China is planning to probe Uranus in a unique new way

China has announced new plans for a Uranus probe. The new probe will be a part of China’s Tianwen 4 mission. It’s set to launch for the distant planet in 2030. Probing Uranus has become a top priority for ...

Black Tea Consumption Linked to a Lower Risk of Death

The study found that people who drank two or more cups of black tea a day had a 9 to 13 percent lower risk of mortality. Could drinking tea lower your risk of death? Drinking black tea may be associated ...

NASA seems to be in full “send it” mode for the Artemis I mission

"I wish we were better at predicting weather absolutely five days in advance."

99.7% in Only One Hour – New Nanocoating Kills More Bacteria Faster

The coating only needed one hour to kill 99.7% of a common pathogen called Staphylococcus aureus. A new copper coating could be the next superbug fighter. A new copper covering that kills bacteria faster and in greater amounts than ...

Simple process extracts valuable magnesium salt from seawater

Researchers can isolate magnesium feedstocks from the ocean, important for renewable energy applications. Credit: Composite image by Cortland Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Since ancient times, humans have extracted salts, like table salt, from the ocean. While table salt ...

DNA nets capture COVID-19 virus in low-cost rapid-testing platform

Tiny nets woven from DNA strands cover the spike proteins of the virus that causes COVID-19 and give off a glowing signal in this artist’s rendering. Credit: Xing Wang, University of Illinois Tiny nets woven from DNA strands can ...

New research finds that viruses may have 'eyes and ears' on us

A delta bacteriophage, the first identified in a new study in Frontiers in Microbiology to have binding sites for CtrA, a protein produced by the bacteriophage’s host that regulates the production of pili and flagella. The presence of these ...

Our brains may ‘relive happy memories’ as we die

A study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience found the brain may remain active after someone dies. Getty Images/iStockphoto For many, life’s greatest mystery is what happens after death – what, if anything, awaits after we take our final breath? Others, ...

Apple Watch Series 8 review: A small but worthy upgrade

Apple Watch Series 8 Main Apple is expanding the Apple Watch line. At its latest hardware event, the company launched the new Apple Watch Ultra, a device focused on the more demanding users who want something that they can ...

First single-crystal organometallic perovskite optical fibers

Single-Crystal Organometallic Perovskite Optical Fiber. Credit: Dr Lei Su Due to their very high efficiency in transporting electric charges from light, perovskites are known as the next generation material for solar panels and LED displays. A team led by ...

An AI message decoder based on bacterial growth patterns

Simulated bacterial growth patterns such as this can be used to encode secret messages. Credit: Duke University From a box of Cracker Jack to The Da Vinci Code, everybody enjoys deciphering secret messages. But biomedical engineers at Duke University ...

Tracking the origin of southern California's latest invasive pest

The Erythrina stem borer, Terastia meticulosalis, has made its way to California, resulting in at least two major outbreaks in the last decade. Credit: Andrei Sourakov In 2012, a crop of California’s most prized ornamental trees was overrun by ...

Air pollution can amplify negative effects of climate change, new study finds

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The impacts of air pollution on human health, economies, and agriculture differ drastically depending on where on the planet the pollutants are emitted, according to a new study that could potentially incentivize certain countries to ...

Coral genome reveals cysteine surprise

While generating a high-quality genome of the coral Acropora loripes (pictured above), KAUST marine scientists discovered for the first time that most animals have an alternative cysteine biosynthesis pathway. Credit: 2022 KAUST; Jose Montalvo-Proano Model animals, such as mice ...

Do you want to join the challenge to explore the moon?

The Archytas Dome region of the lunar surface is the target area for the EXPLORE Lunar Data Challenges 2022. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University/EXPLORE/Jacobs University Lunar enthusiasts of all ages are challenged to help identify features on the moon that ...

Monday will be the closest Jupiter is to Earth in nearly six decades

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Stargazers across the globe will get a great view of Jupiter come Monday night, weather permitting. The solar system’s largest planet will be unusually close to the Earth on Monday, astronomers said. It marks the ...

