Study finds bad grammar makes people seem less attractive in online dating profiles

Ever wondered why you aren’t getting any matches on your online dating profile? A new study by Tilburg University reveals poor grammar could be hurting your chances of finding a new prospective partner. The researchers broke down the study ...

US-China tech war: brace for Beijing retaliation over chip export curbs, lawmaker tells Japanese firms

China is “100 per cent sure” to retaliate over Japanese backing for Biden administration restrictions on semiconductor exports, and firms facing the fallout should look for markets elsewhere, a ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker said. “China will come back ...

Scientists solve mystery behind 17th-century warship wreck found off Sussex coast

The wreck was discovered four years ago and was considered so important that it was granted the highest level of protection. Now, experts say it could offer a wealth of information about how Dutch ships were built.

Tencent’s Three-Body gets a thumbs up from Chinese viewers who wonder if Netflix version of sci-fi classic will be as authentic

The much-anticipated Chinese TV adaptation of the country’s bestselling sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem debuted this month to critical acclaim, setting up a rivalry with Netflix’s version, which is set to hit screens later in 2023. Three-Body, a 30-episode ...

Elon Musk meets with House leaders on Capitol Hill

Twitter CEO Elon Musk visited Capitol Hill on Thursday and met with House leaders from both parties, saying the discussions focused on the social media platform he purchased in October. In a tweet, Musk described the meeting with House ...

Intel's horrible quarter revealed an inventory glut and underused factories

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, with U.S. President Joe Biden (not pictured), announces the tech firm’s plan to build a $20 billion plant in Ohio, from the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus in Washington, January 21, 2022.Jonathan ...

Terrifying scenes as boy struck by lightning at NSW beach

Witnesses have described the terrifying moment that a boy went into cardiac arrest after a lightning bolt struck him while swimming at a NSW beach. The boy – believed to be aged 10 or under – was hit by ...

AI wrote a bill to regulate AI. Now Rep. Ted Lieu wants Congress to pass it.

WASHINGTON — One way to get Congress to support regulating artificial intelligence is by using it to write a resolution calling for just that. At least, that’s what Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., hopes. He’s introducing a non-binding measure Thursday that would ...

TikTok tries to sell ‘Project Texas’ as it fights for survival in the U.S.

TikTok is going on the offensive in Washington, D.C., in a stepped-up effort to counter calls to ban the app in the U.S. over its Chinese ownership. Senior executives at the popular video app and their lobbyists have been briefing ...

China’s ‘sharp increase’ in car exports leaves South Korea searching for a solution

In the face of China’s fast-growing auto industry that ranked second in the world last year in terms of car exports, there is a “pressing need” for the South Korean government to implement policies that help exporters compete with ...

Messaging or emailing your doctor? Be careful, it might cost you

Emailing your doctor might cost you. Getty Images/iStockphoto If you have a question for your doctor, but it’s not an emergency, sending an email is the easiest way to communicate. But beware. Some doctors are now charging a fee ...

Netflix reveals when it plans to stop users from sharing passwords

Back in October, Netflix said it would begin charging subscribers who share their accounts but did not give a specific date. AFP via Getty Images Netflix plans to bar users from sharing passwords for free by the end of ...

DOJ disrupts major ransomware group

The FBI has infiltrated and disrupted a major cybercriminal group that extorted schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure around the world, a law enforcement official told NBC News. Hive, one of the most prolific hacker gangs in the world, had received ...

NYSE says stock-trading chaos caused by staffer’s ‘manual error’

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange were scrambling on Tuesday due to a technical glitch at the opening bell. Getty Images Human error is to blame for the glitch that caused wild fluctuations in share ...

Rogue AI ‘could kill everyone,’ scientists warn amid ChatGPT craze

Researchers are calling rogue AI an “existential threat to humanity” that we need to regulate like nuclear weapons. Getty Images They’re warning of a global AI-pocalypse. While artificial intelligence systems might make lives exponentially easier, they could also have ...

StoryCo and 'Halo' showrunner team up to launch 'Disco Ball,' a blockchain-based immersive story that's a model for Hollywood's move into Web3

StoryCo’s first blockchain-based production is “The Disco Ball.”StoryCo The blockchain-based creative platform StoryCo is launching a new immersive storytelling concept. People who sign up for a StoryPass (an NFT) can collect digital art and have creative control over “The ...

Tesla shares pop over 10% on 'better than feared' earnings results, demand outlook

Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., departs court in San Francisco, California, US, on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023. Marlena Sloss | Bloomberg | Getty Images Tesla shares are up over 10% in premarket trading on Thursday, after beating ...

Facebook will ban Donald Trump again 'if necessary', says Nick Clegg

The former US president's two-year suspension from the social media platforms has come to an end.

How to watch asteroid live stream as NASA predicts fourth closest ever near miss with Earth

An asteroid will pass within 3,500km of Earth's surface on Friday - the fourth closest asteroid to skim past the planet since records began. Here's all you need to know about this special space event and how you can watch it live.

