Google Chrome will let you disable extensions with one click

One of the great things about Google Chrome is the browser’s support for extensions that can improve your internet browsing experience. Maybe you need a password manager add-on for Chrome, or an ad-blocker. But the functionality can be abused, and ...

Google Meet gets 360-degree backgrounds, in-call emoji reactions

A bunch of new features are rolling out for the Google Meet app on Android. Google Meet already offers a plethora of features, and now it is getting 360-degree backgrounds and in-call emoji reactions. Speaking of 360-degree backgrounds, Google ...

Phoneless Google Maps navigation rolls out to Wear OS Galaxy smartwatches

Following last week’s announcement, Google is rolling out phoneless navigation support in Google Maps to Galaxy and other Wear OS smartwatches. This means Wear OS-powered smartwatches won’t require a paired phone for turn-by-turn navigation when using Google Maps just ...

Performers make pitiful returns on streaming their music, MPs say

Performers and creators are making a ‘pitiful’ amount of money from streaming their music online, MPs have said (PA) (PA Archive) Performers and creators are making a “pitiful” amount of money from streaming their music online, MPs have said. ...

Google Pixel 7 owners report video call quality problems

If you’ve noticed video calls on your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro are not quite as crisp as you expected them to be, you’re not alone. As spotted by Android Police, a Redditor complained this week that the ...

You can now react with an emoji during a Google Meet call

It’s time to bomb work meetings with the party emoji. In a blog post, Google announced the launch of emoji reactions in Google Meet, a feature that allows call attendees to express emotions and reactions directed at their coworkers ...

Google Docs and Slides Now Have Better Voice Support

​​monticello/ Whether you’re preparing a document or a big presentation, Google’s suite of online tools can be incredibly useful. And now, Docs and Slides are easier to use with your voice. The latest update to Google Workspace includes two ...

Android 13 may soon let Galaxy phone users transfer eSIM profiles

A new feature was discovered in Google’s recent Android 13 QPR2 Beta release, which may allow smartphone users to manage and transfer eSIM profiles more easily. These functionalities may become available for Galaxy smartphone users in the future. The ...

Android will soon allow screen recording for a specific app

Screen recording comes in handy when you have to explain something to someone, be it for personal use or uploading it to YouTube. The default behavior of any screen recording app on Android is that when you hit the ...

Google is testing a new option to let you force themed icons on any app

If you have joined the Android 13 beta program, then you are well aware that the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update is already live for Pixel devices. While there aren’t that many features to speak about, there are ...

You can easily access the transient taskbar in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2

The Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update is already released for the Google Pixel phones and brings some good-to-have features, including support for 21 Unicode 15 emoji. The Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update reportedly brings easier access to ...

Here’s what’s inside Google Play System’s January 2023 update

Pixel smartphones have already picked up the latest Android security updates. Now, Google has detailed all the changes that it will bring to your devices with the January 2023 Play System updates. The update basically packs under-the-hood improvements to ...

Android 13 QPR Beta 2 update brings 21 new emojis

Google has released the Android 13 QPR Beta 2 update for Pixel devices. The update is bundled with multiple bug fixes and also brings support for Unicode 15 emojis. Before the Android 13 QPR2 update goes stable in March, ...

Google wants to bring new features to older versions of Android

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, BGR may receive an affiliate commission. Google wants to bring new features to older versions of Android Android-Logo Google wants to take some of the ...

Google Messages app gets more Material You design tweaks

Google has updated the account switcher in the Google Messages app with Material You design and Dynamic Colour feature, reports 9To5Google. The latest design change is available in the newly-released beta version of the app. The account switching panel, ...

Seattle public schools sue Big Tech for ‘creating’ youth mental health crisis

Seattle schools want Big Tech to pay up for harming kids’ mental health. Getty Images Seattle’s public school district is suing some of the biggest social media companies, demanding the platforms pay up for poisoning kids’ brains and making ...

Google Maps adds high-def maps for Volvo and Polestar EVs

With CES 2023 in full swing, Google has a few announcements of its own, including two new features for Google Maps navigation. However, not all Google Maps fans will be able to enjoy the new functionalities, as they concern two ...

Android Auto redesign is finally rolling out for everyone

Google unveiled a brand new design for Android Auto at Google I/O in May 2022. After waiting months, the company finally released the public beta version of the redesigned Android Auto app in November 2022. Now, at CES 2023, ...

Google Maps now works on LTE versions of Galaxy Watches without a phone

Google has just announced that Google Maps will now work on Wear OS smartwatches with LTE connectivity even when they are not paired with a smartphone. That means Google Maps will now offer turn-by-turn navigation on Samsung’s LTE-enabled Wear ...

WhatsApp calling via Android Auto comes to Samsung and Pixel phones

CES 2023 brings a lot of good news, new products, and new technologies. A part of Google’s CES 2023 announcement was geared toward Android Auto, and the company finally released the redesigned version of Android Auto for everyone. The ...

