Save £50 on the Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130 telescope

This app-enabled telescope comes with the usual Celestron quality and is a handy £50 off on Wex Photo Video with a discount for US-based astronomers, too.

Space Diamonds are Even Harder Than Earth Diamonds

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an international team of researchers led by Monash University in Australia have verified the existence of a rare hexagonal structure of diamond called lonsdaleite, within ...

Launches: Last West Coast Delta IV launch September 24

Launches: Last West Coast Delta IV launch September 24 The final United Launch Alliance Delta IV heavy-lift vehicle lifting off from California will take flight at 2:53 p.m. PT (21:53 UTC) on September 24, 2022, from Vandenberg Space Force ...

NASA Artemis I Launch Might See Another Delay due to Weather Issues as a Tropical Storm is Forming

NASA Artemis I got another launch date for its most-awaited flight, which would take place by Tuesday next week, September 27, but there are speculations on yet another delay for the mission. It is because of weather issues that may ...

DART asteroid crash: What time will NASA probe hit Dimorphos on Sept. 26?

NASA's DART spacecraft will crash into the asteroid Dimorphos on Sept. 26 at 7:14 p.m. EDT. Here's how the day will unfold.

Come 2026, Queens kids won’t have to travel far to visit a planetarium

Queens is getting its very first planetarium as part of a larger real-estate development in Astoria, according to Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris. Outer space is hurtling towards the outer boroughs. In just four years’ time, Senate Deputy Leader ...

NASA James Webb Captures HD Neptune Ring Photo — Definitely Better Than Voyager 2's 1989 Image

The advanced NASA James Webb Space Telescope captured another stunning image. This time, JWST took a high-definition photo of Neptune’s rings. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)NASA James Webb Captures HD Neptune Ring Photo—Definitely Better Than Voyager 2’s 1989 Image The international ...

Wonder at the 'false dawn' of zodiacal light in early autumn

Zodiacal light, or "false dawn," is a phenomenon that occurs when sunlight is scattered by interplanetary dust.

'Drag sail' to deorbit satellites receives $750K in seed funding

Commercial sales of the Spinnaker drag sail may start as soon as 2023.

NASA confident it will kill its DART spacecraft after asteroid collision

Usually associated with bad news, hearing the phrase “loss of signal” will be a reason to celebrate for the team behind NASA’s DART spacecraft scheduled to run smack into an asteroid on Monday. Most NASA spacecraft last years or ...

Dead stars in Milky Way's companion galaxy cause mysterious gamma-ray cocoon

The Fermi bubbles are massive structures extending from the Milky Way, reaching 50,000 light-years in length.

NASA's Artemis 1 moon launch scheduled for Sept. 27 despite gathering storm

The weather may force a rethink in the next day or so.

Avanti turns to regional operator partnerships to expand satellite coverage

TAMPA, Fla. — U.K.-based Avanti Communications is seeking more partnerships to grow its footprint after securing its first major deal to use another regional satellite operator’s capacity. Avanti announced a five-year partnership with Turkey’s Turksat Sept. 13 that pools ...

Do you want to join the challenge to explore the moon?

The Archytas Dome region of the lunar surface is the target area for the EXPLORE Lunar Data Challenges 2022. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University/EXPLORE/Jacobs University Lunar enthusiasts of all ages are challenged to help identify features on the moon that ...

Monday will be the closest Jupiter is to Earth in nearly six decades

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Stargazers across the globe will get a great view of Jupiter come Monday night, weather permitting. The solar system’s largest planet will be unusually close to the Earth on Monday, astronomers said. It marks the ...

Project counts down Ariel exoplanet targets

Artist’s impression of Ariel on its way to Lagrange Point 2 (L2). Here, the spacecraft is shielded from the Sun and has a clear view of the whole sky. Credit: ESA/STFC RAL Space/UCL/Europlanet-Science Office Details of the orbits of ...

NASA updates exploration objectives

PARIS — NASA has revised and expanded a set of objectives it will use to guide its architecture for lunar and Mars exploration after receiving volumes of feedback from commercial and international partners. The agency released the revised list ...

FCC denies SpaceX $900 million in Starlink funding

Starlink should have received nearly $900 million in grants, SpaceX charges, saying the funding ruling was 'grossly unfair.'

Surprising New Features of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Defy Current Understanding

Artist’s conception of Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) in China. Credit: Jingchuan Yu Fast Radio Bursts – A Puzzling and Deepening Mystery An international team of scientists reveals an evolving, magnetized environment and surprising source location for deep-space ...