Baby deaths mystery from 1930s solved by researchers finding 'abnormal' gene shape link to vitamin D side-effects

A wave of baby deaths in the 1930s and 1940s was because of the vitamin D added to bread, milk and margarine. Most of those children would have had a gene mutation - but not all. Now scientists have discovered why some infants got sick even without the mutation.

Truck sized asteroid 2023 BU will pass by Earth Friday morning, according to NASA

There’s no need to start singing Aerosmith* but an asteroid due to fly past Earth is going to get really close tomorrow. NASA *SWEARS* the delivery-truck-sized asteroid will not hit us — but it will be one of the ...

Inside incredible floating city that could be straight off film Elysium with orb-like houses for 50,000 people

THESE stunning images take viewers inside the incredible floating city with orb-like houses that is planned to house 50,000 people in the future. The remarkable concept was hatched by an international team of architects and designers who will show ...

People are just realising Siri has 5 mind-blowing hacks you’ll want to use constantly

SIRI is getting more powerful by the day – so make sure you're taking advantage of it. Mastering Siri's many iPhone hacks can turn you into a real power user. Siri has loads of hidden tricksCredit: Apple If you ...

Check your iPhone right now – new setting can save you from snooping nightmare

A NEW iPhone update can help keep your most personal photos and texts safe. It's all thanks to a clever iPhone hack that was only just added by Apple. Anyone with iOS 16.3 can access Advanced Data ProtectionCredit: Apple ...

How to check if you’re about to lose access to BBC One – it’s very easy

THE BBC has started switching off channels to pave way for HD. It means anyone with an old SD-only satellite set-top box will soon lose all BBC channels unless they upgrade. If you see this message on channel 799 ...

Artificial skin has been created for robots so humanoids can feel things you can’t

ARTIFICIAL skin has been invented by scientists and it could give robots the ability to feel. The creepy invention is said to be much more sensitive than human skin and could allow machines to experience sensations that would be ...

Where in the sky is the green comet and how can I see it?

STAR gazers should keep their eyes peeled over the next week, as a once-in-a-lifetime comet graces the skies. It's known as C/2022 E3, and it is not just any comet – it glows a luminous green. It will be ...

Alert for 2billion WhatsApp users – genius ‘secret’ photo change is so useful

A NEW WhatsApp update makes a seriously handy change to sharing photos and videos. It's an important tweak too, given that it will affect billions of people around the world. WhatsApp is working on a very handy updateCredit: WhatsApp ...

Shapeshifting humanoid that can melt into liquid and reform just like Terminator 2 invented by scientists

FANS of the movie Terminator 2 may be terrified to learn that scientists have invented a “humanoid” that can melt and reform. The bizarre mini-robot figure has been described as a breakthrough as it can shapeshift and melt to ...

Hogwarts Legacy preview: The closest thing to getting your own Hogwarts letter

PLENTY of Harry Potter games have been released, but we were sceptical about Hogwarts Legacy due to numerous delays and rumours. Many games that end up in this cycle of delays are often stuck in development hell, and the ...

Ring doorbell owners are going wild for very cheap ‘must-buy’ accessory

RING doorbell owners are raving over a key accessory that can make your life much easier. We're talking about the Ring Chime, which is wildly popular on Amazon. The Ring Chime is a must-have accessoryCredit: Amazon Ring It's effectively ...

Everything announced at Xbox Developer Direct

LAST year, Xbox was carried by its amazing library of indie games, with few big budget titles taking the spotlight. To counter this, Xbox kicked off 2023 with a developer direct to showcase five of its biggest upcoming first-party ...

SAP to cut 3,000 roles, explore sale of Qualtrics stake

SAP headquarters.Krisztian Bocsi | Bloomberg via Getty Images German enterprise software firm SAP said Thursday that it will be cutting up to 3,000 jobs, or about 2.5% of its workforce, becoming the latest tech giant to announce significant layoffs. ...

Semiconductors and EVs will buck against the slump in 2023 after funding halved for China’s tech start-ups last year

Funding for China’s technology and internet start-ups halved last year amid pandemic controls and regulatory uncertainty, but the new energy and semiconductor industries are expected to be stand-out performers this year after landing the biggest deals of 2022. Investment ...

Tesla shelves plan to build second assembly line at Shanghai Gigafactory amid weak demand for premium electric vehicles in China

Tesla confirmed that there are no plans to increase capacity at its Shanghai Gigafactory, as the US carmaker grapples with weakening demand in the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market. “Production and delivery challenges in 2022 were largely concentrated ...

Tech key to Singapore’s economy, tech career opportunities abound despite global job cuts: Josephine Teo

SINGAPORE – Technology will continue to undergird the growth of Singapore’s economy and create job opportunities despite the ongoing massive tech job cuts around the world, said Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo said on Thursday. Singapore will also ...

Global Impact: US-China tech war’s toll made visible at world’s largest electronics show

If Washington has one message for China in 2023, it may as well be this: stay in your lane. And for many companies on display at the world’s largest electronics show earlier this month, it looked like that is ...

Perth weather: Storm warning as tropical cyclone Freddy expected to develop in WA

Wet and stormy weather is forecast to lash multiple states this week, with wild conditions refusing to take a break for the Australia Day public holiday. WA Tropical Cyclone Freddy is likely to develop in Western Australia on Saturday, bringing ...

