Looking back at America's summer of heat, floods and climate change: Welcome to the new abnormal

Compared to the 1850-1900 average. 1° Celsius increase = 1.8° Fahrenheit increase. Credit: Chart: The Conversation/CC-BY-ND Source: IPCC Sixth Assessment Report Get the data The summer of 2022 started with a historic flood in Montana, brought on by heavy ...

Mixed cover crops capture carbon in soil, could help mitigate climate change

The researchers sampled soils under cover crops belonging to three plant functional types at plots that are part of a long-term cover-crops experiment at Penn State’s Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center in central Pennsylvania. Credit: Michael Houtz/Penn State When ...

U.S. Ratifies Global Treaty to Curb Climate-Warming Chemicals in Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration

The Senate has voted to ratify a global climate treaty that will phase down the use and production of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, the climate-warming chemicals widely used in air-conditioning and refrigeration. The Senate voted 69-27 on Wednesday to move forward ...

Not Just Desert Dust: Anthropogenic Air Pollution Impacts Health and Climate in the Middle East

A visible layer of air pollution stretches out across the sea. Photograph taken from the research vessel during the AQABA campaign. Credit: © 2022 AQABA project Desert dust was assumed to be the primary contributor to elevated air pollution ...

S.Africa teens build solar train as power cuts haunt commuters

Photovoltaic panels fitted on rooftop, the blue-and-white train moves on an 18-metre long testing track in Soshanguve township. For years, students in a South African township have seen their parents struggle to use trains for daily commutes, the railways ...

Anthropogenic air pollution impacts health and climate in the Middle East

A visible layer of air pollution stretches out across the sea. Photograph taken from the research vessel during the AQABA campaign. Credit: © 2022 AQABA project. Desert dust was assumed to be the primary contributor to elevated air pollution ...

What will replace climate warming HFCs in refrigerators and air conditioners?

The chart shows what HFCs’ growth was expected to look like before the Kigali Amendment or other control measures were in place. Credit: Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment The U.S. Senate voted to ratify an ...

Green hydrogen at sea cheaper and more sustainable

The installations of SEA2H2 at the demo location Researchers from Wageningen University & Research have shown that the production costs of green hydrogen via electrolysis at sea can be reduced by making Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) on site by means ...

Environment leaves its mark on genome through DNA methylation

There are some species of fish where their sex is not clearly fixed Photo: Dr Shahrbanou Hosseini Research team led by Göttingen University identify DNA -hotspots- that tell zebrafish to change sex in warmer watersIn many species, such as ...

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont

When I arrived in Southern California from Vermont more than a quarter of a century ago, I made the rookie mistake of thinking Los Angeles was a seasonless city, an endless summer and a perpetual day at the beach. After ...

’We need supercomputers - for designing aircraft wings to making climate predictions’

The official opening of the supercomputer DelftBlue will take place on 30 September at the Prinsenhof in Delft, also marking the fifth anniversary of the TU Delft Institute for Computational Science & Engineering. The programme features scientists and companies working ...

Green finance: Hong Kong close to setting up voluntary carbon trading platform to tackle climate change, says bourse CEO

Hong Kong is close to establishing an exchange-based voluntary carbon credits trading market, which would bolster its stature in Asia’s green finance sector where it already leads the pack when it comes to green bonds, according to the city’s ...

Climate history of India: Megadroughts in the monsoon area

Caves as a climate archive By analyzing cave deposits from the Meghalaya region in northeastern India, the international team of researchers was able to precisely trace the history of monsoons and droughts over the past 1000 years. © Gayatri ...

UN chief wants 'action' to address climate loss, damage payments

NEW YORK – The United Nations chief said Wednesday it was time for “meaningful action” on the issue of compensation for damage wrought by the climate crisis, especially in developing countries. Ahead of the forthcoming COP27 UN climate summit ...

US banks threaten to walk out of high-profile climate financial alliance

SINGAPORE – Major US banks are threatening to exit a leading climate financial alliance, fearing they might be sued over the grouping’s stringent decarbonisation commitments, the Financial Times and Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Citing people familiar with the matter, ...

Bitgreen secures $5M to launch the Polkadot climate-investment platform

Bitgreen, the company building blockchain’s epicentre for sustainability, prepares to launch the first phase of its layer-1 network, built to empower climate-action initiatives.

Column: Americans don’t care about climate change. Here’s how to wake them up

Why is the greatest threat to the planet of so little concern to most Americans? It’s shocking, frankly, that global warming ranks 24th on a list of 29 issues that voters say they’ll think about when deciding whom to vote ...

How global warming affects astronomical observations

The VLT’s Laser Guide Star: A laser beam launched from VLT’s 8.2-metre Yepun telescope crosses the majestic southern sky and creates an artificial star at 90 km altitude in the high Earth’s mesosphere. The Laser Guide Star (LGS) is ...

The first day of fall marks the autumn equinox, which is different from a solstice

Tree branches laden with the changing, multi-colored leaves of fall are seen below a blue sky filled with white, fluffy clouds in Portland, Ore., Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010. Today is the fall equinox and first day of Autumn, when ...