Scientists trace high-energy particles back to sun's plasma

The findings could help researchers predict dangerous space weather.

One ship in two centuries: the strange tale of the SS Warrimoo

The SS Warrimoo, plying the waters of the Pacific. (Credit: Confederation Marine Modellers / Public domain) “Be good and you will be lonesome,” Mark Twain wrote under a photograph of himself. The author sits on a folding chair, his ...

Webb Scans a Nearby Brown Dwarf and Finds it has Clouds Made of Sand

In its first few months of operation, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is already proving that it was well worth the wait! To date, it has provided astronomers with the most detailed and precise images of the cosmos, ...

Planetary-scale 'heat wave' discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere

Europlanet Media Centre A panning-view of Jupiter’s upper atmospheric temperatures, 1000 kilometers above the cloud tops. Jupiter is shown on top of a visible image for context. In this snapshot, the auroral region (near the northern pole, in yellow/white) ...

NASA says test good enough to try for Artemis launch next week

The Artemis I unmanned lunar rocket sits on the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on August 25, 2022. Credit: NASA NASA announced Thursday that the cryogenic fueling test this week at Kennedy Space ...

There’s a Blob of Gas Orbiting Around the Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole

Sagittarius A* (Sag A) is usually a pretty quiet object, as supermassive black holes go. It’s not wildly active, like the object at the heart of M87, for example. But, every once in a while, there’s a little action ...

Humans are not “tribal”

More than 200 million people were killed in the 20th century due to war and acts of genocide. Many of these conflicts were rooted in ethnic, national, religious, political, or other forms of identity-group conflict. The 21st century is ...

Hilton partners with Voyager Space to design astronaut quarters for Starlab station

Hilton will partner with Voyager Space to design living quarters for astronauts on its Starlab commercial space station, the companies announced Tuesday. The hotel giant will work with the private space technology firm to develop communal areas, hospitality suites, ...

Calibrating the luminosity of nearby stars to refine calculations of universe age and expansion

Astronomers use the brightness of a type of exploding star known as a supernova type IA (seen here as bright blue dot to the left of a remote spiral galaxy) to determine the age and expansion rate of the ...

ESA selects Harmony as tenth Earth Explorer mission

ESA has chosen Harmony, to move to the next phase, Phase-A, of development as the tenth Earth Explorer mission. Harmony is envisaged as a mission with two satellites that orbit in formation with one of the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites ...

ULA’s Delta 4 prepares for final West Coast launch as Vandenberg officials seek new tenants

After completing the NROL-91 mission, ULA will start vacating SLC-6 and consolidate operations at SLC-3 WASHINGTON — A United Launch Alliance Delta 4 Heavy rocket is scheduled to launch a National Reconnaissance Office mission Sept. 24 from Space Launch ...

Best used lenses for digital cameras in 2022

Buy used lenses to save money and bag bargains with good discounts without skimping on image quality.

How do DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other forms of generative AI work?

DALL-E is spooky good. Not so many years ago, it was easy to conclude that AI technologies would never generate anything of a quality approaching human artistic composition or writing. Now, the generative model programs that power DALL-E 2 ...

Cyclones circling Jupiter's poles still baffling space scientists

Infrared image of the northern hemisphere of Jupiter as seen by JIRAM. Credit: Nature Astronomy (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41550-022-01774-0 A team of space scientists affiliated with multiple institutions in the U.S., working with a colleague from Italy and another from ...

Raise a bottle: Maison Mumm champagne to fly on Axiom Space missions

The bubbly will fly on Axiom crewed missions beginning in 2023.

China unveils research data from SDGSAT-1 satellite

Sketch map of the SDGSAT-1 satellite. /CMG China has started to provide free access to data globally from the Sustainable Development Science Satellite 1 (SDGSAT-1) for scientific research, according to the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable ...

Mysterious ripples in the Milky Way were caused by a passing dwarf galaxy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Using data from the Gaia space telescope, a team led by researchers at Lund University in Sweden has shown that large parts of the Milky Way’s outer disk vibrate. The ripples are caused by a ...

Northrop Grumman Meets Rocket Motor Casting Milestone on Road to Sentinel's First Flight

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) successfully cast the LGM-35A Sentinel program’s first inert stage-one and stage-two solid rocket motor set this summer. The casting event demonstrated the maturity of Sentinel’s solid rocket motor design and validated manufacturing processes, advanced ...

