How to Parallel Park: 7 Things to Remember

Parallel parking can be intimidating, especially for novice drivers or those not used to driving in urban areas. Most drivers, including the experienced ones, get sweaty palms when thinking about positioning their car between two other cars to parallel park. ...

Speed limiters: What are they and what is the new law concerning them?

Revised rules on mobile phones, Low Emission Zones and goods transportation also coming into play

Labor Day weekend travel volumes may rebound to pre-pandemic levels

NEW YORK — The number of people traveling for the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend is expected to rebound to pre-pandemic levels and possibly set new records in some cases, according to several travel companies. U.S. travel demand remains ...

4 Steps to Take if a Bee Flies in Your Car

Imagine driving down the highway when, suddenly, a bee appears in your vehicle. Would you panic? Many people would. In the interest of car safety, MotorBiscuit is pleased to present a four-step plan if a bee buzzes into your vehicle. ...

3 Ways to Pack Smart While Traveling With Pets

Driving with pets can be wonderful. For a smooth trip, it’s best to be prepared for the experience. Otherwise, you might find your pets bouncing all over the vehicle and creating dangerous distractions while you’re driving. Here are three tips ...

Waze to cut its carpooling services

Waze is a popular navigation and crowd-sourced police avoidance tool, but most people probably don’t realize that the app has had a carpooling arm for the last six years. Waze’s business has expanded recently to the point that the ...

Try This Trick When Wipers Won’t Get Rid of Water Drops

Driving through the rain can be very frustrating and potentially dangerous when water droplets linger on your vehicle. Persistent water spots can also appear after you drive through a deep puddle that splashes your windshield. That’s because they’re not just ...

What’s That Loud Weird Sound That Happens When One Car Window Is Open?

Vehicles throughout the years have had issues with the engine, road, and even roof rack noises caused by the wind. However, one of the loudest and most distinct noises comes from wind buffeting. This happens when you open your window ...

10 Bad Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

Even the most careful drivers out there may have driving habits that could be bad for their cars in the long run. Some of these habits might not seem harmful to the vehicle at the moment, but over time, the ...

Truck driver charged over cycling crash death of top No10 aide’s husband

alexfinn250822 A truck driver has been charged after the husband of a top Downing Street aide was left fighting for his life from a horror cycling crash. Barry Duffy, 52, is accused of causing serious injury by dangerous driving ...

Is Your State 1 of the 10 Most Dangerous States for Drivers?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle crashes last year. That’s a 10% increase over 2020 (38,824). Statistics aside, those figures show that driving is far more dangerous in some ...

NY State Senate bill would require speed limiting tech in new cars

There’s no debate that vehicles of all kinds are getting larger. Park a new Ford Ranger next to an older Ford F-150, and you’ll see that today’s midsize truck is strikingly close in size to the full-size trucks of ...

How much electric car range do you really need?

Electric car range is one of the top concerns car buyers have when considering whether to make the switch to an EV — a concern so profound, the term “range anxiety” was added to the dictionary to describe it. But ...

Why Is Coasting While Driving Dangerous and Illegal?

There are plenty of driving techniques that you can use to save gas. For example, drafting behind a large truck to improve your car’s aerodynamics – since the truck is blocking the wind – is one of them. That’s actually ...

Met PC denies dangerous driving in Streatham terror attack response

Police car (PA) / PA Wire A Met Police officer who crashed into other cars and a garden wall while responding to the Streatham terror attack has denied dangerous driving. PC Paul Fisher, a specialist firearms officer, has been ...

What Is Drive-by-Wire?

Whoever said building cars was easy is either brilliant or isn’t keeping up with the latest technological advances. From self-driving vehicles to smart systems that can detect when a driver isn’t looking at the road, it’s beginning to feel like ...

5 Ways to Transport Your Bike With Your Car

While road trips are fun, nothing beats hitting the trails with your bike for a day. Once in a while, every bike enthusiast wants to explore new terrains, hit new spots, and enjoy the feel. However, at times the trails you wish ...

5 Tips You Must Follow When Driving in Fog to Make It Easier

Driving in fog can be a dangerous and even deadly endeavor. The low visibility in foggy conditions can make it more difficult to spot hazards, judge distance, and avoid disaster. This impediment can result in you running into other vehicles, veering ...

Can You Get Cheaper Insurance if You Own the Car?

Car insurance is one of the big expenses that come with owning a car. But there are plenty of ways to save money on car insurance while still being insured. Insurance premiums can be lowered in a variety of ways. ...

Does Heat or Air Conditioning Hurt EV Driving Range More?

Driving an EV can be a great way to save money on fuel and fight climate change, but EVs come with new challenges that gas-powered cars don’t have to face. One of those challenges is that many different features in ...

