Are volcanoes impacted by climate change? Or is it the other way around?

Samuel Munoz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Marine & Environmental Sciences with a cross-appointment in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Credit: Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University The eruption of Mauna Loa for the first time in 40 years ...

Head-mounted microscope measures neuron activity

With the new microscope scientists are able to visualise the activity of neurons from all cortical layers. © Julia Kuhl Miniature device enables scientist to record nerve cell activity in all cortical layers in lit environments Researchers of the ...

Biodiversity in drylands protects climate

(Image: Pixabay CC0) The livelihood of one in three people on earth depends on livestock and pastoralism. Especially in arid regions, which account for more than 40 percent of the planet’s land area, grazing is essential for survival. Despite ...

Climate change for food projects

Ehgartner report SCI Honorary Researcher Ulrike Ehgartner co-published the report ’Climate change for food projects: What it means and what to do about it’ for Food Research. Many people working in local or community food projects already know that ...

For Indigenous defenders of Brazil’s rainforests, ‘Lula is our only hope’

SAO FELIX DO XINGU, Brazil  —  Over the last four years, Wenatoa Parakana has watched the rainforest her ancestors fiercely defended being cut down at a breakneck pace. In this remote slice of the Brazilian Amazon, pristine jungle is giving ...

The first complete picture of Arctic sea ice freeze-thaw cycle highlights sea ice response to climate change

Timing of ice surface and bottom melt and freeze onsets of all sites: (a) SMO, (b) SFO, © BMO, and (d) BFO. The color codes (note the different scales for different panels) indicate the respective dates. Grey contours denote ...

Climate change supercharges threat from forest-eating bug

Trees scarred by the spruce bark beetle in Kampu, Finland. Deep in the Finnish woods, the moss and blueberry shrubs hide a deadly threat to the boreal forests that are as important to the planet as the Amazon rainforest. ...

Hydrogen to help power Perth homes

Renewable hydrogen has been introduced into Perth's natural gas network for the first time as part of Western Australia's renewable energy strategy. Natural gas company ATCO will supply about 2700 businesses and households in Perth's south with a blend ...

Don't Call It Dirt: The Science Of Soil

Person holding fertile soil in their hands, Rwanda. Farm Images/Universal Images Group via Getty hide caption toggle caption Farm Images/Universal Images Group via Getty It’s easy to overlook the soil beneath our feet, or to think of it as ...

Throw book at climate activists: Perrottet

The 15-month jail term for a climate activist who blocked the Sydney Harbour Bridge is “pleasing to see” , says NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, as activists rallied around the country in support of the protester. Deanna “Violet” Maree Coco ...

Half of Australia’s biggest companies have net-zero emissions plans, but climate action may come too late

About half of Australia’s biggest listed companies have plans to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, our new analysis has found. We assessed the climate change commitments of 187 companies out of 200 listed on the Australian Stock Exchange – the ...

Climate response not enough for investors

Recent government decisions have made climate policy uncertainty less of a barrier to investment in Australia. But more details are needed to support zero carbon investment, according to a survey of big investors responsible for almost two-thirds of assets ...

Climate tech is not doomed, despite climate doom

In the climate tech world, Dan Goldman has seen just about everything: From the clean tech boom that led to the clean tech bust, the dark years that followed, and today’s bull market that’s transformed climate tech into one ...

OPEC+ agrees to stick to its existing policy of reducing oil production ahead of Russia sanctions

Led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, OPEC+ agreed in early October to reduce production by 2 million barrels per day from November.Vladimir Simicek | Afp | Getty Images An influential alliance of oil producers on Sunday agreed to stay ...

Does Marine Conservation Mitigate Climate Change?

Climate change refers to long-term changes in temperature and weather patterns and has become a matter of increasing concern. Scientists discover the first evidence that marine conservation helps to reduce climate change. Marine protected areas act as a safeguard ...

Director Paz Encina Talks Trauma Of Separation From Loved Ones & Climate Crisis In ‘Eami’ – Contenders International

Louverture Films Eami means “forest” in Ayoreo. It also means “‘”world.” When director Paz Encina traveled to the land of the indigenous Ayoreo-Totobiegosode people, she found that they do not make a distinction between these things: The trees, the ...

Climate meeting under scrutiny COP27 arrived at a crucial moment, but failed to take real steps to stop global warming

Kritsada: Urges progressive plans Despite establishing a “loss and damage” fund to help developing countries deal with the impacts of climate disasters, the negotiations at the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt this year still failed to ...

Tough decisions loom as energy prices bite

One senior minister is hopeful the Commonwealth and states and territories can come up with a solution to quell swelling energy prices when they meet this week. Bill Shorten says all options remain on the table with the stakes ...

Applied Direct Response — ERCOT Study Shows Bitcoin Mining Is Beneficial to the Texas Grid

On Nov. 29, 2022, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) published a report on seasonal assessment and resource adequacy for the ERCOT region. ERCOT’s study indicates that bitcoin mining operations are flexible operations that can be beneficial to ...

Climate summit president warns of hit to UK ‘reputation’ if coal mine gets go-ahead

The president of the Cop26 climate summit has attacked plans to open a coal mine in Cumbria, arguing it is not needed and won’t create many jobs. Alok Sharma – who was sacked by Rishi Sunak – also warned ...