Toyota's Thai unit sees car sales up 7.3%

Pedestrians walk across the busy Asok intersection in Bangkok on Tuesday. (Photo: Nutthawat Wicheanbut) The Thai unit of Toyota Motor Corp expects its car sales in the Southeast Asian country to rise 7.3% to 310,000 vehicles this year, the ...

Dutch lithography gear giant ASML expects steady China sales in 2023 despite US pressure on export curbs

ASML Holding’s exports to mainland China is likely to hold at last year’s level in 2023 despite ongoing US-Dutch government talks over new restrictions on the company’s sales to the country, CEO Peter Wennink said on Wednesday. ASML, which ...


Queensland beach evacuated as shark spotted 200m from flags

Dutch, US officials to talk chip-making gear export controls on China, with potential deal by end of January

4 of the most beautifully designed speakers money can buy: from Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 to the Kef Blade One Meta and Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus – which is the killer sound system for you?

Elon Musk's Twitter faces censorship allegations in India free speech battle

Donald Trump allowed back on Facebook and Instagram after two-year ban

Microsoft’s services resume after cloud outage hits users around the world

Tech war: China’s top memory chip maker YMTC to test the limits of innovation under US restrictions

Chat GPT could make these jobs obsolete: ‘The wolf is at the door’

Facebook and Instagram will reinstate Trump after two-year ban

Facebook and Instagram end Trump's suspension from platforms

Snapchat's role in fentanyl crisis probed during House roundtable: 'It's a Snap-specific problem'

Precision Neuroscience, co-founded by Neuralink alum, is creating a brain implant thinner than a human hair

Tech mogul Bryan Johnson, 45, ‘spends $2 million per year to get 18-year-old body’

Hopes stir for FTX creditors — but recovery could take 2 years, sources say

German cybersecurity officials looking into 'culprits' behind Microsoft outage

Earth's inner core may have stopped spinning as part of seven-decade cycle, say scientists

Snake catcher called after venomous reptile taken into hospital after bite

Microsoft investigating network issue causing outage of apps such as Teams, Outlook

Semiconductor giant ASML sees 2023 sales surge; says China revenue to be steady despite U.S. chip restrictions

Creepy AI predicts what the Apocalypse will look like after scientists reset Doomsday Clock for 2023

How to avoid your iPhone location being tracked – Apple reveals genius tips

League of Legends could get more cheaters than ever before

Millions of iPhones became ‘dangerous’ this week – but you can fix it in seconds

Microsoft cloud outage hits users globally

Microsoft services in major outage including Teams, Outlook, Store

Microsoft investigating Teams and Outlook outages as thousands of users report issues

Ants can 'sniff out' cancer in urine, scientists find

Tragedy as man dies at popular New South Wales swimming spot

ChatGPT to force university education to evolve

ByteDance primes short video app Douyin to challenge Meituan in on-demand local services amid China’s push to revive economy

Google job cuts hit 1,800 employees in California, including 27 massage therapists

Amazon strike: Worker describes feeling 'left behind'

Humid, unsettled conditions bringing on summer storms

Good vibrations help extend battery life

Justin Bieber sells music rights for $200 mn

On anniversary of NASA's Webb telescope reaching destination, here are the most striking images so far

Elon Musk testifies he had ‘no ill motive’ with Tesla tweet

DOJ files second antitrust suit against Google, seeks to break up its ad business

Justice Department sues Google for antitrust violations

How to reach your family in an emergency even if their iPhone is set to ‘do not disturb’

Sen. Josh Hawley plans to introduce bill to ban TikTok

‘Green comet’ passing earth for first time in 50,000 years can now be seen without telescope

There’s something very wrong with viral photo of British roast dinner – can you tell what?

Alert for WhatsApp users – new trick could save you from a texting nightmare

Alert issued to millions of Android users over danger ‘AI attack’ you must avoid

People are just noticing the extremely gross reason why your iPhone is so quiet

Esther Crawford — caught in sleeping bag — reportedly influential at Twitter

'Everything Everywhere' tops Oscar nominations Michelle Yeoh only the second Asian nominee in history for Best Actress

Twitter faces lawsuits over unpaid rent for U.S. HQ, U.K. office

Google workers demand ‘psychological safety’ from bosses after mass layoffs

Sea spiders can regrow lost anuses and sex organs - leaving scientists stunned

How Gen Zers are turning to dating apps like Bumble for platonic friendships

Dating app executives to join roundtable to stamp out violence

Apple MacBook pro M2 16in review: Identical looks but unrivalled power

Ancient Egyptian 'golden boy' mummy 'digitally unwrapped' for first time

Huge free upgrade handed out to millions of iPhone owners – claim it right now

Warning for millions of Android owners – your bank could be totally emptied

Netflix could be costing you extra every single month – fix your settings right now

Virtual AI ‘police’ will need to save us from online scamming ‘arms race’, expert warns

XtalPi rides on AI to expand into materials science as Tencent-backed pharma firm plans expansion in Shanghai, Hong Kong