Best Corki build in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games Corki is one of League of Legends’ most oppressive backline poke champions. When played correctly, Corki can be a DPS machine, dealing damage from a safe distance through his barrage of bursty abilities.  Although Corki ...

Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong—All Talents and what they do

Screenshot via PlayStation Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong allows players to take control of three separate vampires while boosting their abilities to improve their investigative and conversational skills during the game. One way that players can bolster their performance in ...

Where to find Lidia the Chaos Archer in V Rising

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides To find Lidia the Chaos Archer in V Rising, players must search the area south of the Forgotten Cemetery and the road leading to the Bandit Logging Camp. Along the road and area south ...

Andreessen Horowitz Launches $600M Fund Focused on Metaverse Games

The gaming industry generated more than $300 billion last year.

Dota 2 Stockholm Major: BOOM Esports Eliminated; Fnatic Drops T1

It’s all about SEA! Twitter/@ESLDota2 There’s no question that a lot of Dota 2 fans in Southeast Asia are pretty sad right now. After all, two of their teams have been eliminated from the Stockholm Major. BOOM Esports was ...

Some Stranger Things 4 Episodes Are Longer Than Movies

Season 4 arrives later this month, and it's supersized.

Upcoming Xbox and PlayStation action-adventure game Mysplaced sure is Zelda-inspired

“Originality is the art of concealing your sources,” goes a quote of nebulous origins. Of course, while some may choose to tuck their inspirations away, others wear them proudly on their sleeve — everybody knows Undertale was influenced by EarthBound, ...

Tom Cruise: I Wouldn't Let Top Gun Maverick Debut On Streaming

The long-awaited sequel hits theaters on May 27.

Best Yuumi build in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games Since her release in 2019, Yuumi has become one of the most polarizing champions in League of Legends. Due to her unique playstyle of being untargetable in 80 percent of games while providing massive heals, ...

Here are the best Overwatch streamers on Twitch

Image via Blizzard Entertainment When you’re craving Overwatch gameplay but don’t want to load up the game or deal with ranked, streamers are here for you. Until more Overwatch 2 content drops, however, it might be a little difficult ...

5 Best Accessories For Your RGB Gaming PC

If you want an RGB gaming PC that stands out, spruce things out with RGB accessories. Accessorizing your PC to your preference makes it unique and allows you to get the best out of each gaming session. There are ...

The Best Music Rhythm Games on Nintendo Switch

These games are sure to get your feet tapping. Wondering what the best music rhythm games on Nintendo Switch are? Let us help you: we’re here to share our favourites. Music is everywhere. It’s in the sounds that we ...

What is Pokémon Fusion?

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides Pokémon is a series that needs no introduction, being one of the most popular series worldwide. There are over 900 Pokémon to collect across various games, but any fan worth their Pokédollars has wanted ...

All Skills and what they do in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong

Screenshot via PlayStation Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong lets players take control of three distinct vampires in a story where choices impact the narrative. Each of these characters can level up various stats to improve their versatility and effectiveness in ...

What Character Profile should you choose in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong

Screenshot via PlayStation Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong allows players to take control of three unique Vampires. Each aims to investigate and uncover information that could prove lethal to The Masquerade. Because this problem is multifaceted, you’ll need characters with ...

How to use stairs in V Rising

If you're curious how to use stairs and ramps in V Rising, we'll tell you how they function in this guide.

Konami unbans Yu-Gi-Oh! card that's been in the doghouse for 17 years

The 'Change of Heart' card lets you hijack an opponent's monster.

'Dead by Daylight' Reveals New Crossover Chapters; Dating Sim Game?

Despite being released in 2016, “Dead by Daylight” has been continuously updated. Besides the brand-new features and Killer, Behaviour Interactive launched several new downloadable contents (DLCs) for years, with the recent being in 2020. Photo : Microsoft/BI Dead by ...

The best multiplayer Xbox One games

Nearing the end of the Xbox One‘s life cycle, one thing is clear: Although there are some excellent single-player Xbox One games, the console is defined by its multiplayer titles. Games like Halo 5 and Sea of Thieves cement Xbox One ...