Can the James Webb Space Telescope really see the past?

Scientists want to use Webb to see the beginning of the universe. How is that possible?

National Geographic Astro Planetarium star projector review

We’ve tested a number of star projectors but the National Geographic Astro Planetarium is the first one we’ve had our hands on which is true to the selected time and date. Prior to the review, we assumed it would be ...

Weightless on Earth with Vivaldi

During missions on the International Space Station, astronauts’ bodies go through a wide array of changes due to lack of gravity – everything from vision to cardiovascular health to bone density is affected. Though astronauts exercise and take supplements ...


NASA and Google team up to better track local air pollution

Data from GAIA space telescope reveals galaxy's original nucleus

Team identifies parent body materials in Ryugu asteroid

An Astronaut Captured Mount Doom in New Zealand from International Space Station

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Einstein’s theory of general relativity passes another test, with implications for dark matter and dark energy

Here is the first direct look at Neptune’s rings in more than 30 years

Jupiter's Cyclone Perfect Geometric Arrangement Stayed Stable For Years

New Trio Adapting to Life Onboard Space Station Before Next Crew Goes Home

Axiom Space to fly Saudi astronauts

NASA giving update about Artemis 1 moon mission today: Listen live

The Drake equation for alien intelligence is more important than ever

Neptune was discovered on this date in 1846

VP Kamala Harris calls to diversify US space workforce

See Jupiter at its best this week

James Webb, Hubble space telescopes will try to watch DART asteroid impact

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Tests Autonomous Navigation System Using Jupiter and Europa

Which hurricane caused the most damage?

Ancient tide marks show the Moon once orbited much closer to Earth

Orbital motion detected near black hole event horizon

Deepest scientific ocean drilling effort sheds light on Japan’s next ’big one’

What the ’prey’ of a peregrine falcon tells us about the beginnings of our solar system

SES considering quantum cryptography satellite system

Ask Ethan: Why does nature obey laws at all?

More Than 15,000 Space Junk on Mars Surface Accumulated for Over 50 Years, Scientists Claim

“Astonishing” – Cat’s Eye Nebula Seen in 3D for the First Time

Saudi Arabia's first space program to include female astronaut: report

Scientists stumped by strange polygon-shaped cyclones on Jupiter

How to watch NASA slam a spacecraft into an asteroid on Monday

SES-led group to deploy quantum security satellite for Europe in 2024

DART asteroid-smashing mission 'on track for an impact' Monday, NASA says

Axiom’s Next Trip to the ISS Will Carry the First Saudi Woman in Space

Big planets get a head start in pancake-thin nurseries

NASA's Juno will perform close flyby of Jupiter's icy moon Europa

2022 Arctic summer sea ice tied for 10th-lowest on record

SpaceX rolls Starship Super Heavy booster off pad to prep for epic launch (video)

China's Tianwen-1 Mars mission wins international space award

The World’s Ground Stations are Getting Ready to Watch a Spacecraft Crash Into an Asteroid Next Week!

NASA's planetary defense mission will test asteroid deflection, but how realistic is it?

Satellites track 5 storms as Atlantic hurricane season heats up

Marlink plans to offer Starlink to maritime customers

Saudi Arabia aims to launch 1st woman to space as soon as 2023

Mangata seeks permission to connect UK user terminals

We know how much all life on Earth weighs. Here’s why that is important information

SkyView stargazing app review: locate stars and planets with your smartphone

China wants to probe Uranus and Jupiter with 2 spacecraft on one rocket

Reanalysis of data places new constraints on powerful extragalactic technosignatures

Marlink to offer Starlink to maritime and enterprise customers

The surprising psychological effect of tracking your expenses

Get up to $260 off these Anycubic Photon series 3D printers from Amazon

NASA's InSight Mission Discovers 4 New Mars Craters Relevant to Study Martian Seismic Activity

Final power generation unit on left bank of China's Baihetan hydropower station goes into operation

'Avatar' returns to theaters this weekend in stunning 4K 3D

ARPA-H: High-risk, high-reward health research is the mandate of new US agency

The Milky Way's supermassive black hole has a hot spot

Acid lake atop real-life 'Mount Doom' captured in striking new image from space station

The secret history of 7 common words

China keeps close sci-tech cooperation with major innovative countries despite U.S. tech war: Official

JPSS-2 begins launch processing

Gas bubble swirls around the heart of the Milky Way

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