 1:30 AM, and that, as ...

Hertz announces 175,000 electric vehicle deal with GM to expand rental fleet

Hertz announced that it would purchase 175,000 electric vehicles from General Motors over the next five years across the Detroit-automotive company’s various brands. Hertz said it would utilize a new partnership with GM to expand its EV rental fleet, ...

Tesla Fremont gets a new tent, Model S/X production upgrades, battery line update

Tesla is adding another tent to its Fremont Factory property, but it will not directly be used for production. Along with the new tent, Tesla has filed for several other things at Fremont, including Model S and Model X ...

Tesla (TSLA) pulls out all the stops to fend off competition in China

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is pulling out all the stops to fend off competition in China, including offering a new subsidy program that requires the automaker’s in-house insurance program. The automaker is facing worthy competition from Chinese automakers, a note ...

Tesla FSD Beta extending to 160k owners in US and Canada: Elon Musk

It appears that after several iterations and adjustments, FSD Beta 10.69 is ready to roll out to the greater FSD Beta program. Elon Musk mentioned the update on Twitter, with the CEO stating that v10.69.2.2. should extend to 160,000 ...

Tesla China still expanding its local sales channels amid service ramp

Last week, reports emerged suggesting that Tesla China is considering a shift in its strategy for the local markets. This reportedly involved the electric vehicle maker closing some of its showrooms in high-tier locations so that Tesla can focus on ...

SpaceX Starlink team meets with Zambia officials for satellite internet services

SpaceX is talking with Zambia officials, offering Starlink’s internet services to the country. Recently, Jito Kayumba—the Special Assistant to the Republic of Zambia—tweeted about SpaceX and the country’s officials meeting about Starlink services. “Our President’s engagement with the team ...

SpaceX breaks Starship test record, rolls next booster to launch pad

SpaceX has completed a record-breaking test of a Starship booster and rolled a newer Super Heavy prototype to the launch pad just hours apart. Almost six weeks after SpaceX began Super Heavy Booster 7’s static fire test campaign, the ...

Tesla sets sight on Northbrook, IL for next sales, service & delivery center 

Tesla plans to open a sales, service, and delivery center in Northbrook, Illinois. Last week, the new Tesla Center gained support from the Northbrook Village Board of Trustees. In a meeting on September 13, the Northbrook Village Board of ...

Electric jet company Lilium partners with Palantir

An electric jet startup company, Lilium, has partnered with software giant Palantir to introduce what they think is the future of mobility. Over the past ten years, there has been an explosion in the number of companies looking to ...

California law requires EV charger reliability to be published

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law requiring electric vehicle charger reliability data to be published by charger operators. EV charger reliability has been heralded as the worst problem facing electric vehicles by EV advocates and haters alike. ...

Tesla Megapacks support 31 MWh substation expansion in Watertown, NY

Tesla Megapacks are being tasked with supporting a 31-megawatt-hour expansion of the Coffeen substation in Watertown, New York, in conjunction with Nexamp and National Grid, who are battling increased energy demand at the substation. Nexamp and National Grid announced today ...

Tesla’s shorter wait times after Giga Shanghai upgrade a “scary” prospect for rivals: Piper Sandler

The third quarter is ending, and a certain trend is emerging among regions supplied by Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai. Following the facility’s recent round of upgrades, the vehicle delivery wait times for Model 3 and Model Y variants that come ...

General Motors invests in stamping, new press lines for EV manufacturing

General Motors has invested nearly a half billion dollars into stamping and new press lines for electric vehicle manufacturing at its Marion, Indiana, metal stamping operations plant. GM will invest $491 million to bring two new press lines to ...

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 owner reports leaking roof after 800 miles — but GM already has a fix

Faults in vehicles are nothing new, but for more pricey cars, the scrutiny is substantial. This is one of the reasons why Tesla’s electric cars, from the entry-level Model 3 to the top-tier Model X, are scrutinized for their ...

Ford has a GMC Hummer EV at its Detroit headquarters: a hint of what’s ahead?

General Motors’ GMC Hummer EV has been spotted outside Ford headquarters in Michigan. According to The Drive, a GMC Hummer EV pickup was spotted just outside Ford’s Detroit headquarters. The company could be looking at GM’s Ultium battery tech ...

Nikola launches orders for the battery-electric Tre in Europe

Nikola Corporation has launched the European version of its heavy-duty battery-electric Class 8 truck, the Tre, in Europe today in collaboration with its transport partner IVECO. Nikola will officially accept orders for the fully-electric, zero-emissions Tre semi-truck starting today. Nikola ...

Tesla launches more Superchargers in China to supplement growing demand

Tesla announced that it officially added 40 new Supercharger stations in China in August, adding 168 individual Superchargers to the country’s infrastructure of Tesla-specific electric vehicle chargers. The announcement comes as an addition to the automaker’s main accomplishment of completing ...

Shanghai gov’t: Tesla Giga Shanghai production capacity expansion is done

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai production capacity expansion has been completed. The information was related on Monday in a statement on a Shanghai government platform for environmental disclosures. The completion of Tesla’s upgrades to its China-based plant was also mentioned in ...