Project counts down Ariel exoplanet targets

Artist’s impression of Ariel on its way to Lagrange Point 2 (L2). Here, the spacecraft is shielded from the Sun and has a clear view of the whole sky. Credit: ESA/STFC RAL Space/UCL/Europlanet-Science Office Details of the orbits of ...

Mutation in key molecules could stop gonorrhea infection

Variant tdfJ genes are expressed from an inducible ectopic site in the gonococcal chromosome. Wild-type and mutated forms of tdfJ were cloned into a complementation vector designed to insert into an ectopic site of the gonococcal chromosome between the ...

Ancient documents give unique glimpse into Malta's magic history

Credit: Brill Publishing From love charms to getting rid of demons and curing illness, ancient documents give a unique glimpse into how rich and poor in Malta used magic to improve their lives. Papers recording the trial of a ...

Neoliberals are most receptive to political tricks, study finds

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Do we fall for political tricks—when politicians tell us things that seem completely meaningless? Social psychologists of the University of Amsterdam tested how people respond to vague and meaningless statements like “To politically lead the ...

The carp virus that taught researchers about immunology

Ten years of research on a carp virus has uncovered new perspectives on the mechanisms of action of cellular proteins involved in serious pathologies. Credit: Dan Nacu One of the fascinating aspects of scientific research is certainly the serendipity ...

Strong winds hit Bermuda as Hurricane Fiona heads for Canada

Satellite image shows Hurricane Fiona on September 23, 2022, at 14h00 GMT. Bermuda assessed damage Friday after Hurricane Fiona brushed past the island overnight, causing flooding and leaving most of the population without power as it set course for ...

Surprising New Features of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Defy Current Understanding

Artist’s conception of Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) in China. Credit: Jingchuan Yu Fast Radio Bursts – A Puzzling and Deepening Mystery An international team of scientists reveals an evolving, magnetized environment and surprising source location for deep-space ...

Scientists use modified silk proteins to create new nonstick surfaces

Graphical abstract. Credit: ChemBioChem (2022). DOI: 10.1002/cbic.202200429 Researchers at Tufts University have developed a method to make silk-based materials that refuse to stick to water, or almost anything else containing water for that matter. In fact, the modified silk, ...

MIT welcomes the 2022 incoming graduate students

Graduate Student Council introduces new grad students to MIT with information, community, and interactive activities.

One ship in two centuries: the strange tale of the SS Warrimoo

The SS Warrimoo, plying the waters of the Pacific. (Credit: Confederation Marine Modellers / Public domain) “Be good and you will be lonesome,” Mark Twain wrote under a photograph of himself. The author sits on a folding chair, his ...

A quadruple increase in carbon dioxide over East Asia causes changes in both fast and slow cloud responses

Clouds provide a large feedback to the processes that cause global warming. Credit: Hua Zhang Extreme climate warming has been shown to change how cloud cover behaves throughout East Asia (EA). Recent research suggests that in a warmer climate ...

Why parents shouldn't be saddled with environmental guilt for having children

The environmental cost of childbearing is central to climate ethics debates. Credit: MJTH/Shutterstock Whether residents of high-income countries are morally obliged to have fewer children is a growing debate in climate ethics. Due to the high anticipated carbon impact ...

The different effects on storm tracks between upper- and lower-level eddy growth over the North Pacific

NASA Earth Observatory image. Credit: NASA A well-known phenomenon in the atmospheric sciences that challenges the classical baroclinic instability theory of cyclone development is midwinter suppression. That is, the North Pacific storm-track activity has a minimum in midwinter, despite ...

Will climate-change-driven temporal variation in precipitation affect crop yields and reactive nitrogen losses?

Credit: Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering (2022). DOI: 10.15302/J-FASE-2022452 Climate change (e.g., global warming) is intensifying the global water cycle and the temporal variation of precipitation has increased significantly. The distribution of precipitation is more uneven over time, ...

