Mummified Egyptian ‘golden boy’ was buried with 49 amulets and other treasures, scans show

Scientists have unwrapped the mummified body of a teenage boy to find that wealthy ancient Egyptians were given scores of amulets when they were mummified in the hope it would speed their journey to the afterlife. The study said ...

Earth’s inner core may have started to spin in opposite direction, puzzling new discovery suggests

Image of Earth taken by Nasa’s Epic camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) spacecraft Earth’s solid inner core layer may have paused its rotation recently and started to spin in the opposite direction instead, according to a ...

What does our perception of time have to do with climate change? A lot.

Boats are pushed up on a causeway after Hurricane Ian passed through the area on September 29, 2022 in Fort Myers, Florida. Research suggests support for some climate policies increases immediately after climate-driven disasters such as Ian. Joe Raedle/Getty ...

Shocking research reveals endangered sharks found in Aussie fish and chips

Endangered shark meat is being sold as flake fillets in hundreds of Aussie fish and chips shops, new research has found. A group of researchers from the University of Adelaide have discovered up to four endangered species of shark has ...

Apple reportedly to debut new line of VR headsets

Yahoo Finance tech editor Dan Howley details reports that Apple will feature a new line of VR and AR headset devices. Video Transcript SEANA SMITH: Apple looking set to expand in its first major new category since the Apple ...

Exotic green comet not seen since stone age returns to skies above Earth

An exotic green comet that has not passed Earth since the time of the Neanderthals has reappeared in the sky ready for its closest approach to the planet next week. Discovered last March by astronomers at the Zwicky Transient ...

A sneak peek at the green comet! Image shows a glimpse of the ice ball set to pass Earth next week that has not been seen since the age of Neanderthals 50,000 years ago

A green comet not seen in 50,000 years is making a pass of Earth next weekAn astrophotographer captured a sneak peek of the comet in a new imageIt could be the first comet visible to the naked eye since NEOWISE in 2020 

Once-in-a-lifetime green comet approaching closest point to Earth

A once-in-a-lifetime green comet not seen since the Stone Age will make its closest approach to Earth next week. Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) has already been visible through binoculars and telescopes this month, but could become visible with the ...

Trauma from extreme climate events has long-term effects on survivors’ brains, study finds

Trauma from extreme climate events has long-term effects on survivors’ brains, study finds Psychological trauma endured by survivors of extreme weather events like wildfires may have long-term impacts on their brains, according to a new study that reveals more ...

New sleep study could explain sightings of ghosts, aliens and daemons

People who experience disturbed sleep due to conditions like insomnia or sleep paralysis are more likely to report seeing aliens or ghosts, according to a new study. Paranormal beliefs – such as sightings of ghosts, daemons and aliens – ...

Fossil CSI: Cracking the case of an ancient reptile graveyard

An artist’s reconstruction of adult and newly born ichthyosaur, Shonisaurus popularis, which lived during the Triassic Period. Gabriel Ugueto / Smithsonian hide caption toggle caption Gabriel Ugueto / Smithsonian This mystery begins in 1952, in the Nevada desert, when ...

Mystery of when smallpox first infected humans finally decoded by scientists

(SWNS) Smallpox has plagued humans since ancient Egyptian times, 2,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to new research. The disease was once one of humanity’s most devastating, but its origin has been shrouded in mystery. Thought to have ...

The space between Earth and the moon is about to get a little more crowded

The moon is hot right now. By some estimates, as many as 100 lunar missions could launch into space over the next decade — a level of interest in the moon that far surpasses the Cold War-era space race that ...

With Great Salt Lake at rock bottom, lawmakers aim for rescue

For the Great Salt Lake, it might be now or never. Utah lawmakers have mounted emergency rescue plans for the Great Salt Lake, which is on the verge of ecological collapse. Before the legislative session opened on Tuesday, scientists and ...

