Simple data and photo recovery tool with unignorable limits

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers solid photo recovery in mainstream situations – along with good value in some guises. But it’s outdated and relatively limited compared to other apps.


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    Easy to use

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    Reasonable free version

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    Good-value options available


  • Limited file and format support

  • Outdated interface

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Load up MiniTool Power Data Recovery (opens in new tab) and you may not be impressed by its relatively basic interface – but spend a bit of time with this data recovery software and you’ll find plenty of hidden power.

Power Data Recovery can hunt down photos on inaccessible partitions, crashed operating systems, formatted drives and from images you’ve deleted on conventional hard disks and SSDs, and it goes into more restoration detail than many of its rivals.

Combine its skillset with a decent free version and some relatively generous pricing for the paid upgrades and you’ve got a tempting photo recovery tool.

To help keep all your media secure, we’ve also tested and rated the best photo cloud storage.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Plans & pricing

  • Decent pricing and a reasonable free version – but avoid its monthly subscriptions 

If you opt for the free version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you’ll access an app that can work on an unlimited number of PCs. The free variant has a mediocre 1GB data recovery limit, though, and it doesn’t include support for bootable media or for loading previous scans.

If you want to pay for MiniTool Power Data Recovery then all of those features get reactivated, and you’ll benefit from unlimited data recovery, file previews and extra features. And if you’re willing to sign up for the long haul you benefit from better value: it costs $99 for a lifetime license that includes upgrades and support for three PCs.

That lifetime option looks to be even better value when you consider that a one-year license still costs $89, and both deals are better value than many pro-level photo recovery utilities.

At the other end of the scale, we don’t recommend this app’s monthly subscription – it still costs $69. At that price, you may as well stump up the cash for the longer-term options in case you need to restore more photos in the future.

  • Plans and pricing: 4/5 

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Features

  • Straightforward mainstream features in an old interface – and without high-end abilities 

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can restore photos from a broad array of devices. It can scan and recover from hard disks, SSDs, USB drives, and SD cards, which means that you’ll be able to find your lost photos in most mainstream situations.

This app has decent file support, too: it can recover hundreds of different files, and it’ll serve up previews of more than 70. 

For photographers and photo editors, that means you’ll get previews of JPG, PNG, GIF and PSD files alongside loads of extra types. And if you’re trying to find other kinds of media, expect previews for MP3 and MP4 files and AVI, WAV and OGG media.

That’s an impressive array of conventional features, and elsewhere this tool can scan and recover files from lost and raw partitions and crashed operating systems. It works with formatted drives, optical media and corrupted hard disks. 

While there are certainly apps that recover an even greater number of file formats from a broader range of devices, this is rock-solid for mainstream photo recovery tools and you’ll have to pay for beefier packages.

MiniTool has a neat feature that allows users to select and scan individual folders, which is an ideal time-saving solution if you know exactly where you need to scan for forgotten photographs. There’s also an options menu where users can choose to prioritize photos or other kinds of files during scans.


(Image credit: MiniTool)

It’s easy to use all of these features, too. MiniTool Power Data Recovery has a straightforward interface that instantly displays exactly where it’s possible to search – including any attached devices or external drives – and users can easily navigate scan results using a familiar Windows Explorer-style interface. Filtering and searching are readily available, and it’s possible to see results and recover files while scans are still ongoing.

Those scans only offer moderate speed levels, but they don’t take up a huge amount of system resources – so you can easily go about the rest of your day while you’re hunting down those lost pictures.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery isn’t as impressive in some areas. Its interface looks outdated and downright ugly compared to many slicker tools you’ll find elsewhere.

Go beyond this purely aesthetic concern and you’ll find missing features, too: lots of more expensive apps, like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, support a wider variety of files and devices – elsewhere you’ll find advanced abilities like RAID and NAS drive support.

Unsurprisingly, you also don’t get extensive backup software options or tools that can repair damaged photos or videos. And while MiniTool does include support for file systems like NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT, this app can’t handle more obscure systems. That does mean that alternative tools offer better features for professional and high-level photo recovery.

  • Features: 3/5 

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Final verdict

MiniTool Power Data Recovery does a decent job of finding and recovering mainstream photography files, and it’s got a couple of handy features that can speed up the process.

Its paid options offer reasonable value if you’re happy to sign up for a longer length of time, and the free version is worth consideration if you just want to recover smaller amounts of data from mainstream sources. It’s certainly more generous than many other free products that only offer 500MB of data recovery.

That said, you’ll find broader system and format support from rival photo recovery apps that don’t cost much more, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery suffers from an outdated interface and a lack of high-end features. This is an effective tool for basic photo recovery, but it can’t tackle much beyond that.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Scorecard

Plans & pricing Excellent value lifetime license, good free options. Subscription prices aren’t the best. 3
Features Basic functionality in a dated UI. 3
Overall A fair photo recovery tool that lacks advanced tools found in the competition. 3

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