Thanks to Wear OS 3, there are now 3x more active Wear OS devices

At Google I/O 2021, Google announced a refershed version of Wear OS (Wear OS 3), implementing the insights it got from its partner Samsung. Samsung also ditched its long-standing Tizen OS and adopted Wear OS 3 for its Galaxy ...

Android 13’s media switcher gets Spotify Connect support, some other media magic

At the ongoing CES 2023 expo, new products are being announced every day. Tech giant Google also revealed a new software magic that brings Spotify Connect support to Android 13’s media switcher. This feature is similar to what YouTube ...

Google’s big Android Auto redesign is rolling out now

Google is kicking off the year by launching the redesigned Android Auto software for cars. At CES 2023 on Thursday, Google began rolling out its “refreshed Android Auto experience,” which brings a new look to the car dashboard platform ...

Pixel 7a hands-on leak reveals a 90Hz display

Google’s affordable Pixel A series of smartphones has been well received since its inception and this year will see the Pixel 7a being launched – likely during Google I/O which is usually held in May. While we are still ...

Google Pixel 7a hands-on video leaks months before launch

Google’s utter inability to contain leaks appears to be alive and well in the new year. This week, a hands-on video featuring Google’s unreleased and unannounced Pixel 7a in the wild was shared in a Facebook group by someone ...

Google’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 rival coming in Q3 with Samsung’s help

Countless reports have indicated that Google is working a foldable smartphone of its own. The company has worked closely with Samsung to tailor Android OS for the foldable form factor. As Google is now serious about building its own ...

Google Home app now lets you control fans, air purifiers, TVs

The Google Home app lets you control compatible TVs running Android TV or Google TV. It can also help you control fans, air purifiers, TVs, and even vacuum cleaners. TV sets that are compatible with Nest Hub and the ...

Pixel 7 owners say the rear camera glass is spontaneously breaking

The Pixel 7 is easily one of the best Android phones on the market, and it also features one of the best camera systems of any smartphone. But it turns out the Pixel 7 might suffer from a severe ...

Circus clown ‘surprised’ at royal honour

Tweedy the clown has been awarded the British Empire Medal (Paul Reed/PA) A clown who has performed for decades has told of his surprise at being recognised in the New Year Honours list. Alan Digweed, 48, known as Tweedy ...

Google Nearby Share gets Material You makeover

Last month, it was reported that Google is all set to launch the Material You makeover for the Nearby Share feature on Android phones and tablets. Meanwhile, many other Google apps, including Android Auto and Google TV, have already received ...

Google Chrome to block insecure HTTP downloads on your Samsung phone

When you visit an HTTP website, Google Chrome on your Samsung or other Android mobile marks it as “not secure” in the address bar. Recently, Google introduced a new toggle in Chrome that can be found inside the security ...

Tech moguls lost a combined $433B in wealth in 2022 stock market dive

Elon Musk (pictured), Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sergey Brin have seen their net worth dip this year. EPA The nation’s tech titans lost an aggregate total of more than $430 billion as shares of their once-hot companies plummeted ...

Google Assistant beats Bixby, Siri, Alexa in this voice assistant test

Digital voice assistants have evolved over time, and now they can handle so many advanced tasks instead of just answering your questions about the weather and doing petty conversions. In the latest voice assistant comparison done by popular YouTuber ...

Ministers accused of squeezing police budgets over ageing cars

Police forces operate more than 1,500 cars which are over 10 years old, leading to claims that ministers are failing to give officers the resources they need (Peter Byrne/PA) (PA Archive) Police forces operate more than 1,500 cars which ...

YouTube Music testing live scrolling lyrics with a tweaked Casting UI

With Android 13, YouTube Music received support for Google Cast devices in the audio output switcher. Now, Google is testing live scrolling lyrics along with a tweaked Casting UI. The best part about this testing is that some users ...

Google adds a new Highlights tab to its Contacts app

After receiving the Material You makeover last month, Google is adding another feature, more specifically, a new tab, to its Google Contacts app on Android. Apart from the ‘Contacts’ and ‘Fix & Manage’ tabs in the new Material You ...

Android 14 will natively integrate Health Connect functions

Health Connect’s native integration in Android 14 appears to be headed in the right direction. Android would be able to compete with Apple and watchOS in the area of health and fitness data if the implementation of this API took ...

More Pixel features are coming to other Android 13 devices

It has been evident over the past several months that not all Android features that Google previously made available only on Pixel phones will do so indefinitely. More Android handsets today are taking advantage of several features offered by Google ...

Google Calendar Bug Randomly Creates Events

All those who have Google accounts should have used Google Calendar at least once in their lives. It has a number of smart features, such as creating event entries based on emails in your inbox. Agree that this is what ...

How To Move Photos From Google Drive To Google Photos

Key Takeaways Google Drive and Google Photos are cloud services – the former to store all your files and the latter to store your photos and videos. You get free cloud storage that is shared among Google Drive, Google Photos, ...


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