Getting a motorcycle can cost quite a bit, and not just due to the price of the vehicle itself. Having proper protective gear can also set you back a pretty penny. Nevertheless, before you hop on your bike, it’s important to make sure you have the proper motorcycle gear. Riding without it is simply courting danger.

Motorcycle gear is key to safety

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A shelf of Harley-Davidson motorcycle helmets | Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

There’s some motorcycle gear that is pretty essential when it comes to keeping riders safe. Number one on this list would have to be the helmet. Prevention of head injuries is critical when riding one’s bike, and your helmet is usually the only thing standing between your skull and the pavement. Full-face helmets are generally best because they protect not only your skull but also your face and neck.

Motorcycle jackets are also helpful when out riding. They can help regulate your body temperature, keep you dry when it starts to rain, and protect your skin from the dangers of the road (such as flying debris or hitting the pavement in a crash). Jackets with reflective material can also help other drivers see you at night. 

Similarly, boots, gloves, suits, and pants will protect you from both the heat of the motorcycle and the elements of the great outdoors. They’ll also offer additional protection in the event of a crash. Ideally, boots will offer slip-resistant soles and extra sturdy ankle support to help prevent injury. Additionally, gloves, suits, and pants will provide skin protection in the event of a crash. 

What does motorcycle gear cost?

All this gear is essential to keeping you safe as you fly down the road on your bike. So, how much can you expect to spend on this equipment? The costs can vary widely depending on your chosen gear, but VEHQ has helpfully laid out some averages for us. 

To start, the overall cost for motorcycle gear tends to fall somewhere in the range of $800-$1,500. The most extensive range is found in helmets. You can snag a cheap one for around $50, but you could also expect to pay $1,000 or more for high-quality head protection. 

The prices of jackets also run the gamut anywhere from $40 to $500 or more. Other gear tends to be somewhat less pricey. You can score boots in the $75-$250 range and pants for slightly less than that. Suits also cost somewhere in that ballpark, while gloves are usually the cheapest equipment you can buy. You could spend as little as $5 on gloves, although the average pair will cost somewhat more. 

Some bike gear can really break the bank

While all this gear can really add up, nothing compares to the cost of a decent helmet. That’s because of all the research, development, and technology necessary to create something that will keep your head safe in the event of a crash. 

Of course, some brands and high-quality equipment are more expensive than others. What are some of the most costly helmets out there on the market? Motorcycle Cruiser has compiled a list. The most expensive helmet on it, the Arai Corsair-X, came in at a whopping $3,995–more than the cost of many people’s bikes. Thanks to this helmet’s unique blend of carbon fiber, these helmets are both strong and flexible. 

Coming in a distant second is the AGV Pista, listed at $1,700. Its price is high thanks to several special features, including a 100% carbon fiber shell, metal air vents, and an integrated hydration hose.

With these prices, you’ll want to consider your budget carefully before investing in a motorcycle. How much can you afford to put toward the vehicle itself, and how much can you spend on safety equipment? Given the importance of safety and the dangers of used helmets, this isn’t a question you’ll want to get wrong. 


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