If You Hit a Deer, Is It Possible to Take Home the Meat?

Even while taking proper precautions driving, hitting a deer can be difficult to avoid. If you hit a deer, you may be left with costly damage to your car, but some drivers might think there is at least one silver ...

Drivers Beware: Are Deer More Active at Sunrise or Sunset?

You’re cruising down a country road at dawn, enjoying the sun rising over the trees. Suddenly, a deer rushes out in front of your car and it collides into it. So, was the sunrise what drew out the deer? How ...

How Does Using the Radio Affect an EV’s Driving Range?

An EV is powered by electricity, which provides it with many benefits, such as zero tailpipe emissions, cheap refills, and more. That being said, EVs come with a few flaws. One of those flaws is the features in an EV, ...

US Roads Are Getting More Dangerous

It seems that driving cars is one of the few things that we do that the longer we do it, the worse we get at it. Despite the exponential growth in our cars’ new, fancy safety features, road fatalities are ...

Are More Deer Really at Deer Crossings Than Other Areas?

Driving requires constant attention on the road ahead to avoid collisions with other vehicles. It’s important to remain alert to potential hazards like deer crossing the road. Drivers often wonder if there are really more deer at deer crossings than ...

Child tumbles out of moving car on Houston highway

A child tumbled out of a moving car on a Houston highway in a terrifying scene that was caught on video by another driver. The dashcam video, which was anonymously sent to ABC13, shows a red SUV begin to ...

Why Do Drivers Tailgate Sports Cars?

Let’s face it, being tailgated by another car is annoying no matter which car you’re driving. However, for some reason, whenever I drive my 2008 Honda S2000, I feel as though anyone behind me has to ride up on my ...

Locked Your Keys in the Car: Who Do You Call?

There may be nothing more stressful than realizing you locked your keys in the car. It puts a damper on even the happiest of times, especially if you’re driving to an important event. Thankfully, the following four services can unlock ...

These 4 Gear Packing Tips Can Save Your Car Camping Adventure

One of the funniest things people can experience is driving their car on a road trip to visit various camping locations. While this can be a fun thing to do during the summer, there are some mundane aspects folks will ...

Is Hitting a Deer Really That Dangerous?

Every year, people from all parts of the country collide with wildlife with their vehicles at some point. The department of transportation helps to alert drivers of areas where animals are likely to cross the road with signs like deer ...

How to Figure out Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

Hybrid cars offer the best gas mileage without having an all-electric powertrain. But, not everyone can simply run out and get one. However, you can still save some money at the pump by figuring out your current vehicle’s gas mileage ...

6 Tips to Consider for Those That Travel at Night

Many people find themselves driving at night for various reasons. Maybe you went out for a night on the town and stayed out a little too late, or perhaps you’re coming home from a late shift at work. For others, night ...

Is It True That Deer Are More Active During the Fall?

As a motorist, you’re always on the lookout for hazards and obstacles that could result in a car accident. From pedestrians to other motorists, there are plenty of reasons to stay alert behind the wheel. But another danger involves wildlife, especially ...

Can the Police Help if You Locked Your Keys in the Car?

Newer vehicles nowadays often have a digital key of sorts. You can lock and unlock your car from your smartphone using an app. But, not every vehicle has this feature. If you’ve locked your keys in the car, can you ...

Can a Deer Whistle Prevent a Collision?

Deer can be a nuisance when you’re driving, especially during deer-mating season, beginning in September and October. As these woodland creatures become more active, you have a higher chance of accidentally hitting one. Deer also tend to cause more car ...

What Do You Need to Do When You Hit a Deer?

Hitting a deer is one of the most common accidents you may experience while driving. Since these animals often weigh between 155 to 200 pounds, your car will likely be left with at least some front-end damage. When you’re driving ...

What Are Daytime Running Lights and Why Do Modern Cars Have Them?

Despite driving them daily, many drivers don’t know much about some of their vehicles’ most basic components. And because they don’t, some drivers don’t know how to use them properly or why proper use is important. Take something as simple ...

Are You Using Your Hazard Lights Improperly?

You’ll find many lights on a car,  some that you should regularly use while others should only be used when absolutely necessary. Your hazard lights, also known as emergency lights, fall into the second category as sparingly used car lights. ...

Anti-speeding tech and 'black box' now mandatory in new EU cars

After ruling that motorists can no longer buy a new gasoline- or diesel-powered car after 2035, European Union regulators have passed a law that makes anti-speeding technology and a so-called black box mandatory for all new cars. The controversial ...

10 Great Car Gifts for Commuters That Drive Long Distances

The average daily American commuter spends roughly 152 hours a year in their cars while driving to work. However, for long-distance commuters, this could be a lot more.Just like remote workers love their personalized home décor, so should long-distance commuters ...


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