today’s wordle answer (august 18th, 2022): puzzle 425 hints, clues, and solution

The Wordle answer today for August 18th, 2022, sounds weird to some, but unmistakably distinctive to others.

If you’ve got a good ear, you might even be able to hear where Puzzle 425 is from just by listening to it.

Given yesterday’s Wordle, it’s ironic for an uncommon combination to come up back-to-back – especially given the definition of that word. However, this time around you’ve got a difficult collocation of letters at both ends of the word.

On top of that, there aren’t many vowels for you to work with, but at least you probably got it as a green letter early on, if not with your very first guess. The trouble with this puzzle is the disparate collection of consonants, that anyone could struggle with narrowing down in just 6 guesses.

To help you get ahead of the game, we’ve compiled some Wordle hints for August 18th, 2022, to get you started, while we’ve also updated our list of recent solutions from over the last month so you know what to avoid.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

There’s so much choice in Wordle, it can feel like you’re expected to pluck the right letters from out of the air. But once you’ve zeroed in on your target, there’s nothing left to do other than hold your breath and let fly.

So you can hear the distinctive, sweet sound of victory for yourself, here are some Wordle hints to kick things off!

Your clues for Puzzle 425 are:

  • The answer contains just 1 vowel, right in the middle
  • The word shares its first 2 letters with a popular live streaming site, as well as a short form social media platform
  • The last 2 letters spell out the internet domain code for the most populous country in Africa

Previous Wordle Answers

There might be a new Wordle every day, but it’s still good to know what’s already been used. Words only ever appear once and there are still thousands of possibilities to pick from. However, if you look through this list of recent solutions you might be able to see some patterns or get a couple of ideas for letters.

  • #394 – Flock – July 18
  • #395 – Angry – July 19
  • #396 – Trite – July 20
  • #397 – Aphid – July 21
  • #398 – Tryst – July 22
  • #399 – Midge – July 23
  • #400 – Power – July 24
  • #401 – Elope – July 25
  • #402 – Cinch – July 26
  • #403 – Motto – July 27
  • #404 – Stomp – July 28
  • #405 – Upset – July 29
  • #406 – Bluff – July 30
  • #407 – Cramp – July 31
  • #408 – Quart – August 1
  • #409 – Coyly – August 2
  • #410 – Youth – August 3
  • #411 – Rhyme – August 4
  • #412 – Buggy – August 5
  • #413 – Alien – August 6
  • #414 – Smear – August 7
  • #415 – Unfit – August 8
  • #416 – Patty – August 9
  • #417 – Cling – August 10
  • #418 – Glean – August 11
  • #419 – Label – August 12
  • #420 – Hunky – August 13
  • #421 – Khaki – August 14
  • #422 – Poker – August 15
  • #423 – Gruel – August 16
  • #424 – Twice – August 17

Today’s Wordle Answer August 18th

The Wordle answer today is twang.

Originally referring to the sound of a plucked bow string or stringed instrument, the word twang eventually also came to mean other kinds of distinctive or characteristic sound, like the twang of someone’s accent.

While similar words exist in Old English – like “twengen” which meant to pinch something – the best theory on the origin of twang is that it comes from people imitating the sound of plucked strings.

This is called an onomatopoeia and is a very common form of word formation, including words like hiss, pop and bang.

That’s another puzzle in the bag, but there are still plenty more left on the internet to discover. Get you next fix from one of these Wordle alternatives!


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