Bullying with ‘the science’ is the opposite of real science

Some media coverage said that gas stoves in the home might contribute to respiratory issues in children. Getty Images Copernicus surely had no idea when he got the Scientific Revolution underway in the 16th century that an unintended effect ...

New study says light pollution is making it harder to see the stars

Being able to watch cosmic events and take in the full breadth of the universe’s stars from the comfort of your backyard is one of the oldest joys skywatchers have to hold onto. However, a new study says skyglow is ...

Satechi Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub review: A sleek and portable laptop hub

Thunderbolt 4 docks are now much more widely available, meaning that it’s much easier to get a high speed dock that works with your laptop. But unfortunately, while they’re relatively widely available now, they’re still quite expensive. Thankfully, however, that ...

Five easy tips that you can implement right now that could boost your Wi-Fi speed by up to 50%

Getting the best Wi-Fi service in your home can be done with five easy steps The best way to get a boost is to place your router in the ideal spotSimply moving your router can increase your Wi-Fi speed by up to 50 percent 

Mysterious 'howl' is coming from the Golden Gate Bridge: Drivers are stunned by eerie sound as they travel over the more than one-mile-long landmark in San Francisco

Drivers traveling over the Golden State Bridge this week heard an eerie soundThe 'howling' was present during storms that brought high winds to the areaThe phenomenon is due to the suicide deterrent railings installed in 2020

Best free sports streaming apps in 2023

Cutting the cord on cable television is something tons of people have done over the past five years. But that hasn’t proven to be the smartest way to continue to watch sports. Whether it comes from premium sports website subscriptions ...

Male menopause: The silent epidemic that leaves millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, depression and rapid fat gain

'Male menopause' is a wide range of health effects caused by low testosterone Low T is common - around 40% of men over 45 years old are low on the hormoneEffects of male menopause include depression, erectile dysfunction, hair loss

Twinkle, twinkle fading stars: Hiding in our brighter skies

WASHINGTON — Every year, the night sky grows brighter, and the stars look dimmer. A new study that analyzes data from more than 50,000 amateur stargazers finds that artificial lighting is making the night sky about 10% brighter each ...

Vegan burgers should be served in schools and PRISONS to trigger a shift away from meat, scientists claim

New report suggests bringing plant-based meat options to public institutionsAuthors say alternative proteins can cut demand for red meat and help the EarthIt argues there are 'social norms' around meat consumption that need changing 

Is THIS why thousands of crabs and lobsters washed up dead in the North East in 2021? 'Apocalyptic' die-off may have been caused by a disease previously unknown to science, government report claims

Locals in the North East described the sight of the crustaceans as 'apocalyptic'The Department for the Environment initially blamed an 'algal bloom'Another scientific report said it may have been caused by dredging mudBut a new report claims the mass die-off may have been caused by new disease 

Record-breaking ‘Toadzilla’ discovered in Australia

In the wild rainforest of Australia’s north, park rangers have stumbled upon a predator so large they felt they had no choice but to dub it “Toadzilla.” The giant cane toad was discovered Thursday by rangers who were conducting track ...

Velociraptor may not have used claws for slashing after all, says study

A robotic Velociraptor dinosaur opens its mouth to scare visitors as it demonstrates the power of air pressure at the fluid power exhibition in Tokyo on April 22, 2008 Despite their memorable depiction in the Jurassic Park movie franchise, ...

Study shows how baboons effortlessly transition from walking on four legs to two

Baboons are able to effortlessly transition from walking on four legs to two in less than a second without breaking their stride – despite being four-footed, scientists have found. Researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which these primates can ...

New tech gives hope for a million people with epilepsy

The ROSA machine allows surgeons to more precisely target parts of the brain responsible for epileptic seizures. UC San Diego Health hide caption toggle caption UC San Diego Health Listen to Short Wave on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google ...

In the Year of the Rabbit, spare a thought for all these wonderful endangered bunny species

What do you think when you hear the word “rabbit”? Does your mind conjure images of cartoon bunnies eating carrots? Or the fluffy tails and floppy ears of pet bunnies? Maybe you think about their incredible ability to reproduce. For ...

