The ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Don’t have space for a guest bedroom?

When guests are over, it must feel awkward when you grab a pillow and blanket from your linen closet and point to the comfiest chair in your home. It might be great to sit in, but not to sleep on.

For smaller homes, a sofa bed provides the best of both worlds. Not only do they come in a variety of styles to match any decor, but they’re soft and soothing regardless of whether you’re sitting back and relaxing or having a snooze.

Choosing the best sofa bed for your guests takes careful consideration. Below, you’ll learn about the various styles of sofa beds available and the features to look for when shopping around. We’ve even listed six of our favourites from some of the best brands in Australia.

So lay back and get comfy. Here’s everything you need to know.

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An overview of the best sofa beds

An overview of the best sofa beds. If you want to go straight to our selection of the best sofa beds, then here’s a shortcut to find the perfect fit for your home:

The best sofa beds in Australia

If you urgently need a sofa bed and don’t have time to research options, you can’t go wrong with one of these styles. We’ve broken down these models into categories to help you choose the best one to guarantee happy guests.

shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Emma Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Best sofa bed in Australia: Emma Sofa Bed

Chic, simple and most importantly, comfortable. The Emma Sofa Bed has received several recommendations from respected and renowned publications such as The Latch, Finder, and Tom’s Guide.

It’s easy to see why. The cushions are made from CertiPUR-US foam, providing a cloud-like feeling when sitting or lying on it. The timber frame is also sturdy and durable.

The Emma Sofa Bed has storage space under the armrests for pillows and blankets. It’s easy to assemble and requires no tools to construct the bed component.

Rearranging it back into a couch is just as effortless. It seamlessly folds back into place as soon as your guests have walked out the door.



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shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Eva Slideaway Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Best sleeper sofa bed: Eva Slideaway Sofa Bed

The Eva Slideaway Sofa Bed isn’t your typical sofa bed. It has three modes.

There’s the three-seater comfy couch where you and your guests can sit back and enjoy each other’s company. If you and your visitors want to put your feet up, you can transform it into a day bed.

Slide it out a little further, lay out the duvet-wrapped memory foam cushion, and you’ve got a bed for your guests. It can easily fit two people or for the sleeper that rolls around endlessly during the night.



Impress your guests by getting the Eva Slideaway Sofa Bed

shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Koala 3-Seater Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Most comfortable sofa bed: Koala 3-Seater Sofa Bed

Koala mattresses are well-known throughout Australia. But the company has expanded into other furnishings, including a sofa bed. Using their knowledge and expertise in providing sound sleep to thousands of customers, they’ve designed a model that will convince your guests to stay over more often.

You can opt for a 1.5-seater, 2.5-seater or 3-seater sofa bed. There are also multiple colour options so that it blends with the rest of your furnishings.

Assembling the bed only takes one step. The backrest and seat roll out to form a comfortable mattress. Throw on your pillows and blankets, and your guests can head off to Slumberland.

shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

John McDonald, (Skimlinks eCommerce Account Manager) and his Koala Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Our hands-on review:

“Moving into our new house, we wrestled with turning the spare room into an office or a guest room. The Koala sofa bed solved this dilemma! Most of the time, it’s a comfortable 3 person sofa in our home office. The stylish design looks great on Zoom calls, and it’s the perfect spot for a coffee break between meetings. The conversion to a bed is incredibly easy - no tools needed, and it folds out smoothly.

When we have guests, they consistently rave about the comfort! We even hosted my partner’s parents for a whole 6 weeks when they visited from the UK – a true test it passed with flying colours. Overall, the Koala sofa bed has been a brilliant purchase for anyone who needs a flexible space solution. It’s stylish, comfortable, and incredibly convenient!” -

- John McDonald, Skimlinks eCommerce Account Manager (item purchased, not gifted)



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shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Koala Stunner Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Best sofa bed with storage: Koala Stunner Sofa Bed

If you live in a small place, you need to make the most of every square inch. That means maximising your space and using multi-purpose furniture like the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed.

Not only can you transform this sofa into a bed in just three steps, but it also features storage underneath the mattress base. You can store linen, pillows or anything your heart desires.

The frame is made from carbon steel, and the timber panels are a blend of plywood and birch. As for the fabric covering the sofa bed, it is both durable and stain-resistant. It makes for a sturdy piece of furniture suitable for adults and children.



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shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Koala Cushy Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Best sofa bed for small spaces: Koala Cushy Sofa Bed

You’ve got plenty of options to choose from with the Koala Cushy Sofa Bed. It comes in a 1.5-seater, 2.5-seater and 3-seater. There are also seven colours available for each model.

But most importantly, each model is comfy. It features a perfectly angled backrest and cushioned armrests designed to make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. The best is just as glorious. It only takes one step to assemble, with the base cushion folding out into a luxurious mattress.

The mattresses are made from polyester fibre and urethane foam chips, meaning they are firm. So, it might take a little time to soften them. But they are enjoyable to sit and sleep on.



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shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Eva Everyday Sofa. Credit: Supplied.

Best corner sofa bed: Eva Everyday Sofa

For a truly modular sofa bed experience, look no further than the Eva Everyday Sofa. You have the power to design the length based on the dimensions of your room. But we recommend choosing one of the L-shaped designs as it provides enough legroom for your guests to sleep on.

You can also choose the arm type. The low arm is perfect for resting a pillow on, but the high arm is ideal if you plan on using it more as a sofa than a bed.