How nanoplastics enter the aquatic food web

Plastic is chemically stable – and therefore more persistent than many of us can imagine. Over time, plastic debris break down into smaller and smaller pieces, which – depending on their diameter – are called microor nanoplastic particles. While microplastics ...

Climate change: HSBC, CLP directors say corporate boards must take lead on driving sustainability practices, compliance

Companies must take a top-down approach to instil a mindset change, enlist external help and set up governance systems to mitigate climate risks and tap emerging opportunities, according to top executives at a Hong Kong Institute of Directors conference. ...

Chinese Scientists Are Using Ethylene and Coal to Power Hypersonic Travels

Chinese researchers claim that by using an air-breathing engine that burns a mixture of ethylene and coal powder, they can significantly reduce the cost of commercial hypersonic flights, as reported first by the South China Morning Post (SCMP). (Photo : Tom Tschida/Nasa Photo ...

Vietnam's VinFast joins The Climate Pledge on journey to net-zero carbon by 2040

VinFast, the automotive arm of Vingroup, announced its participation in The Climate Pledge – a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism. As the first Vietnamese enterprise to sign the pledge, VinFast ...

Working With Tribes To Co-Steward National Parks

Charles F. “Chuck” Sams III is the first Native American director of the National Park Service. He’s working to facilitate US government collaboration with tribes on managing public lands. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Imag hide caption toggle ...

Climate Migration: Indian kids find hope in a new language

Climate Migration: Indian kids find hope in a new language A flood in 2019 in an Indian state started eight-year-old Jerifa, her brother Raju, 12, and their parents on a journey that led the family from their Himalayan village ...

California seeks to ban sales of diesel commercial trucks effort to fight pollution, climate change

California has also moved to require all new vehicles in the state to run on electricity by 2035, in an effort to phase out gasoline-powered automobiles

Republicans join Democrats to ratify UN climate treaty that could boost consumer prices

Climate agreement will force American consumers to buy more expensive eco-friendly appliances, expert Ben Lieberman tells FOX Business

Puerto Rico is in the dark again, but solar companies see glimmers of hope

Most of Puerto Rico was still without power Sept. 21 after Hurricane Fiona caused flash flooding. Jose Jimenez/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Jose Jimenez/Getty Images Much of Puerto Rico is still without power after Hurricane Fiona battered the ...

Senate ratifies international climate deal on refrigerants

Senate ratifies international climate deal on refrigerants The Senate has taken major action to address climate change by ratifying an international agreement that compels the United States and other countries to limit use of hydrofluorocarbons FILE – Window air conditioning ...

Minecraft teams up with the BBC for climate change-themed Frozen Planet 2 DLC

Image via Mojang Minecraft is full of exciting adventure maps, and the next one is meant to be both entertaining and educational. Mojang has teamed up with BBC Earth to bring climate change-related content to the game. BBC Earth’s ...

Trees can't outrun climate change. Should humans give them a lift?

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain One tree at a time, David Saville has made it his life’s work to bring back West Virginia’s red spruce forests—and maybe help preserve the species hundreds of miles farther north while he’s at it. ...

Patagonia's Bold Move to Donate the Entire Company to Fight Climate Change Only Works If It Stays Competitive in Business, Says CEO

Patagonia’s recent announcement that it’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, and his family are giving away their ownership in the outdoor apparel maker they started five decades ago to benefit climate change does not mean the company will become any less ...

Disrupt 2022’s climate tech and health tech sessions

Between the climate crisis and global pandemics, we’re living in remarkably fraught times. Undaunted by the magnitude of the challenges, Silicon Valley has been hard at work seeking to mitigate the threats, extend help to the overlooked, and prepare ...

Plants can resist climate change challenges and recover from drought by adjusting lignin 'chemical code'

Plant pipe cell reinforced with lignin is highly resistant to negative pressure in contrast to the other flattened cells around. Credit: Cheng Choo Lee A new study shows that we can create and/or select plants that can better recover ...

Floodland is a city building game after climate change ends the world

Made by 11 Bit veterans Vile Monarch, Floodland is a new survival and city building game in which climate change has ended the world - yet it remains "hopeful"

Best Generators Deals for 2022: Save Up to $600 on Small, Midsized and Large Generators

Find deals on the best generators to power your RV, apartment or home.

Scientists studying tree rings see climate change clues

Core samples may hold clues to a forest’s response to climate change. Credit: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer Sometimes getting to where you want to go is a matter of finding the right guide. Four teams of researchers, led by ...

Climate Group EV100+ pledge to decarbonise heavy trucking

The Climate Group introduces its new EV100+ initiative. Five mighty founding members, Ikea, Unilever, JSW Steel, Maersk and DPD, commit to zero-emission fleets – this time, however, the pledge will weigh heavier than earlier promises.  EV100+ is the pledge ...

The Best Energy-Saving Smart Home Gadgets to Help You Save on Utility Bills

Make your home smarter and more environmentally friendly with these products.

EU approves up to $5.2 billion in public funding for hydrogen projects

Part of a hydrogen-powered train photographed in Germany on Aug. 24, 2022. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed support for hydrogen during her State of the Union address on Sept. 14Carmen Jaspersen | AFP | Getty Images ...


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Apple's iPhone 14 is the easiest to fix since 2016 as right-to-repair gains momentum

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