SpaceX recently launched Starlink internet exclusively for RVs. Starlink for RVs targets people who love to travel in RVs, campers, and other types of similar vehicles. The best part? This top-speed internet connectivity will work in areas with little or no network coverage. So, now you can enjoy your outdoor adventures and hop on that 2:00 p.m. Zoom call with your boss.

How much will Starlink RV’s internet service cost?

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Starlink charges a monthly service fee of $135, but there is an option to customize your internet needs. According to the Starlink website, beyond the monthly service fee, there is also a one-time charge for hardware priced at $599.

All equipment is easy to install, so you’ll have to follow the step-by-step instructions. Starlink only needs a clear view of the sky to connect, and you’ll need to download the Starlink App to find the best placement for the device.

Remember that not everywhere is covered by Starlink, so you will want to reference the Starlink map before making big plans.

With Starlink for RVs, you can pause and un-pause your service. It’s billed in one-month increments. That way, you can use your RV internet package only when needed. A customizable service plan? Sign us up!

Does Starlink offer unlimited data?

Starlink for RVs can be used anywhere Starlink provides service and is ideal for camping and other activities in rural or remote locations where internet access has been unreliable or completely unavailable →

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 23, 2022

Yes, Starlink offers unlimited data to its users. This means there won’t be any data caps if you have an active subscription. According to Starlink, “Users can expect high speed, low latency internet in areas marked “Available,” and notably slower speeds during hours of peak usage in areas marked as “Waitlist” or during events with many collocated users.” 

Other providers, like Viasat and HughesNet, have caps on data, so be sure to keep that in mind as you choose an RV internet plan.

Can you use Starlink RV internet while driving?

You won’t be able to use Starlink for RVs if you’re driving. You will only be able to use it when your RV or camper is parked. The receiver should be at a standstill and facing the sky directly for the best and fastest connection.

What do full-time RVers do for the internet?

Many travelers use their cellular data for internet access. For example, a full-time RVer might use their mobile hotspot if they need to connect. However, this can be costly if they do not have unlimited data.

Other times, they will also visit a nearby RV campground and utilize its WiFi. This can be risky, though, since the network may not be secure, and the connection can be slow. There is also the option to use a router and a modem connected to a professionally installed cable for home WiFi.

It’s best to have a satellite internet provider. For example, Starlink offers a 50-500Mbps download and a 10-40Mbps upload – which is much faster than its competitors. There is also no contract, and you can pause the plan anytime. The unlimited data is worth the price since other providers can only promise 15-150GB per month.


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