The frame is made from solid hardwood and light plywood, making it sturdy but easy to rearrange. The covers are 100% polyester, and the cushions feature multiple layers of density foam, so they’re easy to sink into.



Choose your personalised Everyday Sofa design

shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Aero 2 Seater Sofa Bed. Credit: Supplied.

Best two-seater sofa bed: Aero 2 Seater Sofa Bed

If you need a sofa bed that will take up the least space possible, a two-seater option is the way to go.

The Aero 2 Seater Sofa Bed offers a minimalist design that’s not only space-efficient but comfy. The material is 100% polyester fabric, and the mattress is made from foam that’s 12 cm thick and doubles as the seat cushion.

It has a Scandinavian design with round tapered legs on the bed, giving it an elegant style that looks great in any room you put it in.



Complete your home with the Aero 2 Seater Sofa Bed

Popular types of sofa beds

Sofa beds have evolved from the clunky, springy designs of the past. They now come in multiple styles to cater for different spaces and needs. These are some of the options you’ll find available today.

Sleeper sofa beds

A sleeper sofa bed is an ideal choice for a smaller home. It’s a couch, first and foremost. But it has a mattress and frame concealed underneath the cushions that slide out when it’s time to go to sleep. Sometimes, there are storage options for the pillows and blankets.

One of the downsides is the mattresses tend to be relatively thin. It’s great for guests who only plan to stay the night. But if visitors are bunking with you longer, you might want to consider other models.

Click-clack style

These types of sofa beds are similar to your classic beach chair. The back of the sofa can be folded back flat and locked into place. No additional mattresses or accessories are required to transform it into a bed.

Click-clack sofa beds don’t suit all living rooms. If your couch is placed against a wall, you’ll need to rearrange your space before folding it back. This might not be ideal if you don’t have a lot of room.

Stacked sofa beds

Another popular style involves stacking beds on top of one another to form a sofa. These models don’t generally have armrests, but they are comfy. The cushions are often made from memory foam, making them soft to sit in and relaxing to sleep on. Plus, they are easy to assemble.

The main issue with stacked sofa beds is the designs are limited. They are made for practicality as opposed to style. But your guests will love them. Two people can have their own mattresses, or one person can put the beds side by side and stretch out in luxury.

Modular sofa beds

Rather than stacking a sofa, you can opt for a modular style. These models come in sections that can be purchased as a set, or you can build your own. The parts are arranged to create a sectional sofa or an inviting bed.

While it’s easy to assemble a modular sofa bed, they’re not always the comfiest. Your guests will need to adjust their sleeping position to cater for the spaces between sections. You can purchase a thin mattress to place on top or get a chaise sectional to act as the bed.

Corner sofa beds

Corner or chaise sofa beds feature a mattress hidden inside the longest part of the couch. When the time comes for your guests to go to sleep, you slide out the frame, and the bed blends with the couch’s cushions.

While you get a stylish couch, the corner sofa bed can vary in comfort levels for guests sleeping over. You’ll want to choose a mattress that is just as pleasant as the cushions of the couch. Otherwise, if they roll over, it will feel quite weird, leading to a disruptive sleep.

shop now, lifestyle, shopping, the ultimate guide to finding the best sofa bed for your guests

Best sofa beds in Australia. Credit: Supplied.

Sofa bed features to consider

To provide your guests with an enjoyable stay without sacrificing comfort in your home, you will want to study the features of a sofa bed. There are several factors to consider. Here are the most important ones.

Frequently asked questions

How much should I spend on a sofa bed?

Sofa beds can cost anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars. Make a list of your non-negotiable features and compare prices for models within your price range.

What is the best mattress type for a sofa bed?

Inner-spring mattresses are considered the most comfortable for sofa beds. However, memory foam styles from brands such as Koala are also popular.

How easy are sofa beds to assemble?

Sofa beds from Koala, Eva and Emma make it effortless to transform a couch into a bed. It can often be completed within three steps or less.

Can I use a sofa bed every day?

You can use a sofa bed for everyday use. But it will never be as comfortable as a traditional bed. They often feature grooves or gaps, which are ideal for short-term guests rather than long-term sleeping.

How do I clean and maintain a sofa bed?

Many options, like the Eva Everyday Sofa and Eva Slideaway Sofa Bed, allow you to remove and machine wash the coverings. Other models from Koala and Emma can be vacuumed or cleaned on the spot.

What are some good Australian brands for sofa beds?

There are multiple high-quality sofa bed brands in Australia. Our recommendation is Koala, Eva and Emma. Some others include Ecosa and Drake.

Where can I find reviews of sofa beds?

Many of the product pages will include positive and negative reviews from customers. You can also find reviews on social media and comparison sites.

What are some space-saving tips for using a sofa bed?

If you don’t have a lot of room, consider choosing a sofa bed with storage options. They are often big enough to store pillows, blankets, or other large items in your home.

Is it better to buy a new or used sofa bed?

Many people purchase used sofa beds as they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly. However, new models from brands like Koala and Emma are created using recycled plastics.

What are some alternatives to a sofa bed?

A day bed is a popular alternative to a sofa bed. You could also opt for a trundle bed, oversized recliner chair or loft bed.

Sleep tight

Now that you know the features to look for and the various styles available, you can easily choose the best sofa bed for your guests. It’s time to make a list of all the features you need to provide a hospitable stay and ensure everyone in the house gets a good night’s sleep.


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