Solar Panel Options in Florida To Help Save Energy Bills: Costs, Incentives, More

Solar energy is a renewable resource readily available to the sunshine state’s citizens, and here’s how you can tap its potential. In the previous two decades, the price of solar panels has decreased dramatically, making the conversion to solar more ...

Parking lots are becoming as important as cars in climate change efforts

Vcg | Visual China Group | Getty Images It's not just cars that will be going through energy transition in the years ahead. The parking lots where EVs recharge are a growing focus of construction efforts linked to climate ...

Most nitrogen deposition from aviation comes from high altitude

Aircraft emit nitrogen oxides and other emissions during both the LTO-phase (taxiing, take-off and landing) and when flying at high altitudes. These emissions return to the ground, resulting in nitrogen deposited over land and water bodies. Using an atmospheric model, ...

For many Hawaiians, lava flows are a time to honor and reflect

HONOLULU —  When Willette Kalaokahaku Akima-Akau looks out at the the lava flowing from Mauna Loa volcano and makes an offering of gin, tobacco and coins, she will be taking part in a tradition passed down from her grandfather and other ...

Regional climate, kilometer-scale dynamical downscaling over the Tibetan Plateau

Schematic diagram of kilometer-scale (CPM in Figure), quarter-degree (DDM in Figure) and global climate model (GCM in Figure) simulate altitude and land cover distribution of the Tibetan Plateau. Credit: Science China Press Known as the “Roof of the World,” ...

Researchers suggest the climate crisis requires international minerals agreement

Saleem Ali pictured in the Bayan Obo mining region within the Inner Mongolia region of China in 2017 in front of a massive ore nugget of rare earth minerals which is being celebrated here with the following words: “Welcome ...

An easy way for dairy farmers to reduce their climate impact

Study collaborators held a demonstration of how biochar is created. Credit: Juan Rodriguez Adding even a small amount of biochar—a charcoal-like material produced by burning organic matter—to a dairy’s manure-composting process reduces methane emissions by 84%, a recent study ...

Satellites detect no real climate benefit from 10 years of forest carbon offsets in California

Redwood forests like this one in California can store large amounts of carbon, but not if they’re being cut down. Credit: Shane Coffield Many of the companies promising “net-zero” emissions to protect the climate are relying on vast swaths ...

A new kind of climate refugee is emerging

Haoua Ali Beta is a new kind of refugee. She left her home in Cameroon, where she was a farmer, not just because of climate change but because the dwindling supply of water sparked deadly conflict. Now living in ...

North Okanagan students share climate projects at youth summit

Think of it like a science fair with a climate focus. North Okanagan students from three local high schools presented their projects at the second Climate Action Ripple Effect summit in Vernon, B.C. on Thursday. Almost 200 students, teachers, and ...

Iron for energy storage

Iron powder combusted in an industrial-scale burner, used for the application of sustainable energy carrier. © Laurine Choisez, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH In the futuere the metal could store energy from renewable sources, for example for transportation Energy from ...

Clouds less sensitive to climate than assumed

Trade wind clouds near Barbados: With the help of research flights, the international team collected a unique data set on climate impact. Photo: MPI-M Trade wind cumulus clouds are found on about 20 percent of the globe and cool ...

’Climate whip’ increased wildfires on California west coast 8,000 years ago

Speleothems are secondary mineral deposits in caves, usually in the form of stalactites or stalagmites Stalactites help study past climate / Hydroclimate fluctuations and increased fires are linked To better assess future climate trends, researchers are trying to uncover ...

Reliable planning tool for the emissions path to achieving the Paris temperature goal

Delegates at the COP21 climate conference in Paris in 2015 assemble in the plenary hall. The new Bern method is a reliable planning tool for the emissions path to achieving the Paris temperature goal set at that time. © ...

The Effects of Uber and Lyft in U.S. Cities

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have redefined mobility and affected travel patterns, car ownership, congestion, the economy, the environment and equity in cities across the globe. A new policy brief series delves into the implications and opportunities that transportation ...

New model offers opportunity to protect migrating birds

Weather radar station in Corfu, Greece. Photo credit: Fiona Lippert Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have developed a model that can accurately predict the current migration routes of migratory birds. This offers the possibility of taking adequate measures ...

Making knowledge practical and more transparent

Thanks to scientific knowledge, plant protection should become more sustainable. How can the use of scientific knowledge be promoted in policy and practice to make plant protection more sustainable? An interdisciplinary study, in which five Swiss research institutions participated, ...

Historic drought decimate buffaloes in Iraq’s southern marshes

CHIBAYISH, Iraq —  Abbas Hashem fixed his worried gaze on the horizon — the day was almost gone and still there was no sign of the last of his water buffaloes. He knows that when his animals don’t come back from ...

Royal news - live: William and Kate focus on climate in Boston despite race row and ‘Harry & Meghan’ trailer

✕ Close William and Kate visit Boston Harbour Defences Prince William and Kate carried out the second day of their US tour in Boston amid a royal racism row and the drop of a headline-grabbing trailer for Prince Harry ...

A China-backed dam in Indonesia threatens a rare great ape – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

In 2017, scientists described a new species of great apes – the Tapanuli orangutan. The species, found in the Batang Toru ecosystem of North Sumatara, Indonesia was listed as critically endangered soon after. The population of the species has declined ...


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Large terrestrial mammals are more vulnerable to the acoustic impact of drones than to the visual impact

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Take climate-changing aerosols seriously, scientists say

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