A massive survey just revealed billions of celestial objects in the Milky Way

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, BGR may receive an affiliate commission. A massive survey just revealed billions of celestial objects in the Milky Way starry sky A new survey of ...

17-pound meteorite found in Antarctica could answer questions about Earth’s formation

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, BGR may receive an affiliate commission. 17-pound meteorite found in Antarctica could answer questions about Earth’s formation Earth in space Meteorites look pretty when they ...

US cracks down on 'organic' food con: Manufacturers now need to meet strict criteria to make claim on labels — after it was abused to draw in eco-friendly shoppers

All imports from abroad must adhere to the USDA's standards to be organicPreviously only imports from the EU and Japan were rigorously checkedFarmers planned to pass off millions of dollars' worth of crops as organic

Scientists may have found a way to predict solar flares in 2023

Solar flares are dangerous and can cause a ton of disruption here on Earth – from radio blackouts to more severe issues with GPS navigation systems and other important communication technology. As such, scientists are working hard to find a ...

U.S. earmarks $490 million for wildfire prevention

The United States government is ramping up efforts to protect vulnerable states and at-risk communities from devastating wildfires. The Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that $490 million from President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act will be earmarked for projects to reduce ...

Clutch of over 250 fossilised eggs unearthed in India suggests dinosaurs may have nested together like birds

The discovery of over 250 fossilised dinosaur eggs in India suggests the giant prehistoric reptiles may have exhibited nesting behaviour similar to many modern birds. Scientists, including Harsha Dhiman of the University of Delhi in India, recently uncovered 92 nesting ...

Honey bees are not in peril. These bees are.

Honey bees are not in peril. These bees are. What do you know about bees? That they produce honey? That they live in a hive? That they swarm? Well, I have news: These characteristics don’t actually describe most bees ...

Rats may not have caused the Black Death, study suggests

People praying for relief from the bubonic plague, circa 1350. Original Artwork: Designed by E Corbould, lithograph by F Howard Rats may not have played a critical role in causing the Black Death as is often portrayed, according to ...

Rats may not have played critical role in Black Death, study suggests

People praying for relief from the bubonic plague, circa 1350. Original Artwork: Designed by E Corbould, lithograph by F Howard Rats may not have played a critical role in causing Bubonic Plague outbreaks in Europe as is often portrayed, ...

Twitter's iconic 'bird' statue sells for $100,000 at Elon Musk's mega fire sale of items at the San Francisco HQ that includes Eames chairs and a pizza oven - to help raise funds as revenue declined by 40% in a year

Elon Musk sold off Twitter's furniture and decorations in a 27-hour online auctionThe 3.5 foot bird statue sold for $100,000 while a neon sign went for $40,000It comes as it was revealed Twitter revenue is down from 40 per cent a year ago 

NSW Labor and Coalition propose plans to save state’s koala population

Australia’s iconic marsupial has become the latest political football in the NSW state election campaign. Labor leader Chris Minns on Thursday called for an end to the so-called koala wars, which had divided the coalition, while pledging $80 million to ...


California's flooding reveals we're still building cities for the climate of the past

New discovery shows that humans still have genes for a full coat of fur

Qantas flight mayday: can a plane normally fly on just one engine? An aviation expert explains

Portrait of an 8-year-old Neanderthal boy who lived more than 30,000 years ago is REVEALED by scientists who reconstructed his face using a skull found in 1938

The avian flu is hammering U.S. poultry farmers, leaving experts to ask: What has changed?