Mini Review: Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong (PS5) - Puzzles Hold Back Engrossing Political Vampire Thriller

Vampires get a bit of a bad rap, we think. Thanks to a few rotten apples like Dracula and Kristen Stewart we’ve grown accustomed to seeing vampires as insidious creatures of the night, but there’s lots of fun vampires, ...

Simon The Sorcerer: Origins Coming To Nintendo Switch

Leonardo Interactive and Smallthing Studios have revealed that Simon The Sorcerer: Origins is coming to Nintendo Switch. Licensed by Adventure Soft Publishing, this is an official prequel to the legendary point-and-click adventure that is set “a few weeks before” ...

How to earn Upgrade Points in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong

Image via Big Bad Wolf Studio Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong is an entry in the long-running Vampire series, and while players may know other titles that focus on more action-intense mechanics in the series like Bloodhunt, Swansong takes a ...

Publishers can't stop paying homage to Jim Lee's X-Men #1

Todd McFarlane and now DC and Dan Mora are doing their takes on the classic Marvel cover

Rick and Morty's summer gets extra weird in new variant covers

Take a sneak peek at alternate covers for two Rick and Morty series

Fangamer reveals Dancing Flowey Plush from Undertale

In the rough and tumble world of the Underground, we need all the help we can get — and Fangamer is selling us some primo little buddies. It’s Flowey! Flowey the Flower! Your best friend! Look at him smile and ...

Get 1-Year Of PS Plus And A Lifetime VPN Subscription For Only $70

Regularly priced at $258, you're saving nearly $190 with this limited-time promotion.

WarCraft Arclight Rumble impressions: High production values, questionable costs

Blizzard's first "smartphone RTS" doesn't break new ground—but feels solid anyway.

Greedfall 2: The Dying World is coming in 2024

The new RPG from Spiders and Nacon will be set three years before the first game.

5 Toughest Multiplayer Games of All Time, Ranked

When it comes to multiplayer games, everyone’s competing to be the best. It’s like a playground brawl to determine who’s the toughest kid of the bunch, only this isn’t your ordinary playground. These are the most difficult playgrounds you’ll ...

How to acquire all Veterancy challenges in League

Image via Riot Games Even though League of Legends has been out for more than 10 years, players are still finding new ways to play as the meta shifts and the game changes. But for those who have been ...

Best guns in Call of Duty: Mobile

SKS – Screengrab via TiMi Studio Type-25 – Screengrab via TiMi Studio Holger-26 – Screengrab via TiMi Studio QQ9 – Screengrab via TiMi Studio SKS – Screengrab via TiMi Studio SVD – Screengrab via TiMi Studio M13 – Screengrab ...

100 Thieves is making its own video game

Image via 100 Thieves 100 Thieves has announced it has begun development on its own video game. In a new video released by the esports organization today, Nadeshot and John Robinson revealed that the company is working on its ...

Best South African Bitcoin Casinos

African countries have seen an exponential increase in crypto adoption over the last several years, and this has been especially pronounced with South Africans adopting Bitcoin and altcoins. The increased rate of adoption was noticed by many, including Twitter’s ...

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is Launching This September

Finally! NIS America The game was first released in Japan more than a decade ago, then later in China. There was actually an English version but more of a fan translation. It’s part of the Trails series, which in ...

What is ACC in Dislyte?

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides. Dislyte is a turn-based RPG in which you pull Espers through a gacha system. These characters will then create your squads, and you will use these against PvE and PvP content. Each character has ...

5 Things I Need in the Next Overwatch 2 Beta

The first beta gave me a taste of 5v5 gameplay, and I'm ready for more. Here's what would make the next beta even better.

Ubisoft announces Roller Champions release date after massive delays

Ubisoft has just announced the official launch date for Roller Champions after years of delays!

Ubisoft+ is Coming Soon to PlayStation

Exciting news for PS players. Ubisoft Good news to PlayStation players! The Ubisoft+ subscription service is coming soon, and when it goes live, it will grant access to at least 100 titles along with additional content packs and rewards. ...


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