Multiple cases of bacterial infection that killed girl, 6, found at nearby school

Multiple cases of a bacterial infection that killed a six-year-old child have been found at a neighbouring school. Two children at Echelford Primary School in Surrey are reported to have Strep A infections, while one other is believed to have ...

African continent finally to receive 1st mpox vaccines

African continent finally to receive 1st mpox vaccines Africa’s top public health body says the continent is set to receive its first batch of mpox vaccines as a donation from South Korea NAIROBI, Kenya — Africa's top public health ...

Watch Kaley Cuoco Crush Her 1st Big Pregnancy Workout In This IG Video

Kaley Cuoco Crushes 1st Pregnancy Workout In A Vid Jamie McCarthy – Getty Images Kaley Cuoco is totally crushing her first pregnancy workout back in the gym, and she’s got the Instagram videos to prove it. The actress has ...

Mom's honest perspective on motherhood and self-love: 'Parenting is super hard'

Anneliese Lawton spoke to Yahoo Canada about motherhood, postpartum depression and self-love. (Photo via Instagram/annielawton_) Anneliese Lawton knows motherhood isn't easy. Over the years, the mother-of-three has been through ups and downs on the way to welcoming her children ...

What everyone should know about antibiotics, according to experts

Antibiotics are very effective, but that doesn’t mean they’re meant to treat every cough, ache and sniffle. (Photo: Getty/Nadeen Nakib for Yahoo Life) Antibiotics are some of the most powerful tools in medicine. They’re prescribed to treat a variety ...

The 10 worst areas for ambulance delays – is yours on the list?

SHOCKING figures have revealed the areas worst hit by ambulance delays in England. The data shows that many people are in a 'postcode lottery' when it comes to accessing emergency care. The chart above shows the areas worst hit ...

Urgent warning to parents who let their kids watch TV for more than two hours a day

KIDS who watch more than two hours of TV a day are more likely to be addicted to drugs, gambling, cigarettes and booze when they grow up, scientists warn. A study revealed children between five and 15 who are ...

Next Covid strain could be more dangerous than Omicron, scientists warn

The next strain of coronavirus could be more dangerous than the dominant Omicron variant, a new study has warned. Researchers assessed coronavirus samples from an immunosuppressed person over six months and found that the virus evolved to become more ...

Terrifying video reveals how quickly water beads could kill your child

WATER beads are brightly coloured bits of plastic that are the size of a pinhead. But these tiny polymer crystals can be dangerous if ingested by little ones. Water beads are made of polymer crystals – which is a ...

Commercial Dishwashers Destroy Protective Layer in Gut

Rinse aids in commercial dishwashers often contain alcohol ethoxylate. This substance damages the intestinal epithelium, which can lead to chronic diseases. Residue from rinse agents is left behind on dishes after they are cleaned in professional-grade dishwashers. This damages ...

Fitness levels can be accurately predicted using wearable devices - no exercise required

Cambridge researchers have developed a method for measuring overall fitness accurately on wearable devices – and more robustly than current consumer smartwatches and fitness monitors – without the wearer needing to exercise. You don’t need an expensive test in a ...

The cancer symptom you can detect in your voice – and 7 other warning signs in your mouth

THERE are some common cancer symptoms which everyone is aware of. A general feeling of fatigue or unusual lumps and bumps are well documented and understood signs of the deadly disease. Rates of mouth cancer have doubled in the ...

China eases some virus controls, searches pedestrians

China eases some virus controls, searches pedestrians More Chinese cities are easing some anti-virus restrictions as police patrol their streets to head off protests A child wearing a face mask and riding on a scooter passes by a worker in ...

Adelaide City Lord Mayor collapses at Christmas lunch

The newly elected Lord Mayor of Adelaide City has been rushed to hospital following a medical episode at a Christmas lunch. Dr Jane Lomax-Smith collapsed at around 2pm while attending the Property Council of Australia annual lunch at the Adelaide ...

What is schizophrenia, often wrongly linked to violence? Meet a professor with the condition, and other experts, who debunk some myths

As an expert in mental health policy, Elyn Saks is highly accomplished in her field. She graduated from Yale Law School in the United States, teaches law, psychology and psychiatry at the University of Southern California Law School, and ...

I’m a pharmacist – here’s the cold and flu remedies that are a total waste of money – and ones that actually work

IT's that time of year again – when people spend a lot of their time coughing, sneezing and feeling generally unwell. In these desperate months we turn to our pharmacies to help get us through, in the hope of ...

Better Than a Hole in the Head

Just as blood pressure informs heart health, intracranial pressure (ICP) helps indicate brain health. ICP sensing is the burgeoning focus of Jana Kainerstorfer ’s biomedical optics lab at Carnegie Mellon University. Her team is working to modernize ICP sensing approaches, ...

Queenslanders are bad at estimating their level of intoxication

Queenslanders are incapable of assessing their own intoxication levels, especially when their blood alcohol level is high, according to research co-led by The University of Queensland.Dr Dominique De Andrade from UQ’s School of Psychology and Deakin University’s School of Psychology ...