Higher temperatures make it difficult for fig tree pollinators

A female fig wasp (Tetrapus americanus), pollinator of Ficus maxima, has just emerged from her natal fig and is cleaning herself, getting ready for the long one-way flight to a flowering tree where she can lay her eggs. Credit: ...

Developing conductive and electrocatalytic mediators in Li-S batteries

Fe-MoSe2@rGO provides a promising avenue for producing a developed separator function for practical high-energy-density Li-S batteries. Fe-MoSe2@rGO-PP exhibits excellent cycling stability under lean E/S ratios and high sulfur loading. Credit Journal of Energy Chemistry (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.jechem.2022.09.001 Lithium sulfide ...

How an Addicted Brain Works

Summary: Addiction occurs as a result of the reward system becoming overwhelmed in a way that leads to chronic and permanent alterations in the brain. Source: Yale Addiction is now understood to be a brain disease. Whether it’s alcohol, prescription ...

Friend or Foe? How Mice Decide to Make Love or War

Summary: The neural circuitry that connects olfactory information about another mouse’s sex to decision-making in the brain determines the behavioral outcome as to whether aggression or affection is expressed. Source: CalTech Dog owners whose pets meet during a walk are ...

An Association Between Exposure to Air Pollution in the First 5 Years of Life and Alterations in Brain Structure

Summary: Assessing a child’s exposure to air pollution on a monthly basis from conception to the age of 8.5, researchers found the greater the exposure to air pollution before the age of 5, the greater the alteration in brain structure ...

Uncovering the Key Process That Contributes to Vision Loss and Blindness in People With Diabetes

Summary: The loss of blood flow autoregulation caused by diabetes is the result of the disruption of the TRPV2 protein. Even in the absence of diabetes, disrupted blood flow autoregulation causes damage closely resembling that seen in diabetic retinopathy. Source: ...

When monkeys use the forest as a pharmacy

A golden-rumped lion tamarin. Credit: Olivier Kaisin, Fourni par l’auteur Have you ever seen your cat or dog eating grass? They do so because it can help their digestion, and many wild species use natural substances to prevent and ...

The expansion of capitalism led to a deterioration in human welfare, according to new study

Daily income per person for a family of four, with one family member working 250 days a year as an unskilled laborer, 2011 welfare-adjusted PPP $ (1301 – 1913). Source: Allen (2001); U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). Credit: ...

Why do we laugh? New study considers possible evolutionary reasons behind this very human behavior

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A woman in labor is having a terrible time and suddenly shouts out: “Shouldn’t! Wouldn’t! Couldn’t! Didn’t! Can’t!” “Don’t worry,” says the doctor. “These are just contractions.” Until now, several theories have sought to explain ...

Molecular detection platform provides new insights into gene medicine manufacturing

Mechanisms of determination of payload capacity and distribution of mRNA LNPs by the PEG content. a, b The hypothesized assembly processes and characteristics of LNP formulation with a high concentration of PEG mol% (a); or a low concentration of ...


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Data from GAIA space telescope reveals galaxy's original nucleus

Sci-tech development and application a priority policy: PM

Playing wind instruments spreads more viruses than breathing, but less than speaking or singing

Team identifies parent body materials in Ryugu asteroid

Not all wildlife recovered in lockdowns, new research finds

An Astronaut Captured Mount Doom in New Zealand from International Space Station

NASA’s Planetary Defense Test: DART About To Impact an Asteroid

Visible light activation enables transformation of bench-stable sulfones to valuable glycosides

Giant magnon spin wave conductance in ultrathin insulators surprises researchers

Scientists unlock the code to breeding better peas

Einstein’s theory of general relativity passes another test, with implications for dark matter and dark energy

Jupiter's Cyclone Perfect Geometric Arrangement Stayed Stable For Years

Atomic-scale imaging reveals a facile route to crystal formation

Secondary ion mass spectrometry reveals atoms that make up MXenes and their precursor materials

New therapeutic approach for anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Over 30 leaders of blockchain platforms gather at Buidl Vietnam 2022

New Trio Adapting to Life Onboard Space Station Before Next Crew Goes Home

New mechanism extends life of immune system

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