Balancing economic policy outcomes for sustainable development

Researchers at the University of Manchester have published new research which seeks to allow policymakers to identify development options which balance economic, social and environmental goals.The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim at jointly improving economic, social and environmental outcomes ...

Natural History Museum creates gardens to study how wildlife reacts to climate

Sensors installed across the site will monitor conditions like temperature, humidity and sound.

UK's New Energy Project to Explore Bugs in Creating Soil Batteries for Solar Energy Storage

The UK has ambitious plans for a new energy product to create soil batteries that will help store solar power underground, according to Interesting Engineering. (Photo :  Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)SHIRLEY, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 04: An aerial view of a ...

Green living: award-winning Hong Kong scientist’s innovation turns sewage sludge into energy, slowing down the impact of climate change

Hong Kong, a densely populated city where over a thousand tonnes of sewage sludge is generated per day, should develop carbon-neutral processes to turn the waste into valuable products as part of its decarbonisation strategy, according to an academic. ...

Predicting Landslides: After Disaster, Alaska Town Turns To Science

The landslide in Sitka, Alaska on August 18th, 2015 happened after a morning of heavy rainfall. A three-hour rain fall total was an important data point to aid scientists in developing an early warning system. Jacyn Schmidt hide caption ...

Indigenous defenders stand between illegal roads and survival of the Amazon rainforest – elections in Brazil and Peru could be a turning point

The Ashéninka woman with the painted face radiated a calm, patient confidence as she stood on the sandy banks of the Amonia River and faced the loggers threatening her Amazonian community. The loggers had bulldozed a trail over the mahogany ...

Second day of protests against soaring energy prices and climate crisis

Just Stop Oil campaigners said supporters had marched through central London, disrupting traffic, and staged a sit-down protest on Waterloo Bridge.

Stay Powered Up Anywhere With Up to 61% Off GoLabs Power Stations

Today only at Woot, you can save up to $180 on GoLabs portable power stations and solar panels so you can keep your devices juiced up whenever and wherever.

DeSantis addresses climate change impacts but not the source, some say: ANALYSIS

DeSantis addresses climate change impacts but not the source, some say: ANALYSIS Florida is highly susceptible to the impacts of global warming. When Ron DeSantis took office as the 46th governor of the state of Florida in January 2019, it ...

Gas flares vastly underperform, causing greater climate impact: study

Flared natural gas is burned off at Apache Corporations operations at the Deadwood natural gas plant in the Permian Basin in 2015. Flaring—burning off unwanted natural gas from oil and gas wells—releases five times more of the potent greenhouse ...

King Charles III decides not to attend climate summit

King Charles III decides not to attend climate summit King Charles III has decided not to attend the international climate change summit in Egypt next month, fueling speculation that the new monarch will have to rein in his environmental ...

Lower Your Heating Bills by Setting Your Thermostat to This Temperature

Adjust your thermostat to save money heading into fall and winter.

Minister denies Truss banned the King from Cop27 climate change summit

Levelling Up Secretary Simon Clarke said the decision that Charles would not go to Egypt was ‘amicably’ agreed with Buckingham Palace.

Climate change expected to reduce the quality of ground-based astronomical observations

Cause for concern: Future observatories such as the Giant Magellan Telescope could be curtailed due to the impact of climate change (Courtesy: GMTO Cooperation) Climate change will negatively impact the quality of ground-based astronomical observations and is likely to ...

How digital tech can revolutionise Hong Kong’s industries in climate fight

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and a rapidly escalating issue that has left many feeling hopeless and helpless. Thankfully, new initiatives and developments are taking shape, giving government and certain industry segments some power to ...

UK government advises King Charles III not to attend UN’s COP27 climate conference

King Charles III will not be attending COP27 in Egypt next month. Yui Mok/Getty Images King Charles III will skip the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference — also known as COP27 — in Egypt next month. The king ...

Bill Aims to Limit Crypto Mining in Kazakhstan Only to Registered Companies

New legislation proposed in the parliament of Kazakhstan will allow only authorized miners to mint digital currency, if adopted. The draft has been designed to comprehensively regulate the industry and reduce what its sponsors label as uncontrolled consumption of ...

King set to miss international climate change summit

The Sunday Times reported that Liz Truss objected to him attending the Cop27 gathering in Egypt.

