Digitalize These Things to Ready Your Business for Remote Work

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It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things. It changed the way we meet people and hang out with our friends. But the most significant change was in our workplaces. With more than 4 million Americans identifying as remote workers, the digitalization of the workplace is here to stay.

Lockdowns have redounded in an expansion in the application of networks and data systems. These expansions have bought eloquent changes in almost every company’s operating practices and rituals.

Why not modernize and digitalize older items intended only for face-to-face events to prepare your business for this change? We compiled this list of things you need to change from software to business cards to ready your business for a remote world. Read on.

Why Should I Digitalize?

Post-pandemic, it is a more digital world out there. Digitalization empowers business owners to rethink outdated business models and replace them with more effective, long-lasting ones. It can also keep your business and its models and operations interconnected using software made for such things. Using fintech as an example, digitalization has impacted households, the real estate industry, and other market sectors, changing product designs and business structures. With that out of the way, let’s look at the things you need to digitalize for a post-covid remote work environment.

Host Your Meetings Online

Of course, no business can survive without meetings. Your company can use free tools accessible to assist with planning, communications, and meetings online. Keep in contact with your remote workers by holding frequent Google Meet meetings to participate in developing and implementing our marketing strategies.

The service is free, so if we want, we may organize meetings for 60 minutes with 100 attendees. This is by far the most significant benefit. Many firms had to quickly switch to Google Meet since they couldn’t have meetings at their premises. Surprisingly, it was a simple assignment, and ever since then, firms have reportedly used it once a week to have strategy meetings and feedback sessions with new workers.

Next, Take Your Operations Communications Online

We know you can’t be online 24/7 on Google Meet, and it isn’t supposed to be used like that, either. One program that sticks out as being crucial and belonging to any remote leader’s toolset is Slack. By enabling the creation of “channels,” or rooms with specific communication subjects, it aids in the conversion of your office to the digital world. You can create channels for your team, specifically on Slack, so they know if they are waking up too late, if anyone is gathering information, or if someone needs to take a break.

Integrate a Digital Business Card into Your Entrepreneurial Toolkit.

That’s right, when we said everything, we meant everything is going digital. Get yourself a fully customizable digital business card that’s viewable on any device. Spreadly provides scannable business cards that are perfect not only for in-person interactions as well as for the world wide web.

In only three steps which include filling in the information, personalizing the card, and sharing it with the world, you can be one step closer to becoming a digital entrepreneur. These cards are the new way of getting yourself known in a classy way without any physical contact whatsoever. Besides, this also gives potential employees an indication that your company is a remote company that provides workers much-needed flexibility.

Digitalize Your Business Documents.

You should carefully protect the documentation that your company already possesses and decide what needs to be saved first and what doesn’t. Whatever your team decides not to keep should be safely disposed of. You’ll need a strategy for an imaging procedure after this inventory. You can consolidate for the future with the aid of an audit that delves into the past.

Use tools to organize your work into projects, assign tasks and track their progress, such as Workzone or Trello. Without having to extend working hours or hire more people, a more precise and focused arrangement of your colleagues’ work can assist enhance productivity and outcomes.

Keep a Keen Track of Your Workforce.

Everyone knows remote businesses absolutely cannot function without proprietary software that tracks employees.

An agile-based project management application called Jira Software supports any agile technique, including Scrum, Kanban, or your own custom blend. The software also provides a high-quality personal-use portal while streamlining the provision of HR functions. Highly effective organizations use Jira for superior orientation and training experiences and to facilitate the use of internal tools.

Even though Jira is free for up to 10 users, they have subscription plans if you need to add more employees. Your company will ultimately lose more funds by ignoring digitalization than by implementing new emerging technology. Spend your time and money today to adequately upgrade your IT architecture in order to set the foundation for deploying today’s innovations.


Keep in mind that digitizing your company procedures is a continuous process. You must constantly update and modify your company procedures to be competitive in today’s technologically advanced market. The good news is that once you’ve done it, you’ll have the abilities and confidence to keep improving.

The job has gone digital, and more than 4 million Americans now identify as remote workers. Business owners now have the ability to reconsider outmoded business strategies thanks to digitalization. Get a digital business card through Spreadly can be viewed on any device and is entirely customizable. Utilize tools like Workzone or Trello to divide your work into projects, assign tasks, and monitor their completion. Jira can be used by your businesses to improve the orientation and training processes and to make internal tool usage easier.

Digital workplaces will continue to exist. Spend time and money now to improve your IT infrastructure properly. Finally, remote workplaces are here to stay. Are you ready?


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