The tablet, which sits halfway between a smartphone and a laptop, continues to remain popular. Find out which tablet to buy by reading this guide of the best tablets available in 2022.

Even if the market for tablets isn’t as active as it once was, some people still value the industry. Tablets have touch screens that range in size from 8 to 13 inches, fitting in between smartphones and laptops. With its iPads, which are the best models available regardless of the price range, Apple has historically dominated the tablet market.

Thanks to more powerful processors and accessories like keyboards that make tablets more of a hybrid device, tablets are currently stepping more and more on the toes of ultrabook computers. More and more features that were formerly exclusive to desktop operating systems are being included in their operating systems. It is now possible to switch from an ultrabook to a tablet, particularly on Apple models that get special attention from software providers like Adobe or Microsoft.

Tablets make great portable entertainment systems or family computing devices. They can be useful for students as well, particularly those studying the arts who might use a stylus with them.

What tablets are the best in terms of both your needs and your budget? Check out our guide to make the best choice.

How to choose the best tablet for you?

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The popularity of tablets has decreased as smartphones get bigger. This explains why, with the help of keyboards or styluses, they are becoming increasingly focused on productivity. As a result, even though top-of-the-line tablets continue to be excellent devices for web navigation and entertainment, they are primarily evolving into tools for creation. Also, less expensive products always make excellent secondary devices for watching Netflix or Disney+ on the go.

The number of brands remaining actively competing in the market has drastically decreased as a result of the tablet market’s decline. Apple and Samsung are the two giants that control the majority of the market. Other manufacturers have recently returned to the market or entered it. This is the case with Xiaomi, which provides an affordable high-quality Android tablet, as well as Realme and Huawei.

Now that smartphones have screens as big as 7 inches, we suggest switching to tablets of 10 inches or more to make the most of your tablet. Smaller devices, perhaps as small as 8 inches, might be justified in some more unique circumstances. With its Fire HD 8 model, Amazon also provides a middle ground that may be appealing to some.

The Top 5 tablets available in the market in 2022

Apple iPad Air M1 (2022): The best iPad

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The iPad Air’s comparison to the iPad Pro is even more pertinent for its 2022 model. The Bionic chip has been replaced in the latest tablet version by the Apple M1 CPU. The guarantee is to provide you with power similar to that found on MacBooks or even iPad Pros.

Since the lines of its new tablet are unchanged, Apple maintains its conservatism in the design department. The screen is still 10.9 inches in size and has a Full HD display. It also provides the standard 60 Hz refresh. Additionally, the iPad Air offers optional 5G compatibility. Simply put, it is the best tablet currently available on the market given its price. For the entry-level model with 64 GB of storage, the cost of the new iPad Air is $599.

We advise you to spend money on a case and a keyboard if you want to turn it into a more serious work computer. We chose the Logitech Folio for this category because of its superb manufacturing quality, the comfort of its keyboard, and the inclusion of a touchpad.

Do you find the iPad Air to be a little too bulky? You now have access to the updated iPad mini, which features an 8.3-inch screen, an Apple A15 processor, and a more contemporary design. Although the cost increases a little, this is a great small alternative to the iPad Air.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: The best Android tablet

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Samsung is the only company that can challenge Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. The Korean manufacturer is attempting to test the limits of its capability with the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The outcome is undoubtedly insufficient to match the iPad Pro M1, but Android users will still be able to access their accounts.

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First, be aware of how large the tablet is. It offers a stunning 14.6-inch screen that has a notch at the top. The Samsung touchscreen is of the highest caliber as usual. You have a right to a 120 Hz refresh rate as well as a good contrast. To experience the best possible performances, keep the mode on Vivid.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has strong internal power. In fact, the tablet has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It is among the best devices you can use with Android because it enables you to run any software at its full potential. The Apple M1 chip is the only one that outperforms the Snapdragon CPU. Finally, the tablet offers a full-day of battery life.

It is not the most affordable option on our list, coming in at $1,099. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is, however, a very high-quality product, as its test suggests.

Our recommendation is to look at tablets from the previous generation if you want to spend a little less money and still get a tablet that performs well. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is still great in this situation, but it has a less powerful processor and touchscreen.

Apple iPad 10 (2022): The best cheap iPad available

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With the tenth generation of the iPad, Apple updates this entry-level tablet in its catalog as it does every year. The price of this tablet has increased slightly due to inflation, topping $449, but in exchange, the iPad 10 offers some useful new features. The appearance of the USB-C port in particular is advantageous.

Above all, the iPad 10’s iPadOS software provides a full user experience. This one is jam-packed with widgets and apps. Daily use is truly enjoyable. The Apple A14 Bionic chip, on the other hand, supplies the internal power. Depending on the version picked, it comes with 64 or 256 GB of storage. The performance offered is adequate for most use cases, but if you want to go further, you must use an M1.

The iPad 10 has a two-day battery life without experiencing any major issues. The tablet charges to 100% in one and a half hours using the 120W charger included in the box. One more thing about the screen. The 10.9-inch LCD panel has a respectable brightness, which in our test was measured at 501 cd/m2. It is accurately calibrated for daily use.

The iPad 10’s price increase is its only real flaw compared to the previous generation. If you want a product that will last over time, in our opinion, you must make this investment.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 M1: The most powerful iPad

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By incorporating the same Apple M1 processor as the MacBook Pro M1, performance rises as a result, and as an added bonus, application development is much simpler. This is the case of the iPad Pro 12.9 with the M1 chip. It’s the most powerful iPad in the lineup.

There are still more changes coming because Apple is adding a mini-LED panel to its most expensive tablet. Mini-LED technology, which is already used in some televisions, offers increased brightness and, more importantly, a higher contrast ratio. Please be aware that the 11-inch model does not have the latest screen technology; only the 12.9-inch model does.

Since it got a 12 MP ultra wide-angle sensor, the front camera is also getting a nice improvement. The latter keeps you in the picture at all times during video conversations by using the M1’s power to provide an excellent tracking function.

A brand-new (and incredibly pricey) keyboard called Magic Keyboard is included with this new iPad Pro. When used with this accessory, the iPad Pro further blurs the line between a tablet and a regular computer. It clearly stands out as the greatest tablet for working in general. Its price is also comparable to a high-end computer.

Xiaomi Pad 5: The best affordable Android tablet

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While extremely active in the smartphone business, Xiaomi is now playing it cool in the tablet market. With this Pad 5, which directly combats the Apple iPad 10, the situation has changed.

It uses a 16:10 format and has an attractive design and aluminum construction. The 11-inch screen itself provides a generally acceptable image. We greatly value its compatibility with 120 Hz, which is really uncommon at this price point. The inclusion of a Snapdragon 860 is also a welcome surprise. The chip is strong and excels at gaming in particular. There is nothing wrong with autonomy. Depending on the needs, we will typically get about 10 hours.

As is customary with Xiaomi MIUI, which is included in version 12.5, provides the software component. Overall, the user experience is thus positive, despite the fact that Android’s tablet application issues cannot be fixed by the user interface alone.

Xiaomi Pad 5 gets the title of the best affordable Android tablet in this guide. It’s a reliable mid-range device that will be appealing to people who do not like iPads. Find our review of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 for additional details.


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