Liz Truss ‘advised King Charles to not give speech at upcoming climate summit’

Buckingham Palace have confirmed that the King will not attend Cop27

Showers unlikely to dampen spirits of 50,000 runners taking on London Marathon

It is expected to be the final time that the London Marathon takes place in October with the event due to return to its regular spring slot in 2023.

Russia to Supply Electricity to Kazakhstan’s Cryptocurrency Miners

Russia is preparing to provide Kazakhstan with additional energy needed to operate crypto mining farms in the Central Asian nation. New arrangements will allow Kazakhstan’s miners to buy electricity directly from the Russian power generation and distribution giant Inter ...

Thousands protests against soaring energy prices and climate crisis

Traffic on Westminster Bridge was brought to a standstill for at least an hour.

Leaders Arsenal win derby as Liverpool and Brighton share six-goal thriller

Thomas Partey, Gabriel Jesus and Granit Xhaka scored in a 3-1 victory for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Climate protester pours human faeces over Captain Tom Moore memorial

End UK Private Jets supporter Maddie Budd poured human faeces on the Captain Tom memorial (Photo: End UK Private Jets) An ​​End UK Private Jets protestor has poured human excrement onto a memorial for Sir Captain Tom Moore. Maddie ...

China has discovered a brand new Moon mineral

China is now the third nation to discover a new Moon mineral, and it contains an element that could one day power successful nuclear fusion — the holy grail for near-limitless clean energy. Pay dirt: Minerals are naturally occurring ...

Protecting Your Pipes This Winter Can Save You Money. Here's How

Save on heating costs with a quick and cheap do-it-yourself project.

Opinion: Another hurricane. Another fire. Readers put climate change front and center

Years ago, climate change would have come up in letters on a recent cataclysmic hurricane in the eastern U.S. or a large wildfire in California, but it wouldn’t have driven the discussion. Since then, wildfires that might have been ...

Can Cheese Combat Climate Change?

The threat of climate change loomed large above Vermont’s 2022 Cheese Summit. I was invited to the event to taste and learn about local cheeses, made by the state’s eclectic roster of producers—and I did so, gladly. But as the ...

I’ve turned climate change into a drinking game. Every time it crops up in a David Attenborough doc I have a beer

DO you remember how unbelievably good David Attenborough’s nature documentaries used to be? We’d see amazing creatures do amazing things and then Dave would climb inside a termite mound and explain in great detail how this complex, billion-strong society ...

Pakistan has suffered one of its worst climate catastrophes – and charities are struggling to keep pace

People are in serious need of humanitarian aid after experiencing unprecedented levels of flooding – but relief is being hampered by infrastructure breakdown and a lack of resources, writes Alex Hickson

U.S. consumers spurn cars, couches and cruises in ominous economic climate

(Reuters) – U.S. consumers are exhibiting fragility ahead of the peak period for corporate results next month, as some are struggling to pay bills and others are slowing purchases of cars, sneakers, and household goods, the week’s earnings show. ...

Generator vs. Battery: Which Backup Power Source Should You Choose?

You can keep the lights on with one of these backup power sources.

Five future strategies for the Dutch delta in 2120

A design approach is needed to keep the Dutch delta safe and liveable in the future. Researchers, urban planners, landscape architects and engineers created innovative designs for 5 regions in the Netherlands as part of the Redesigning Deltas movement. Their ...

Newsom must do more to protect Californians from climate change and wildfire

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Friday, Sept. 30, and I’m Anita Chabria, The Times’ California columnist. This week, my colleague Erika D. Smith and I published a four-part series that asks an unpopular but ...

Exploring Australians' climate change views, practices, and capabilities

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Over the past decade, Australians have highlighted the importance of climate change action to their future survival with movements such as Extinction Rebellion and School Strikes for Climate . Children, too, have been calling for ...

Threats to water and biodiversity are linked. A new U.S. envoy role tackles them both

Monica Medina, assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs is pictured on Sept. 20 in New York City. She will take on additional responsibilities as an envoy on biodiversity and water resources. Monica Schipper/Getty ...

Sturgeon: It’s only right to listen to young people’s climate change views

The First Minister said young people ‘deserve a more equal, just and fair future that leaves no one behind’.

5 ways to reduce food waste and tackle climate change

Waste less food to tackle climate change and save money with these expert tips. How food waste contributes to climate change and simple ways to cut down. No one likes wasting perfectly good food — not only is it ...