Grunheide mayor clarifies Tesla Giga Berlin battery plans and expansion: report

Recent statements from Grunheide mayor Arne Cristiani have clarified Tesla’s Giga Berlin battery plans and the facility’s expansion. The mayor shared his update to the media on Monday.  Tesla’s Germany-based electric vehicle factory caught headlines last week after reports ...

Despite Tesla’s growth, the EV revolution still caught the auto industry off guard

The signs of an EV revolution were all there, but it seems like consumer demand for all-electric vehicles was still able to catch veteran automakers off guard. With Tesla currently commanding about 70% of the United States’ electric vehicle ...

VW pondering increase in ID Buzz production after influx of pre-orders

Volkswagen appears to have a major hit in its hands, as interest in the ID Buzz has become very notable. With the all-electric vans hitting 12,500 pre-orders, recent statements from the company’s leadership recently suggested that Volkswagen is currently ...

SpaceX aces 60th operational Starlink launch after string of scrubs

SpaceX has completed its 60th operational Starlink satellite launch after a rare string of scrubs. Flying for the 6th time just 66 days after its 5th launch, Falcon 9 booster B1067 lifted off with 54 Starlink satellites on SpaceX’s ...

VW’s Porsche IPO shaping up to be Europe’s biggest listing in a decade

Volkswagen’s Porsche IPO is shaping up to be Europe’s biggest listing in a decade as it targets a €70 to €75 billion valuation.  “Today, Volkswagen AG’s Executive Board, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, set a placement price ...

Auto industry spent less on advertising in 2022; Tesla already spends $0

The automotive industry spent less on advertising during the first seven months of 2022. Although Tesla spends $0, the decline in ad spending could be an indicator of troubles for an industry trying to compete with Tesla’s EV lead. Reuters ...


Tesla takes steps to protect Giga Nevada employees from wildfire smoke exposure

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70% of Canada without Starlink should have it later this year

Honda plans to introduce 10 electric motorcycles

EV transition could close 600 Lincoln dealerships nationwide

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The EV offroader for the apocalypse: the Dacia Manifesto

Cotati Police unveil new Tesla Model Y police cruiser

Tesla Model S Plaid leaves $3.6M Bugatti Chiron behind in drag & roll race

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Ford’s Mustang Mach-E helped keep the gas-powered Mustang in production

New York’s ‘Drive Clean’ rebate program runs out of money

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GM EV production efforts ramp with $491 million metal stamping facility

Volvo Trucks starts production of electric semis

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Frontier Airlines in talks with SpaceX about Starlink

Jay Leno will hold a live Q&A, talk about his latest video with Elon Musk

Tesla bear Needham changes tone, switches to ‘hold’ citing potential strength

Unplugged Performance now offers the ultimate Tesla suspension upgrade

Dealerships’ selling practice could face FTC crackdown

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 will be released “shortly after AI Day”

Google Maps updates to cater to electric vehicle owners

ABB E-Mobility announces EV charger production in the U.S.

Is Google Maps the best navigator for EVs?

Recurrent Auto and Black Book launch EV-centric valuation system for used cars

Tesla is no longer the most-shorted stock. Short sellers haven’t learned their lesson.

Tesla’s detailed absenteeism reports to Elon Musk are adding to a drop in morale: report

Tesla FSD Beta users report visualization bug in v10.69.2

Biden’s White House hypes US’ EV growth while ignoring Tesla, which is mostly responsible for said growth

Tesla to restrategize in China by ramping service and closing select stores: report

SpaceX to launch ninth batch of Iridium NEXT satellites

Canada Minister’s meeting in California prompts Tesla Gigafactory speculations

Tesla owner shares tips on increasing EV range

Tesla & Elon Musk are being sued over FSD and Autopilot

Tesla launches non-Tesla Supercharging Pilot Program in Iceland

GM’s Cruise follows Tesla’s lead in developing its own chip for autonomous driving

Survey shows Americans don’t trust self-driving cars. They also don’t know you can’t buy one.

Mercedes-Benz says Drive Pilot is world’s first internationally certified Level 3 automated car tech

Tesla engineers travel to”New Zealand, Alaska and beyond” to test vehicles in winter conditions

President Biden set for Detroit Auto Show appearance to promote EVs

Starlink brings high-speed internet to all 7 continents, including Antarctica

Ford gives dealers a choice: Invest on EVs or don’t sell electric cars at all

GM partners with Lear for Ultium battery platform components

Vote for Tesla Gigafactory Berlin expansion sees indefinite delay

Nikola contractor behind “Nikola Insider” Twitter account testifies in Trevor Milton trial

Ford Outlines EV Investment Structure for Its Dealers as It Chases Tesla-Like Profit

Hackers Can Steal Tesla's EVs With New Tricky Relay Attack

Tesla “Hardware 4” new radar unit seemingly makes appearance in parts catalog

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Tesla, TikTok and taquitos: On the beach at the world’s first wealth festival

Projet de création d’entreprise : Le dispositif Citeslab est peut être fait pour vous !

Παιχνιδάκι δευτερολέπτων η κλοπή ενός Tesla (+video)

Tesla supplier Aptiv to buy 85% stake in Intercable unit in EV tech push

Tesla delays Steam integration but still plans full video game library in its electric vehicles

Tesla Model 3 ownership experience: 1st service after 3 years & 48000km

Tesla chair defends the company's Shanghai factory, saying it needs manufacturing capacity on every continent to produce 20 million cars a year by 2030

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