4 Steps to Take if Your Vehicle Is Involved in an Unfixable Car Recall, According to Consumer Reports

Automakers issue recalls for their vehicles when defects are confirmed that impact car safety. Learning that your car has been recalled is frustrating, but usually, resolving the problem is as simple as taking your vehicle to the dealership. That’s because ...

The Most Popular Pickup Truck Is Also 1 of the Safest

The Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck is very popular. It continues to be the best-selling truck, as people are drawn to its excellent performance, towing prowess, off-road capabilities, configurability, and premium features. The Ford F-150 is also one of the ...

How Do You Jump-Start an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

Electric vehicles (EVs) and gas-powered vehicles are similar in most ways. They look the same, can take you from point A to B, include the same features and amenities, and typically present the same problems. In fact, the powertrain, which, ...

Are ‘Lemon Laws’ for Defective Cars Legally Binding?

Sometimes a car you buy comes with unfixable problems. This can cause major concerns for car safety. These problems can be unfixable because the issue can’t be fixed with a recall or the automaker refuses to issue a recall because ...

The 4 Automakers With the Best Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Safety System, According to Consumer Reports

Modern cars offer many Advanced Car Safety Systems (ACSS) or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), as standard or optional driver assistance features. However, some automakers integrate these safety features more successfully than others. Here’s ...

1 U.S. State Had Only 14 Traffic Deaths in the First Half of 2022

Despite modern car safety features, traffic deaths are on the rise. However, driving tends to be safer in some U.S. regions than others, and NHTSA data from the first half of 2022 shows some states have significantly lower traffic fatality ...

GMC Terrain Headlight Recall Fix Is ‘Unprofessional and Ridiculous,’ Owner Says

Headlights are easy to overlook but get everyone’s attention when they’re too bright. Several GMC Terrain model years are under recall for that very issue. But some owners are not happy with GMC’s solution. One owner even calls the fix ...

1 Advantage Black Car Seats Have Over Lighter Colored Vehicle Interiors

Regarding car safety in hot weather, buying a vehicle with light-colored seats is tempting, as most people believe it keeps a car’s interior cooler than darker-colored ones. However, it’s not really true. Both colors increase the internal temps so high ...

Parents Prepare: Many Teens Are Destined to Learn How to Drive Using EVs

Right now, not many people drive EVs, but that’s changing very quickly as more folks buy electric vehicles and as EVs get cheaper overall. It’ll take a while before EVs truly replace gas-powered cars, but that time is coming, and ...

2023 Acura Integra Is Fast and Safe With an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Rating

The 2023 Acura Integra is back with sharp styling and a manual transmission. However, it’s also a safe choice for luxury sports sedan shoppers who want top safety scores. The all-new Integra is the second Acura sports sedan and fourth ...

5 Safest Small SUVs of 2022 According to U.S. News

One of the most important issues to consider when buying a new SUV is car safety. While their larger architecture may give the appearance of protection, only a thorough battery of crash tests can assess if an SUV is safe. ...

Audi Is One of the Safest Luxury Automakers, Says IIHS

Audi is synonymous with sure-footed Quattro all-wheel drive (AWD) systems and rally heritage, but it should also register with safety-minded drivers. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that the marque makes many of the top-scoring midsize ...

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) in a Minivan: Necessary, Pointless, or Fun?

An all-wheel drive (AWD) system is primarily marketed to drivers who want to go off-roading or drive in snowy or rainy weather. Typically you’ll see it on daily driving SUVs, while pickups tend to have four-wheel drive (4WD). A minivan, ...

The 5 U.S. States With the Highest Traffic Death Rates Are All in the South

Car accidents can happen anytime, but they occur more often in certain places. In addition, the United States has seen a recent spike in traffic deaths, making driving riskier than in the past decade. But the five U.S. states with ...

2 Days of the Week Are the Deadliest Times to Drive, NHTSA Data Shows

Car accidents are scary. They’re often unpredictable, traumatic events. And though deadly car crashes can happen anytime, they’re likelier to occur on certain days, so it might be helpful to be more cautious during those periods. Here’s a look at ...

5 Most Common Car Crashes in the U.S. and How to Avoid Them

Car safety technology is continually improving. Advanced driver-assistance systems, strict testing, and vehicle design help protect riders. Still, tens of thousands of people die in car accidents in the United States every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently ...

Auto Insurance Terms: What Does Non-Standard Auto Insurance Mean?

It might seem like insurance agents use a different language when they’re talking about coverage. To the average person, all of the talk about “premiums,” “deductibles,” and “liability limits” can be pretty confusing. So, if you’ve ever had to shop ...

The 3 Automakers With the Best Blind Spot Warning (BSW) Safety System, According to Consumer Reports

Driving can be dangerous, but vehicle design has evolved to help keep drivers and passengers safer. Modern cars offer many advanced car safety systems (ACSS). However, some automakers execute these safety features better than others. Here’s a look at ACSS ...

2022 Ford F-150 Now Has a Recall Over a Parking Lamp Issue

Ford is one of the oldest and most popular American automakers, and the Michigan-based company has built many classic and beloved cars in the past. However, just like any other automaker, Ford is not perfect, and Ford has also built ...

Hyundai Invents Crotch Airbag to Protect Your ‘Assets’

Airbags are a critical aspect of car safety. With the cushioning that airbags provide during a crash, injuries and fatalities are significantly reduced. Until now, the primary focus of airbags has been to mitigate the impact to one’s head. Front ...