Gas Flares Producing Five Times Methane Versus Hydrocarbon, Causing Climate Problems, Study Finds

(Photo : ALAN GORCHOV NEGRON/UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, YULIA CHEN/STANFORD UNIVERSITY) Flares, like the ones here, burn off the natural gas emitted during oil and gas production, turning methane into less potent carbon dioxide. But the efficiency of these flares ...


Environmental bodies concerned by new UK government's climate comments

Rich nations to face climate pressure at pre-COP27 talks in DR Congo

So long, Loy Yang: shutting Australia’s dirtiest coal plant a decade early won’t jeopardise our electricity supply

The Biggest Storage Battery in the World is Now Connected to the Dalian Grid in China

Let’s show a bit of love for the lillipilly. This humble plant forms the world’s largest genus of trees – and should be an Australian icon

Shifting ocean currents are pushing more and more heat into the Southern Hemisphere’s cooler waters

Study finds that climate change added 10% to Ian's rainfall

Egypt working to prioritise 'loss and damage' at COP27 climate talks

Food in focus at sustainability expo Shifting how it is produced and consumed can help address climate change

Truss to attend European Political Community meeting despite criticism of it

Government accused of failing to meet its own tree-planting targets

Oregon to cover health-related climate expenses

Fed enlists six major banks for climate risk analysis

Baltic Sea pipeline leak damages marine life and climate

Here's how climate change intensifies hurricanes

Study shows cabernet grapes can survive climate change

Bitcoin Mining Is Incurring Greater Climate Damages than Mining Real Gold: Study

Fiona reminds us climate change is here – and Canada must adapt now: expert

Report calls for Indigenous Peoples' knowledge to be included in climate policy

Hackaday’s Climate-Resilient Challenge Winners; Might Want To Print These Out

Climate change makes storms like Ian more common

'Decarbonization is too expensive': How to sell climate change action to bean counters

Major U.S. banks will participate in climate scenario exercise

Homeowners: Get Rewarded Up to $14,000 if You Make These Renovations

Shares of First Solar have nearly doubled in 3 months, but Evercore ISI says there's more upside

To be heavy or not - that is the question

Climate change may have major impact on Bonaire

Energy Assistance Programs Can Help You Save On Your Bills This Winter. Here's How

Utility Bills Are About to Skyrocket. Here's How to Slash Yours

Climate change threatens farm animals: Italian researchers are using genomics to try to save them

Germany down to four glaciers as climate change bites

Op-Ed: The technology to fight climate change that we’re not using nearly enough

How did Victoria cut emissions by almost 30% - while still running mostly on coal?

Climate Migration: Blind and homeless amid Somalia's drought

Researchers identify mechanism responsible for temperature and salinity ’staircases’ in Arctic Ocean

UW-developed wave sensors deployed to improve hurricane forecasts

AGL catches up to peers with climate plan

Cheaper renewables drive coal closures

NOAA director shuts down CNN’s Don Lemon for linking Hurricane Ian to climate change

List of coal-fired power closures grows

Backcountry visitors are leaving poo piles in the Australian Alps – and it’s a problem

‘Sad and distressing’: massive numbers of bird deaths in Australian heatwaves reveal a profound loss is looming

AGL Energy to accelerate exit from coal

From fertiliser to phantom: DNA cracks a century-old mystery about New Zealand’s only extinct freshwater fish

Hurricane Ian is making landfall in Florida, says Gov. DeSantis

Massive investment needed in energy sector

2022 Hackaday Prize: Congratulations To The Winners Of The Climate-Resilient Communities Challenge

Red kite chicks born during droughts are scarred for life: The hidden threat of climate change to wildlife conservation

Teachers' turnover intentions, burnout and poor work climate are interlinked

Western forests, snowpack, and wildfires appear trapped in vicious climate cycle

Short-seller Carson Block calls out ESG investing, says many companies are 'money grabs'

‘We’re going to change the world together’: Julian Lennon releases climate crisis song ‘Change’

Radical action is needed for the climate. This means transforming the way we do science

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Gas Fireplace?

Column: Climate change is fueling extremism, raising tempers along with temperatures

Easy and Effective Steps to Lower Your Water Bills This Winter

Faster adaptation to climate change will save Canada billions: analysis

Facebook and Bain have a new tool to help employees track their contributions to climate change

Locust Pest Outbreaks May Increase as Climate Change Continues

Emperor penguins still free of microplastics

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