Hubble’s stunning Butterfly Nebula image shows how our Sun will die

Greenland Ice Sheet is the hottest it has EVER been and will cause global sea levels to rise by 20 INCHES by 2100 if it continues warming at the current pace, study finds

Lifespan-doubling injection in mice takes rejuvenation therapy step closer in humans

Do we have China’s full Covid data? The WHO is pushing for more

Current insecticide safety tests inadequate, research suggests

Time is so much weirder than it seems

Hubble spotted a black hole snacking on the donut-shaped remains of a star

Scientists in Canada detected an 8 billion-year-old radio signal in a distant galaxy

Moving species emerges as last resort as climate warms

Green Bank Telescope captured the most detailed images of the Moon ever taken from Earth

Polar Ignite 3 fitness watch review: Excellent battery, not great performance

Scientists think Jupiter’s moon Io may be home to alien life

The best time for peak productivity in the office revealed

Scientists inch closer to learning the mystery of Namibia’s ‘fairy circles’

‘Lost world’ of Indian Ocean giant tortoises unveiled in new ancient DNA study

Is THIS the key to ridding gardens of Japanese knotweed? Thermoelectric device zaps the invasive plant at the roots – but it will cost you £3,000

Bad news for sushi fans: Eating just one freshwater fish such as salmon a YEAR is equal to a month of drinking water laced with 'forever chemicals' linked to cancer, study warns

Habitual procrastination could be sign of serious health problems, study warns

Lethal radiation from space played role in Earth’s biggest mass extinction, study finds

Scientists use laser beam to guide lightning strike in a first

Fossil analysis reveals oldest known example of sexual combat weapon

Nreal Air smart glasses review: A lightweight augmented reality experience

Physicists have used entanglement to ‘stretch’ the uncertainty principle, improving quantum measurements

NASA already unveiled a successor to James Webb that will search for life on alien planets

Now you can invent a social life: AI-generated photos of 'people' at a party look eerily realistic - until you see excessive teeth and fingers that look like 'alien appendages'

Astronomers reveal the most detailed radio image yet of the Milky Way’s galactic plane

Revolutionary SBSP tech will try to beam solar power to Earth from space

’10-minute scan can detect and cure most common cause of high blood pressure’

Wyoming is set to BAN sales of new electric vehicles by 2035 to 'ensure the stability' of its oil and gas industry

Sky TV remote has a hidden button that takes you directly to your recorded films and TV programmes – here's how to find it

Is Emily in Paris fuelling the climate crisis? Netflix series presents a 'Disneyland' version of the city that is 'not viable in the face of climate change', deputy mayor claims

T Rex may have had brain capable of using tools and passing knowledge to kin, study claims

Why does Nepal’s aviation industry have safety issues? An expert explains

Just six minutes of daily exercise can boost brain health and delay Alzheimer’s, study says

How you can support scientific research

Study claims the Milky Way is missing almost half of its regular matter

On a tiny Australian island, snakes feasting on seabirds evolved huge jaws in a surprisingly short time

They say we know more about the Moon than about the deep sea. They’re wrong

Astronomers found a rare star that was eclipsed for 7 years

UK officials to oversee investigation into Virgin Orbit mission failure

A nearby galaxy merger may be hiding dual black holes that are 750 light-years apart

Dolphins ‘shout’ over loud underwater noise to work together – study

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight probe hits trouble on journey to the moon

AI is being used to figure out animal languages, forget Midjourney

This is what 133 days on the Sun looks like

Astronomers may have found the earliest galaxies we’ve ever discovered

Researchers unearthed megaraptor fossils in Chile for the first time

SpaceX shares INCREDIBLE aerial photos of its 395ft Starship rocket fully stacked on the orbital launch pad in Texas – as Elon Musk teases its launch debut could be 'soon'

ChatGPT: What you need to know about the most talked about AI tool

Popular make-up brands including Urban Decay and Revolution are selling cosmetics in the UK containing dangerous 'forever chemicals' that can cause health issues including CANCER, report reveals

Humans want to make everything better — but sometimes different is just as good

Marine photographer blasts jet skiers ‘chasing’ dolphin pod

James Webb Space Telescope discovers its first Earth-sized exoplanet

Bizarre sight at Macca’s drive-through

AI and the future of work: 5 experts on what ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI tools mean for artists and knowledge workers