10 Minivans, Trucks, and SUVs With More Than 10 Cupholders

Are you always in search of an empty cupholder in your current ride? Cupholders almost seem like an afterthought in many cars unless they’re limos or custom vehicles. Not so in the vehicles listed below! These production models all have ...

3 Reasons Teens Shouldn’t Be Driving EVs

Parents have plenty to be concerned about when their teen learns to drive, including high insurance premiums. However, one concern they should consider is the vehicle the teenager will drive. These days electric vehicles are becoming more popular due to ...

The 5 Automakers With the Best Rear Cross Traffic Warning (RCTW) Safety System, According to Consumer Reports

One of the most important automotive developments is the creation and implementation of advanced car safety systems (ACSS). They use cameras and sensors to detect potential dangers and help drivers avoid collisions. Rear cross-traffic warning (RCTW) is one ACSS that ...

What Are Driver-Based Exclusions?

While most drivers don’t give much thought to their car insurance policy until they have to file a claim, it’s important to understand what your policy covers—and doesn’t cover. Exclusions in auto insurance policies are common and can vary depending ...

It Could Be Dangerous To Listen to Music Every Time You Driver Your Car

Rocking out to your favorite playlist can turn the most mundane commute into a blast. I personally love music, singing along, and even dancing at stoplights. So listening to music while driving is one of the highlights of my day. ...

Watch out for These 2 Damage-Based Exclusions

Every car owner knows the importance of having car insurance and understanding what’s covered in it. Often, exclusions are outlined in fine print and involve a lot of jargon, making it hard for a layman to understand. Whether you want ...

Here’s What To Do if Someone Is Following Your Car

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you, or even following you? If you are driving, it is relatively easy to double-check whether a car behind you is following you by coincidence or on purpose. This is ...

What Is an Out-of-Country Exclusion?

Insurance companies work by creating a wide pool of funds from member contributions, which they use to settle a few valid claims. To remain solvent and mitigate losses, insurers create provisions that limit the items covered in the policy and ...

Auto Insurance Terms: What Does Additional Insured Mean?

Understanding insurance terms can help you get the best out of your car insurance. Most terminologies used in insurance are confusing and prevent car owners from understanding their policies. This may limit those who buy car insurance from taking full advantage ...

The 2022 Honda Civic’s Rear Seat Is Surprisingly Safe, Consumer Reports Tests Show

When an SUV, truck, or large sedan collides with a compact car, the results can be disastrous for the smaller vehicle and its occupants. To help protect passengers, Consumer Reports recently evaluated dozens of models for rear-seat safety, including the ...

What Are the 8 Parts of a Spark Plug?

Spark plugs are a crucial part of a gas-fueled combustion engine. That’s why it’s recommendable to have a regular check on them during routine vehicle maintenance. It’s easy to identify the signs of a faulty spark plug and whether it ...

The 3 Automakers With the Best Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Safety System, According to Consumer Reports

Nearly every modern car has advanced car safety systems (ACSS). These safety suites are typically standard or optional and provide many of the latest driver’s aids controlled by cameras and sensors. Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is arguably the most crucial ...

New Subaru EyeSight Driver Assistance Goes AI-Based

Subaru has been manufacturing ADAS-equipped vehicles for the past 15 years. In addition, the automaker has a long history of implementing the latest car safety features. Subaru recently reported that its advanced driver-assistance system, EyeSight, will get an upgrade to an AI-based platform ...

What Is a Personal Property Exclusion?

While paying for insurance coverage can be tasking, having good coverage is paramount. Specific property classes are excluded from coverage, either because of their nature or because they are covered by other types of auto insurance policies. Understanding what’s covered ...

3 Volkswagen Models Struggle in Consumer Reports Rear-Seat Safety Testing

Rear-seat safety is often overlooked, with car safety ratings largely focused on front-seat riders. To help fill this gap, Consumer Reports recently began testing rear-seat safety. Though some vehicles demonstrated superb protection, three Volkswagen models struggled. One nearly had the ...

Owners of older Dodge and Chrysler vehicles told to stop driving after recent airbag deaths

Defective Takata airbags are still killing people, almost a decade on from the initial discovery of the problem and subsequent recalls. Three people were recently killed in separate crashes, bringing the worldwide death toll from the defective airbags to ...

The 4 Automakers With the Best Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) Safety System, According to Consumer Reports

Car safety technology has improved drastically over the past few decades. Beyond airbags and seatbelts, advanced car safety systems (ACSS) help detect and prevent collisions. But not all automakers offer the same ACSS features, and some are more effective than ...

The 3 Safest Small Cars Under $25,000 Earned the Top Safety Pick+ Title From the IIHS

In a market where SUVs remain king, it would be understandable if smaller sedans fell by the wayside. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with car safety standards. Small cars are exposed to new and improved ...

What Is a Business Vehicle Exclusion?

If you have been shopping for auto insurance, you have probably come across the term “business vehicle exclusion.” You may also have come across other auto insurance terms, such as “Out-of-country travel exclusions” or “damage-based exclusions.” All car insurance policies ...

The 5 Safest Midsize Cars of 2022 Cost Under $30,000

Midsize cars offer a lot of value for a reasonable price. They are roomy, economical, and offer many features that appeal to most buyers. Car safety is also a priority and one of the reasons midsize sedans remain popular. So, what ...


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