Protests over China's COVID controls spread across country

TAIPEI – Protests against China’s pervasive anti-virus controls that have confined millions of people to their homes spread to Shanghai and other cities after complaints they might have worsened the death toll in an apartment fire in the northwest. ...

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet donates to Charlie Teo Foundation

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet shocked attendees at a private fundraising event for controversial brain surgeon Charlie Teo’s charity. The event was hosted by 2GB Breakfast host Ben Fordham and was attended by the families of Mr Teo’s former patients as ...

Judge OKs federal intervention in struggling water system

Judge OKs federal intervention in struggling water system The U.S. Justice Department has received a federal judge’s approval to carry out its proposal to improve the precarious water system in Mississippi’s capital city Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at a ...

Online therapy could ‘cure’ paedophiles of their sick habit, scientists claim

ONLINE therapy could stop paedophiles in their tracks, claim scientists. A study found offering counselling to men looking at sexual images of children online could help them kick the sick habit. Experts found that online therapy could help men ...

Oklahoma citizen-led initiative would codify abortion access

Oklahoma citizen-led initiative would codify abortion access An Oklahoma man is preparing to try to gather over 173,000 signatures and millions of dollars in fundraising to put abortion access up for public vote in a state with one of ...

FDA clears 1st fecal transplant treatment for gut infection

FDA clears 1st fecal transplant treatment for gut infection U.S. officials approved the first pharmaceutical-grade version of the fecal transplant procedures that doctors have increasingly used to treat a potentially life-threatening intestinal infection FILE – The Food and Drug Administration ...

Second Alzheimer’s drug raises hope of new dawn in treatment of dementia

A SECOND drug to tackle Alzheimer’s disease could be on the horizon, research shows. Trials of the medicine donanemab found it can successfully break down clumps of a protein called amyloid in the brain. The new medicine has been ...

Depression Risk Increases With Hours Worked in Stressful Jobs

Working 90 or more hours per week was related to a threefold increase in depressive symptom ratings compared to individuals working 40 to 45 hours per week. Longer work weeks were strongly associated with a higher increase in depression ...

Senate to hold final vote on territory rights in late-night sitting

A ban on the Northern Territory and ACT from legislating on euthanasia is expected to be lifted on Thursday. The legislation would overturn a 25-year-old law that banned the NT and ACT governments from voting on whether to allow voluntary ...

CDC expands polio wastewater testing to Michigan and Pennsylvania

CDC expands polio wastewater testing to Michigan and Pennsylvania It comes after a single case of polio was detected in New York in July. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday it will expand wastewater testing for polio ...

I've had these Old Navy PJ pants for years — and they're 50% off today

The Old Navy jogger pajamas have been a favourite for years (Photo via Krista Thurrott) OK — I'll admit it. I'm in one of those families who wear matching pajamas at Christmas. Every year, on Christmas Eve, my family ...

Alzheimer’s Amyloid-Clearing Monoclonal Antibody Drug Lecanemab Shows Positive Results, Poised for FDA Approval

Summary: Lecanemab, an amyloid-clearing monoclonal antibody drug shows positive results in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The drug is now poised for FDA approval early in 2023. Lecanemab slows cognitive decline by 27%. Source: Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation Based on ...

Gut Microbes Influence Binge-Eating of Sweet Treats

Summary: The absence of certain gut bacteria causes mice to binge eat sweet, palatable foods. When the bacteria is restored, the desire to binge on sweetened foods decreases, and normal feeding patterns are resumed. Source: CalTech You just meant to ...

Jargon alert: How doctors speak could cause 'harm' for patients

The words some doctors use are often misunderstood by patients and their families, leaving them feeling confused and vulnerable, according to researchers. In a study published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Network Open, University of Minnesota researchers found that ...

Why China's 'zero COVID' policy is finally faltering

China is doing many millions of tests a day to uncover cases of COVID-19 — part of its zero-COVID policy. Above: People line up for nucleic acid tests to detect the virus at a public testing site on Nov. ...

Trolling damaged my mental health but I’ve found something to help me get over it, says Strictly’s Shirley Ballas

THE Sun today launches our Christmas appeal – and calls on YOU, our army of generous readers, to help out. We are asking if you could give the gift of volunteering with our Helping Hands at Christmas campaign. Strictly ...

Epidemic Coalition Task Force Aims to Develop Vaccine for 'Disease X' in 100 Days

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is tasked to develop a three times faster vaccine than the one developed for COVID. This is to protect against future pandemics, and the organization has revealed a detailed plan, as reported by ...

Yale University sued over student mental health policies

Yale University sued over student mental health policies Yale University is being accused of discriminating against students with mental health disabilities, including pressuring some to withdraw from the prestigious institution and then placing “unreasonable burdens” on those who seek ...

Adverse Psychosocial Factors in Childhood Are Associated With Worse Midlife Learning and Memory

Summary: Researchers report a link between adverse psychosocial factors experienced during childhood and cognitive function during midlife. Source: University of Turku A Finnish study coordinated by the Center for Population Health Research at the University of Turku shows that cumulative ...

