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(Photo : Image from Commons.Wikipedia.com) T-Mobile to Pay Off Up to $1,000/Smartphone for Users Switching | Limited to 5 Devices

T-Mobile is now offering those that decide to switch allegiance from their previous mobile provider to the company a whopping $1,000. Of course, users won’t switch everything as they will only be limited to five devices.

T-Mobile to Pay Off $1,000

According to the story by SlashGear, in its own latest drastic bid in order to rake in new subscribers, T-Mobile will now reportedly be paying off any existing smartphones. This is assuming users owe not over $1,000 on their current contract.

The whole promotion, of course, is reportedly contingent on switching from a users’ existing carrier towards T-Mobile, which just recently launched the new offer. The promo reportedly works by the company dishing off the payoff funds on the user’s prepaid MasterCard.

Promo Covers Up to 5 Devices

The promo reportedly went live on Oct. 22 and had only relatively simple requirements. The conditions include users bringing their smartphone to a certain T-Mobile retail store along with an image of the user’s last phone bill.

This is assuming that the user is eligible to have a smartphone; T-Mobile notes that they will pay off the device all the way up to $1,000 per smartphone with a limit of up to five devices. T-Mobile is now heavily emphasizing its 5G network.

Application Process for T-Mobile

However, users don’t need a 5G smartphone to take advantage of the current promotion. The carrier reportedly details the different steps that consumers have to take in order to redeem the current promo.

This includes ordering a SIM card, signing up for a new plan, and porting the phone number to the user’s new account. From there, users will then need to submit a rebate in order to get the payoff funds. T-Mobile, in August, was investigating an underground forum for actually alleging a giant data breach.

How to Get a Rebate

To submit the said rebate, users will need to provide the company with their SIM card number and the image of the smartphone’s payment plan with the former carrier. T-Mobile notes that the money to pay off the device’s balance will then be sent within 15 days through a virtual prepaid MasterCard.

T-Mobile is offering a number of different monthly wireless plan options, with the cheapest being its Essentials at $60/month. Users who would need faster mobile hotspot data and some other features will get the $70/month Magenta plan or even the $85/month Magenta MAX plan. A T-Mobile hacker says it only took a week to steal data while sharing that the carrier’s security is awful. 

Whether or not this is a good deal entirely depends on the user, their own needs, and their existing plan. It was noted that the best benefit of the promotion is users will be able to get their device entirely paid off. This can add up to a significant amount, especially for those still early in their payment contract and using a pricey smartphone.

Written by Urian B.


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