Startling News: A Certain Type of Stroke Is on the Rise

A subarachnoid hemorrhage is when bleeding occurs between the membrane that covers the brain and the space between them. This bleeding is often caused by a burst blood vessel. The stroke affects Black people at a disproportionately high rate. ...

CDC says 2 more places will test sewage for polio

Philadelphia and Oakland County, Michigan, are joining the small list of U.S. localities that are looking for signs of polio infections in sewage, U.S. health officials said Wednesday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the communities will test for polio ...

More than 90% of COVID deaths occurring among elderly adults: CDC

More than 90% of COVID deaths occurring among elderly adults: CDC Older adults have never made up such a high share of deaths, data shows. Older people have always been known to be one of the groups at highest risk ...


US officials say 2 more places will test sewage for polio

Why lecanemab is the 'real deal' in the fight against Alzheimer's: Drug firms desperate to banish cruel, memory-robbing disease have spent decades and lost billions in pursuit of breakthrough drug... and now they've FINALLY got one

Hurry, this Samsonite luggage set is 51% off right now at Amazon Canada!

Mum asks if she ‘has a problem’ for enjoying 3 glasses of wine a night – and experts all say the same thing

Indiana attorney general asks medical board to penalize doctor who spoke about abortion for 10-year-old Ohio rape victim

Struggling to sleep? Psychologist reveals the viral hacks that work and the ones that don’t

Lab-grown blood used for human transfusion in world first

I died and came back to life after a 7-day coma – a spirit guide brought me through a wormhole and now I believe in God

Now ambulance workers vote to strike as NHS nurses walk out before Christmas

Stable membrane for therapeutic carriers

Popular “Heart-Health” Supplements Found Ineffective at Lowering Cholesterol

And Just Like That set pictures brings back iconic Sex and the City look

Diagnosis of Rare Diseases Doubled With Personalized Whole Genome Sequencing

Got the sniffles? How to tell if it’s a cold, the flu or Covid

DNA Barcoding Reveals Cancer Cells’ Ability To Evade Immune System Defenses

VR meditation: how it can help you battle stress, anxiety and insomnia, and focus on the present moment better than regular meditation

Want to lose weight? Here’s how you can drink alcohol and still stay slender

Covid: Ventilation rate needs to be 50 times higher to beat Omicron spread, experts warn

Hope for hundreds of thousands with 'untreatable' high blood pressure as scientists find 'exciting' drug that can help

I died for 40 minutes – here’s what I saw as doctors frantically tried to bring me back to life

The 3 surprising ways your body changes for good after pregnancy

Drug used to prevent heart attacks could ‘cure agony of heartbreak’, scientists discover

I’m a first aid expert – here’s the everyday kids’ choking hazards you never knew

Holiday gifts under $50: 15 best Amazon gift ideas for men, women and kids

Sangita Patel nails Dwayne Johnson's workout in new fitness post: 'You rocked it!'

Pandemic Stress Caused Changes in Women's Periods, New Study Finds

What is Matt Hancock’s trench foot condition?

Nurses’ strike: Everything we know so far as hundreds of thousands set to walk out

Scientists Discover New Biomarker To Aid in Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

How Covid-19 Causes Neurological Damage

Molecular monitoring of RNA regulation

Women dismissed and ignored by GPs who tell them they’re ‘too emotional’, study finds

Paralysis: neurons that restore walking have been identified

Attack via byways

Why Everyone You Know Is Talking About The Whole30 Diet

Glossier's holiday beauty sets have arrived, and they're selling fast

How a simple patch could help ‘cure’ baldness – giving hope to thousands

Thousands of NHS workers not paid enough to live on, new figures show

FDA warns of rise in reports of child poisonings linked to cough medicine

I thought I just couldn’t take my booze after horror hangover – then I got a devastating diagnosis

Always wake up feeling groggy? Use this three-step formula devised by top sleep scientists... and it's not just about going to bed early!

Warning to anyone who takes paracetamol over bizarre side effect

I’m a hair doctor – here’s 7 ways you’re washing your hair wrong and the nasty consequences

How a tiny foil patch could cure the curse of sweating for good

New AI method for public health analysis shows trends in substance use among high schoolers

Research Shows Emphysema More Common in Marijuana Smokers Than Cigarette Smokers

I’m an ICU doctor – here’s 5 things patients say after we bring them back from edge of death

New Alzheimer’s drug shows promise in slowing disease but may contain significant risks, study shows

Amazon's early Black Friday deals include a rare AirPods sale: Shop them for $30 off

Babies’ antibody response to jabs linked to mode of delivery – study

The 4 ways black mould can harm your child’s health after boy, 2, dies in infested flat

Girl, 13, suddenly dies from epilepsy syndrome

Urine reveals our eating habits

Long COVID: A Dysregulated Immune Response Could Explain Symptoms Persistence

Tumors: forecasting the risks of brain surgery

UK women ‘more likely to die’ around pregnancy than Norway and Denmark mothers

What ambulance strike means for calls, response times and staffing

I was branded ‘lazy’ by my family and thought I was just stressed at work – then scans revealed a horrifying truth

Why did a rural Nevada county turn down money to create a public health department?

People are only just realising the right way to clean your ears – the 2 dangerous things to avoid

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